26 Better Responses To Being Dumped By Text

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It’s not the breakup, but they dump you over text, this hurts the most. 

Especially, when you have high hopes, but instead being dumbed by text leaves you unsure about how to respond to it.

Well, of course, you’re not like most who lose their mind in this situation. 

Instead, you’re mature enough to know when it’s coming. 

Still, knowing how to react to it makes the break less frustrating. 

In this article, we will talk about the better responses to share when you’re being dumped by text whether you’re ready for it or not.


How To Respond To Being Dumped By Text?

Like the reasons for the break up differ, how you respond and what you can say to your partner (ex now,) also changes. 

So there’s no perfect response to share. 

When your partner breaks up with you over text, that’s quite challenging to bear. 

Here you feel lost, get emotional, or try to convince them.

Based on your relationship so far, the reason (mainly), how you feel when you receive their break up text, you should reply to it appropriately. 

If you want to avoid any drama and deal with break-up respectfully, here are some ideas on how you can reply when someone dumps you over text: 

How To Respond To Being Dumped By Text

1. “I know this must be hard for you to say. But, you took a certain step.” 

You felt that something amiss in your connection. 

But as they send you a breakup text, you appreciate them for being real with you. 

2. “Thank you for being honest with me and letting me know your decision.” 

Take it normally like you know it is about to happen. 

3. “That’s sad to hear, but I think this would be better for us.” 

This is a mature response to acknowledge your partner’s decision to break up. 

You’re ready to move and go ahead in life. 

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4. “Oops, that’s going to hurt. But, we have to face it, Right?” 

You know the way you both are connected, this is not going to be easy anyway. 

But you also encourage your partner to stay strong while responding to their break up text. 

5. “Sure. But, I like to thank you for everything we did together.” 

What they said to you, you agree with them. 

And, thanking them for the time you spend together is the gentleman’s move. 

Such a respectful response to give when you get dumped by text.

6. “I can see why you have to do this. So I’m not going to stop you.”

You are acting mature here and trying to understand their situation. 

This response shows you are not going to make it hard for them. 

Even if they break up with you over text.

7. “So, this is our last goodbye, Right? Bye then!”

This is a cool response that shows you took a breakup normally. 

You just let them go without much explanation or drama. 

8. “Sad to see that you’re now going. Happy to see that you finally took a decision.”

Of course, you’re going to miss them for some time. 

But as they are fine with breaking up, you’re also ready to manage without them. 

You no longer have to stuck with each other anymore.

9. “We both already know that this is going to happen. I think we have no other choice.” 

That this relationship has no future and it’s better if it ends sooner.

A high-value response to show your mutual support to this tough decision.

High value response to being dumped

10. “Of course, I’m going to miss you. But, we better keep moving on.” 

Possibly with a response like this, you gave your ex one more reason to respect you. 

11. “Thank you for taking this decision that I won’t be able to.” 

So by dumping you over text, they set you free from this pain. 

You both were unavailable emotionally. 

So break up is a good option. 

12. “Oh, come on, I think it’s better. The worst would be when you ghost me forever.” 

You don’t mind being dumped by text. 

But you were hoping for the worst. 

They do the right thing. This is a positive repsonse to surprise your ex who broke up you. 

13. “I wish I could hold you. But this is not possible, I can see it.” 

When a girl sends you a breakup text, she might expect you to follow her. 

But this better response is to inform that you’re not going to. 

14. “I’m shocked, what just happened? Can we talk about this in person?” 

Because this happens all of a sudden, you want to know. 

Why do they have to do this and even in the text?

15. “I’m fine with it if that’s what you want now.” 

You don’t think forcing will work for you. 

Or maybe you have been ready for it for long.

A casual response to show you’re done with each other and have no complaints.

16. “Happy to see that you’re now making decisions on your own.” 

So this is the progress you notice in your partner who dumps you over text. 

17. “That sounds perfect to me. What do I need to say next? Bye, maybe!” 

Share this casual response to a relationship that ends in a short time. 

You didn’t attend too much with them. 

So it’s fine for you to move on easily.  

18. “Yeah, the deal is done. Everything is done. We are on our own now.” 

Such a funny response to a hard situation like a breakup. 

But what else you can do? 

You don’t take anything personal here. 

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19. “Forget about it. All I like to say to you is good luck and keep moving forward.” 

You don’t want them to keep thinking about this breakup. 

Because you also aren’t going to. 

Instead, you tell them to accept it and just move on with life. 

20. “You won’t believe it, but I’m about to text you the same.” 

Again, you both are on the same page. 

A relaxing response like this makes the breakup less painful. 

21. “Sure. For a better life.” 

You spent enough time together and decided to move on now. 

Because there’s no match within, it’s the better decision. 

You admit it. 

22. “Thank you so much for sparing my life. I feel so free now.” 

This a funny response to show that you already hoping for a breakup. 

But as they dump you over text, you tell them how you feel. 

23. “Not sure where this is coming from, but I think there must be something good ahead.” 

You’re hopeful that something is good in both of your life.

Such an attractive response that shows you think this is a right decision for both of you.

Attractive response to being dumped

24. “I know you well that whatever you do, you do it for our good. So, I accept this respectfully.” 

Being with them you already know him or her well. 

And so, when they send you a break-up text, you share this respectful response to admit their decision. 

25. “That’s alright. Now tell me how you want your belongings, and I will parcel it all to you.” 

This expresses that you are so ready to move away. 

A response to set them free from any worries about their stuff or belongings. 

26. “Now as you have decided to move on. I’m not going to stop you. Goodbye!”

If they have sent you some love text, you will do the same. 

As they dump you over text, you agree to it. 

You act understandable here and ready to move on. 

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What To Say When Someone Dumps You Over Text?

Well, we have shared the better and the best responses to share when being dumped by text in this post. 

But there’s no perfect response like a relationship. 

As per your connection, the time you spend together, how you feel there, and what you want to do next, you need to respond likewise. 

Along with that, you also have to consider the reason and feelings of the other person. 

You might have feelings for them, but there’s no point in forcing them to stay in a relationship. 

When they have decided to end it, now. 

What To Say When Someone Dumps You Over Text

This is tough to move on from the relationship. And especially it’s shocking when you get a breakup text when you least expect it. 

If you want more clarification about thier decision, you can ask them to personally meet. 

But you must keep in mind that when your partner sends you a breakup text, they know what they are up to. 

Whether it’s a long relationship or a shorter one, if you’re being dumped by text, you take your time to reply to it. 

It’s hard, but you have to be ready to move on from this relationship. 

Because now it’s only you left with the feelings. 

And there’s no possibility of this relationship will ever work out with that person. 

So instead of getting emotional or angry, better if you thank them for the time you spend together. 

Try to respond to break up text respectfully and accept their decision. That’s the best you can do.


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