17 Funny Comebacks For Being Called Fat (Say Something ‘Heavier’!)

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Being called fat is (the only) motivation you need to take your health seriously.

When someone says ‘You’re fat’, you should look at it, how they say it. 

Some say it because they are worried about you. 

But, others make fun of you for being overweight. 

If you’re confident in your skin and such fat-shaming comments often shake your confidence, you need something to say to them.

In this article, we are sharing the best comebacks to share on being called ‘Fat’ by your relatives, friends, or strangers online. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You Fat?

You hate it every time you go to a family event or gathering. 

Because, you get comments like ‘Oh, you gained weight’ or ‘You’re heavier than before’ and whatnot. 

When all such comments are because of that extra fat that you gained in the last few months. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Fat

Maybe you’re working on it. 

But you do not want such comments to hurt your confidence.  

Somehow, you want them to stop commenting on your body.

After all, it’s your matter and not theirs, Correct? 

To deal with such fat shaming comments successfully, you can respond cleverly or sarcastically. 


Sarcastic Comebacks For Being Called Fat

If your relative mentions you look fat or you get overweight jokes online, that person deserves heavier comebacks with extra cheese. 

No idea how you can make them feel ashamed of themselves? 

So here are the savage and sarcastic comebacks you can give when someone calls you ‘Fat’.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or not, but you have ‘heavier’ things to say. 

Sarcastic Comebacks For Being Called Fat

1. “Having extra fat is better than having an extra ego.” 

Most people get along well with you rather than staying away from you. 

You might be fat but your extra layer never scares people off. 

2. “At least I’m getting noticed, without having to do stupid things.” 

Being fat makes you visible and noticeable. 

So that’s a good thing for you.

You taunt this person who comments that you look fat. 

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3. “Me being fat and you being an idiot, we are the same ‘imperfect’.” 

You both have flaws and no one is perfect here. 

But you’re not ashamed of being like that. 

4. “Oh really, it was my childhood dream to become fat.” 

So you cherish that comment as if you achieved your dream. 

5. “Yeah, I’m gaining weight for my next role.”

You’re training to look like a rich, wealthy, and happy character that you’re about to play.

If someone tells you look fat, it means your efforts have paid off. 

6. “Well, there’s a solution for fat. But, not your ugly face.”

This comeback expresses your positivity. 

But you’re also feeling sad for this ugly friend. 

7. “I have the option to lose weight anytime. Can you do anything about your face?” 

Tell them you can gain or lose your weight, however you want.

But they have nothing to do. 

8. “And, I look good in that, I know that. Thanks for the compliment.”  

Being fat, you feel hot and confident. 

So you take it as a compliment.

And, not as a fat shaming comment. 

9. “Why buy expensive cushions when you can have yours!”

Use your sense of humor to embrace your fat in style. 

You might be heavy but take it lightly. 

10. “Right? As long as I’m curvy, I like being this way.” 

Most people have a dream to be curvy like you. 

So you’re fortunate to have a body like this. 

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11. “You can hide behind me, I don’t mind.”

Give this comeback to a friend who tries to make fun of your overweight. 

Good comebacks when someone calls you fat

12. “You have no idea that now being fat means fabulous.”

To someone who is always being so skinny or can’t gain weight, this is a sarcastic comeback. 

They never know it makes you feel stronger and also successful. 

13. “Being so fat, I can give three people hugs at the same time.”

So you’re in this world to spread love and happiness. 

You don’t see being fat as any problem. 

14. “Because I came from a wealthy family.”  

So you don’t complain about being fat. 

You take this fat shame comment normally, because you get it too often. 

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15. “I might be fat, but I never even come in between your matters.” 

Tell them straight that it’s your fat and not their matter. 

When someone tries to body shame you online, give this reply to shut them down. 

16. “I’m fat but fit and more confident than you ever become.” 

It will hurt them harder because they always compare themselves with others. 

Here they try to look above you, but you push them down with your heavy confidence. 

17. “You can fat-shame me, but it won’t affect me at all.” 

If they’re up to break your confidence by commenting on you being overweight, that’s not going to happen. 

You’re making it clear to them. 

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When Someone Jokes About You Being Fat

If you’ve extra weight and are comfortable with it, that’s not an issue. 

But if someone wants to bully you, they will use such fat shaming comments to make you feel bad about yourself.  

Either online or in person, you might have those people who can’t stop but mention your weight and fat somehow. 

And every time you hear someone calling you fat, you feel insecure.  

When Someone Jokes About You Being Fat

When it comes to dealing with fat shaming comments, you can either ignore it. 

But that’s not always the right choice. It will give them the confidence to say it more often. 

Instead of that you can just take it easy. 

Better if you use your humor or sarcasm to respond to fat shaming comments or weight-related jokes on you. 

When you show that their comments have no impact on you, they will stop saying that. 

Similarly, when someone calls you fat, having these sarcastic comebacks is good to make them think before saying anything not just to you, but to anyone. 


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