47 (Flirty &) Funny Responses To Drunk Texts

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Nothing is more honest than drunk texts!

A mind isn’t involved there, but the feelings are so real.

So, if a friend or acquaintance sends you drunk texts or it’s from your crush… Don’t take it personally.

Sometimes, it’s better engaging than replying to dry texts regularly.

If you feel comfortable, you can give flirty or funny responses to drunk texts to enliven the situation. 

Before you respond to a drunk text, make sure it’s appropriate and the person is as frank and enjoyable as you.

Then, they take it as a joke the next morning, too.


Funny Responses To Drunk Texts

Drunk texts are usually unexpected, but can be a lot of fun.

Whether this drunk text is from a friend, partner, or anyone, you can respond in a way that is fun.

Nothing wrong with enjoying the moment, at least you’ll have a topic to discuss later on. 

funny responses to drunk texts

1. “Please share the address. I want to party this hard.”

2. “Btw, where did you get your vodka?”

3. “Can my bestie and I also join the party?”

4. You are so sweet, this time you think of no one else, but me.”

5. “How dare you party alone, We’re already on the way.”

6. “Wow, you text even better when you’re drunk”

7. “Oh my god, I have also never had top-quality drinks.”

8. “At least, I’m getting a faster response from you now.”

9. “Well, your texts are easily understandable, Are you drunk?”

10. “Don’t have fun alone, next time bring us, too.”

11. “See you next morning or the day after tomorrow.”

12. “Let me guess, you’re drunk. Am I right?”

13. “This time you called me by my real name, what’s the matter?”

14. “Can you read this… 1,2,3,4?”

15. “Hey man, I have an interview tomorrow. You enjoy the party.”

16. “You’re my true friend, I didn’t expect you can party without me.”

17. “LOL, I’m waiting for your reaction the next day on this.”

18. “I have to admit, you’re such a creative drunk texter.”

19. “Thanks, man, for giving me a good laugh. See you later.”

20. “I’m very much impressed with your drunk texting skills.”

21. “Don’t be so hurry, you can text me tomorrow morning.”

22. “Have a good time, there. I have some work to do.”

23. “Never mind… I totally get it, enjoy the hangover.”

24. “Nobody has ever talked to me like this, not even drunk. See you tomorrow.”

25. “Ha-ha, that’s a good one. Bye.”

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Flirty Replies To Drunk Texts From Crush

You won’t get a better chance than this.

As your crush sends you drunk texts, saying ‘You’re so hot’ or inviting you over, here is how you respond.

When you respond romantically or flirtatiously to a crush and they have a chance to lead your connection in the right way.

If they are not, you can say ‘I was just kidding‘ the next day.

flirty responses to drunk texts

1. “Yeah, I like you too as well. But, don’t tell anyone.”

2. “Seriously, I’ve never seen this version of yours, I’m impressed.”

3. “If you’re drunk this time, I will take you seriously.”

4. “Finally, you’re ready for it, let’s do it.” 

5. “Are you alone? Don’t worry I’ll be there soon.”

6. “Please stop, you’re turning me on.”

7. “So late, I hope it has to be for something very private.”

8. “Hey you… Do you have any idea to whom you’re talking?”

9. “Is there anything you are trying to tell me?”

10. “You texted me this, are drunk and alone… what’s your intention?”

11. “Thanks for inviting us, I’m more than happy to join.”

12. “I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I get the vibes.”

13. “Can I expect a normal text from you ever again?”

14. “You may be high but not as I am when I see you.”

15. “You’re early this time. What happened, is it a girl matter?”

16. “Right now, we both are not in the right stage, we will discuss this sometime.”

17. “How dare you to drunk text me? You promised me last time that we would do it together.”

18. “In such a situation, you text me, and no one. Is it a hint for me?”

19. “Hey, I’m here for you, tell me whatever you want to.”

20. “I’m all here to listen to your sad stories. Just don’t cry.”

21. “I’m not sure are you really drunk texting me or playing with my feelings?”

22. “Well, I too have something to say, but when you are normal.”

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How To Respond To Drunk Texts?

When someone is drunk and texts you, there’s nothing to respond to, when their messages don’t make sense or are clearly inappropriate.

You should ignore inappropriate drunk texts for now and ask this person personally the next morning instead of reacting to them. 

But, not all drunk texts deserve to be ignored.

how to respond to a drunk text

Based on who sent it, some might better react with witty responses.

When someone drunk texts you, they probably think of you first.

You’re the first person they think of, so they must have something to say to you. 

If their drunk texts express their honest feelings for you, try sending flirty replies when you’re also interested in them.

If you’re not, but still think of this person as your friend, give them one of the shared flirty and funny responses back.  


Overall, depending on who texted you and what they texted, you can either completely ignore or reply in the ways that we mentioned.


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