38 Special Responses When A Guy Says “You’re Sweet”

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A guy says ‘You’re sweet’, it’s probably because… you’ve done (or said) something nice.

Maybe he even has a crush on you. Or, he’s casually saying it.

But what matters most is your reaction.

It is how you respond to his ‘so sweet’ compliments, telling him what you think about him.

If you just consider him a friend, or if you’re genuinely interested in him, choose your reply thoughtfully.


How To Respond When A Guy Says “You’re Sweet”? 

Obviously, there is no perfect response.

Based on the situation, there may be a better response.

Regardless of how you reply, be sure a guy gets your point. 

Now, here are some better responses to ‘You’re so sweet’ comments on you from a guy who is your friend, a crush, or one you just met. 

These all are effective response ideas and depending on your situation, you can choose one. 

What To Reply When A Guy Says You're Sweet 

Best Response To “You’re Sweet” 

You know him well, he’s just a nice guy and often says nice things to you.

So, you want your responses to be more welcoming.

More like these ones!

1. “That’s really so nice of you, Thanks!”

This guy is a genuine person who knows how to make someone’s day.

He said you are sweet, so you better give him something sweet too. 

2. “Not sweet, I’m just being helpful. That’s it.” 

This is a good response to your sweetness from a guy, you helped anyway. 

When this guy from the office is trying to be frank with you, by calling you sweet, you just want to keep it professional. 

3. “Okay, is there anything you want to say?”

You’re just messing with him as a friend, you know he often teases you with such compliments over and over again. 

Keep your conversation playful, though. 

With your comfortable response, a guy may ask you for a coffee date, finally.

If he wanted to ask, but hesitated for it.

4. “Oh, thank you, I didn’t see that coming!”

A simple thank you for any compliments would be perfect sense. 

But when a guy compliments you for the first time or you just began chatting, give him this reply.

It’s a surprising reaction and you like it.

Best Responses To You're Sweet 

5.”It was a rough day, thanks for making my day.”

When a guy calls you sweet over text, it means he relates to your story and is appreciative of what you did. 

It’s just a matter of thanking him for his appreciation.

6. “Are you kidding me? Who told you this?”

You’re just confirming with such a direct response, because you two barely know each other.  

Maybe someone dared this guy to say that to you. 

7.”All because I have good people like you.”

By replying this way, you’re complimenting him as well. Because you two stay most of the time, you become a sweet person, too. 

This is certainly a good response to make his day, by calling you sweet.

8. “No, it’s only you!”

This guy has helped you in more ways than you ever can. 

When he calls you sweet, you can say you’re learning from them instead of saying thank you to your crush.

It’s just a cute response to you’re so sweet to make him feel good. 

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Flirty Response To “You’re So Sweet”

When your long-distance boyfriend calls you sweet over text or this is from your crush, respond to him flirtatiously. 

Make your conversation more lively with a little spice.

Flirty Responses To You're Sweet

9. “I’m just trying to be like you.”

If you respond in such a way to a guy’s sweet compliments, he will realize how much you appreciate him. 

You can give your boyfriend such a cute reply as a loving girlfriend.

10. “You’re not any less either.” 

At a random time when your partner says you’re sweet, you want your response to be extra special and flirtatious. 

11. “And, you’re the sweetest, you better know it.” 

Here’s how you respond if you want to make a guy feel cute, who calls you sweet.

There’s something about this guy that makes you feel good and you’re glad he’s there with you.

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12. “What you’ve not tested me yet?”

Well, well, if a ‘sweet’ comment is from your boyfriend, try this steamy response.

 It will certainly make him be with you right now. 

13. “When you tested me?” 

You are just being straightforward with your reply. 

It makes you wonder, actually, when they find out how sweet you are. You just want to know.

14. “Daddy, you’re always nice to me.”

When you want a guy on his knees for you, try calling him ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’ once.

Also, it’s only the appropriate response to a guy you’re in a relationship with.

15. “I just do what I can do, nothing else.”

Your boyfriend is such a genuine person and you love his kind nature. 

This cute response shows your involvement in your relationship.

16. “I’m glad you see me that way.”

This would be the flirty response to your crush when he says you’re so sweet over text for the first time. 

You’re appreciating him for being real and not playing hard to get. 

17. “I think it’s all because of you.”

You start to feel and do special things. Because of your crush.

He or she lets you be you and do such nice things for each other.

18. “So tell me what part of me makes you think I’m sweet?” 

You’re just being direct and want to know how come your crush knows that you’re a sweet person.

The reason they provide will tell you how they show you. 

This would be a good response to make your crush more open up to you.

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Funny Response To “You’re Sweet”

If a guy friend calls you sweet, there must be some reason for it or he’s trying to tease you. 

