51 Best Replies For “Thank You” To A Crush (Almost, Flirty Responses)

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Anytime when a crush says ‘Thank you’, it melts your heart. 

Obviously, you want to give a welcoming response to it.

But, you don’t know what to reply with.

While talking to a crush you can’t take any risk of losing your impression. 

So now, you’re confused, (a bit, scared) about how to respond to ‘Thanks’ from your crush.

Now, look for the best replies for thank you to a crush, to make her feel special now.

This will also increase her comfort level to ask for your help again.

Your replies show that you did not do anything great there, you just did it out of duty to her!


How To Respond To Your Crush Saying “Thank You!”?

Perhaps your crush is thanking you for your help, your birthday wishes, or your gifts.

You shouldn’t let this opportunity slip by with routine replies, such as ‘welcome’.

This is for normal people, not for your crush.

Whatever the case, when your crush says ‘Thanks’ to you, make sure you respond in a cute or flirty way.

how to respond to your crush saying thank you

You want your connection to be special, so be sure to give a memorable response.

By being nice or flirtatious, you give your crush the chance to fall for you.

When replying to ‘thank you’ from a crush, here are some best responses you can try.


Flirty Replies For Thank You To A Crush

You don’t want her to feel like she bothers you, you want to help her whenever possible.

She just makes you happy. So, when she says thank you, flirtatiously tell her you haven’t done anything significant for her yet.

flirty replies when crush says thank you

1. “No problem, it’s just part of my job.”

2. “Please, don’t do this. You’re hurting me.”

3. “You’re beautiful, so that’s fine.”

4. “Don’t worry, I’m always here for you, Okay?”

5. “I’ll be around if you need me.”

6. “For you, I can do anything.”

7. “That’s fine, you can give me a kiss. Just kidding!”

8. “Come on, how can I forget about you.”

9. “Welcome anytime at my home.”

10. “Not a big deal for me.”

11. “So, what was my score after this?”

12. “No problemo, dear!”

13. “I did this only because you’re cute!”

14. “If you want to thank me, I’ve something for you.”

15. “I’m happy that you’re satisfied with my services.”

16. “You deserve someone better, just like me.”

17. “Okay, but we can hang out sometimes.”

18. “How about a date!”

19. “Don’t tell anyone, but!”

20. “No, you owe me one.”

21. “I want to tell you something.”

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Cute Replies For Thank You To A Crush

Well, you might find that flirty replies are risky. 

And, you’re right.

But, it is still important to impress your crush. 

So, why not try some cutest responses to crush when she says thank you for a favor?

cute reply to crush texts thank you

1. “I’m glad that you’re happy now.”

2. “Never mind, I’m good.”

3. “Let me know if you need more.”

4. “I think you would do the same for me, would you?”

5. “I think we did great together.”

6. “Oh, this is nothing to me.”

7. “Feel free to call me anytime.”

8. “Awww, You’re so sweet, Thank you.”

9. “Alright, we don’t have to do this.” 

10. “Anytime. Just one call.”

11. “I do what I can do, so don’t worry!”

12. “Awww,  you’re happy, and so am I.”

13. “This really suits you, glad I found the perfect one for you.”

14.“That’s fine. I think you would do the same for me, Right?”

15. “This is just a small thing, not a big deal!”

16. Please don’t do that. You’re breaking my heart saying thanks.

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Best Replies When A Crush Says “Thank you”

Whether it’s over text or in person, if a crush thanks you, you have the chance to leave a good impression. 

For that, you can reply with these best replies on thank you to a crush.

best reply for thank you to a crush

1. “We’re just friends, you know?”

2. “Happy to help you.”

3. “You’re most welcome, anytime!”

4. “You’re happy so I’m happy.”

5. “You don’t have to do it.”

6. “Don’t worry, now enjoy.”

7. “I’m glad to make you smile.”

8. “So nice of you.”

9. “Actually, I enjoyed it.”

10. “No, no… thanks to you.”

11. “I did this just for you.”

12. “I don’t think I did anything great.”

13. “You have no idea how much I want to do it.”

14. “Never mind. We are here for each other’s support, Right?”

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Make sure your crush sees your responses a bit differently.

With a crush, you’ve some secret feeling, seeing them itself makes your day.

Therefore, every time you do something for a crush, whether you help them fix something, share your wishes, or present them… You are doing what you love.

Your crush may have no idea how happy you’re to do something for them. 

The way you respond to a crush’s thank you itself sets you apart as someone they can always rely on. 

With flirty replies, you give your crush some hints about what’s on your mind, while with cute replies, you make her feel at ease with you.

Now it’s up to you to decide the right one for you. 

Here, we have already shared the best replies for thank you to a crush, that you can choose to respond to. 

You should also consider the situation, your connection so far, and how your crush will take it. 


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