12 Better Ways To Respond When A Guy Asks You For A Coffee

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Well, there’s a guy who invites you for a coffee. But, you can’t decide whether to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

And, if you are clear (interested or not), but not sure how to respond. 

That happens in most cases, Right? 

But, no more confusion. 

In this article, we’re sharing, how to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when a guy asks you for a coffee date.

Before we begin, be sure of what you want. 

If it’s YES, make him feel confident with your response when he’s shy at first. 

If it’s NO, you want to be upfront with your reasons for it


What Does It Mean When A Guy Invites You For Coffee?

There’s no need to think too much about when someone asks you for a coffee, (not a date). 

He may not be interested in having a serious date with you, either.

So, no need for heavy makeup or the perfect dress either.

Sometimes, a guy asks you for a coffee, to have a small conversation with you. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Invites You For coffee

In another case, you’re right that he’s interested in you.

That’s why he asks. 

But, also, he is not that confident to ask you out straightaway for dinner.

Or he might try regular questions like ‘what are you doing tonight?’ to check your availability. 

This indeed is a comfortable way for him to check if you are interested in him also.

So, it’s just all about having an initial conversation and not a date. 


How Do You Say ‘YES’ For A Coffee Date?

When you’re interested in a guy and secretly happy he asked you for coffee, give him an exciting response.

Maybe like these:

1. “Why coffee, when we can have dinner?”

This response will make any guy comfortable.

He must be hesitant to ask you out on a date. No more now.

You trust him, so you’re fine if he has a plan for a date.  

2. “Great Idea. Let’s go, I’m bored here, too.”

You see this coffee invitation as casual conversation. Not a date. 

This is such a friendly way to respond when you and a guy are friends for a while. 

It’s clear that this chat isn’t going any serious, but fun. 

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3. “Sure, tell me when you’re free to go for it.”

This is your office colleague who asks you for a coffee break. 

It will be a discussion about work or personal life. 

Whatever, you’re ready for it.

How Do You Say YES For A Coffee Date

4. “No, I don’t want to have a coffee with you, I’ll have dinner with you.” 

He’s a shy guy, so it takes him a while to ask for coffee. 

On the other side, he is your favorite person, and you kind of like him. 

This energetic response is enough when you are interested in dating him over coffee.

5. “I’m ready, where are we going then?”

The way you ask shows your excitement.

You don’t scare him with ‘WHY’ here. But, curious, where he is taking you for a coffee. 

You can also let him know your favorite cafe to meet at. 

6. “Fine, let’s have some caffeinated together.”

Give this guy friend such a funny reply when he asks you for a coffee. 

You don’t think of it as a romantic date or serious matter here. 

It’s just a witty response to say yes to a coffee invite.

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How To Say ‘NO’ To Coffee Invitation?

In this case, you’re not interested in a guy who asks you for a coffee. 

Maybe you like him just as a friend, he’s your coworker and you’re uncomfortable as he asks. 

Doesn’t matter, if you don’t want to go for a coffee, just be real and say no to it.

1. “I’m happy you ask, but I have no time for this right now.”

You either apologize for being busy or don’t want to go.

If it’s your male coworker who invites you for coffee outside the office, this is how to say no.

This also means, it’s not for now, but maybe you’re ready for later.  

2. “You asked me so late, that I just got a boyfriend. Sorry!”

So far, you gave him enough signals to ask you out. 

But, a guy acted so shy or clueless to follow your leads. 

Now, as he finally asks you, tell him that ‘I’ve got a boyfriend’ or ‘a date’ already.

3. “Sorry, I can’t see us both more than just friends.”

This might break your friend’s heart if he has been crushing on you for a long time. 

Also, the way he asks you, you know where it will go. 

You don’t want to show up, so you reject the coffee date invitation. 

How To Say NO To Coffee Invitation

4. “I got some plans all ready for tonight. But you could have your coffee!”

Maybe you don’t have time or want to avoid personal interaction with him.

Somehow you just want to deny his offer.

So, you can give an excuse that you already have met up with friends or else. 

5 “You know, I will say ‘Yes’ if you asked me for ‘Tea’. I hate coffee, sorry.”

Alas, your tastes are different.

No match, no date. 

Sometimes, you just want to be clear with him that you’re not interested.

It’s a quite witty reply to a coffee invitation that you aren’t interested in.

6 “Already got a coffee date fixed for the eve. This guy and I have been chatting for a while. I’m so sorry for your invitation!”

You could just say that you have a date already. 

And this is an even further response to stop him from asking you why and so. 

This response might sound heartbreaking to some guys, so be careful with it.

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A Coffee Date Or Not, Enjoy!

In any case, never complicate things whether to go or not.

Make it uncomfortable for both of you. 

So, whether you want to say yes or no, be clear with a coffee (break or date) invitation. 

If If you’re interested in knowing this guy, just say ‘YES’ clearly.

Thank him for asking you out.

When you want to deny the coffee invitation, no need to give a reason, decline politely. 

It’s all your choice to take a coffee from him or not. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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