Also, it’s possible that your friend has a crush on you and falls in love with you because you’re really so sweet to him. or your bestie is trying to be extra nice to you today. 

If you respond with a funny reply, you can make the situation hilarious.

He needs to know that you’re still just friends, and you’re not taking him seriously still.

Funny Responses To You're Sweet

19. “Please stop, I’m blushing hard.” 

You can’t handle such a special compliment from someone you have a crush on. 

This one makes the cutest response to a guy telling that you’re a sweet person. 

20. “No, I’m actually bitter, true. And, that’s a bitter truth.” 

Maybe you’re being real. And extra sarcastic. But that response will give a guy a direct response.

21. “Who said that? Nobody told me that before.”

You’re surprised because this guy is probably the first one to say so. 

Maybe this guy is seeing you from a different perspective. 

22. “Yeah, I want to lower the sweetness.” 

When a guy says you’re sweet, humorously tell him that you’re working on lowering the sweetness.

23. “Dude, Are you drunk or what?”

When you get the message ‘you’re so sweet’ from a guy friend, you already know that he’s messing with you.

Maybe he’s drunk texting you, he’s always making fun of you. 

24. “Is there something you need from me?”

Because your guy friend calls you sweet this time, they must be something they need. Or ask for a favor, sooner. 

He’s just being extra nice for his purpose. Give him a witty response. 

25. “It’s not funny, especially to someone with diabetes.”

You’ve nothing to say, so tell your friend you aren’t in a mood with a humorous reply like this.

26. “So, what’s the point of that?”

Well, you just met a random stranger or got a new match on a dating site. 

When the first message or compliment they give you is ‘you’re sweet’, with this reply you just tell them you’re confused. 

27. “This is not the right time to say so.” 

You just want to get away from this conversation. 

So instead of giving any clue to him, you are just being direct with your response. 

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Savage Responses To “You’re So Sweet”

We hope that you don’t need to handle such sweet compliments that harshly.

But sometimes you need such responses to get rid of such an annoying guy.

Directly express your feelings and give this response to cheesy compliments that are forced. 

Savage Responses To You’re So Sweet

287. “Nope I don’t think so.” 

‘Especially to you’, you can say that… But this is enough response. 

29. “I wish I could say the same for you.” 

You’ve been doing every good you can for him, but this guy always takes more than giving. 

So this is the sarcastic way to respond when a guy says you’re sweet over text. 

30. “Oh come on, I’m just fine.” 

There’s nothing sweet about you, that you show. 

You show that you’re just a regular ass girl, also, trying to convince this guy not to expect more.

31. “Yeah, everyone says the same, tell me something else.”

This response is perfect and very clever for a guy you met on a dating site. 

Because you sense this guy also shares the same message with many other girls. 

Such a savage reply to a cheesy and sweet compliment from a guy.

32. “Everyone is sweet for a reason. What’s yours?”

That’s a fact. 

It will tell your friend to jump to a conclusion rather than trying to make you feel good before asking for something. 

33. “Trust you, you haven’t known me yet!”

When someone on social media calls you sweet and you don’t even know them personally, you know they are a stalker. 

With such a sarcastic response you want to warn them about your actual nature. Because you’re not what they see in your pictures.

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34. “Oh, am I? So, can you please pay my rent for this month?”

You’re being playful with your friend. If he really found you so sweet, they might pay the bill. If not, he was about to ask you for something. 

35. “I showed you only the sweetest side of me.” 

You are definitely being bold with such a response. 

But at least you do not want a guy to trick you with just a sweet side of yours. 

36. “What?? Where’s your mind right now?”

At college or work, you and this guy sitting next to each other and he casually mentions that he finds you sweet. 

You’re shocked, not sure what’s going on, so you reply this way. 

37. “Yeah, my boyfriend says this often.” 

On social media when a random guy says you’re so sweet, reply this. 

It will certainly make him stop dreaming of anything, and most importantly stop chasing you.

38. “Please don’t get any serious about me. I’m sweet on the outside only!”

With this response, you prove that you’re a brave girl who talks face-to-face.

Well, you’re not interested in the guy, but he stalks you everywhere online, so with a response like this you make it clear. 

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Now, you have all the best ways to respond when a guy says ‘You’re sweet’ in several cases with a certain intention. 

It’s always worth checking if this guy sees you as a friend or something else.

When Someone Says You’re Sweet

To have witty moments, respond with funny replies to your friend.

Whereas, a flirty response will make your relationship special and hint at your crush. 

Moreover, when a random dude is being cheesy with his comments on social media or dating sites, give him a savage and sarcastic response. 

It’s up to you, whether you want to remain sweet or be straightforward, now you have a clear idea of how to respond when a guy says you’re sweet over text or in person.


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