24 (Clever But,) Cute Responses To “You’re Stuck With Me”

  • February 16, 2024

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Someone is mad at you, (and so to irritate you) and tells you ‘You’re stuck with me’. 

If that someone is your lover or life partner, you have no choice there.

Actually, they are right here.

To avoid further arguments, you better know how to use your wit or romance to cool them down. 

In this article, you will find the best responses to someone who says you are stuck with them, as they think that it will frustrate you. 

But with these clever and cute comebacks, you show that’s good for you


How To Respond To “You’re Stuck With Me”?

Normally, when someone says “You’re stuck with me” it means that they tell you that they are staying with you forever. 

And, with this phrase, they want you to be prepared to deal with them. 

Often, you hear the same from your lover in an argument.  

They say so, because they feel that you’re very frustrated with them. 

How To Respond To You're Stuck With Me

So they tell you this on repeat to remind you that you’ve no choice but to tolerate them. 

There could be many situations. 

But if this phrase comes from someone special, you can use your wit and romance to make their mood again.  

So, here is what you to say when you hear “You’re stuck with me” from someone special. 

1. “I’d rather say we both are stuck with each other.” 

After all, you’re married and you think you both are feeling the same. 

Share this fun response to lighten your partner’s mood. 

2. “Fine, I don’t think I ever get any better than you.” 

You just want to end this argument right now. 

So you share this flirty response to your partner that you choose to stick with them.

Because no one could be better than they are

4. “I always keep my backup ready. You better know that.” 

You challenge them so that you won’t be stuck with them ever. 

Be careful if you share this response with your partner.

They might believe that you already have some plan to escape. 

5. “Wow, So lucky me!” 

When a girl says ‘You are stuck with me’ she means to say you don’t have any other option but to be with her only. 

You see it as a good thing. 

Flirty Reply When Girl Says You are Stuck With Her

6. “That’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” 

Your partner is upset and tells you that you’re stuck with them.

And, you have to do everything together now. 

Being respectful to your partner, you remind them that they are the best thing that ever happened to you

7. “Okay, so do I have to shout for help? What do you expect, exactly?” 

While arguing with your partner, you keep it cool. 

They want to get the reaction out of you, as you are stuck with them. 

But you share this funny reply, instead. 

8. “And, I happily choose to get stuck with you.” 

They thought you acted frustrated when they said it. 

But you express that you are so happy to hear that you’re stuck with them.   

9. “No, it’s you who are stuck with me.” 

Being with them so far, you didn’t even feel that you’re stuck. 

Or maybe this person doesn’t know you enough.

So when a guy says ‘You’re stuck with me’ you share this hilarious comeback. 

Funny Reply When Guy Says You are Stuck With Him

10. “Sure, if you want to have me, I’m all yours.” 

For your lover’s happiness, you’re ready to be stuck with them forever. 

This is a romantic response to share with a partner who is mad at you.

11. “Hold me tight. Because I’m very slippery.” 

Well, this is quite a clever response to share when a partner says you’re stuck with them. 

They could take it at another means, so be mindful of that. 

12. “But, at least I’m allowed to go to the bathroom, Right?” 

You don’t worry much about being stuck with them right now. 

All your concern right now is different. 

A fun response like this will make your partner forget about their reason for getting mad at you. 

13. “It’s my luck that I stuck with you. I’m ready for it.” 

So, you don’t have any issues being stuck with someone.

You see it as a call from your universe and you accept that happily. 

14. “Thank you for choosing me. I’m more than happy to get stuck with you.”

Hearing ‘you’re stuck with me’ convinces you that this person wants to be with you forever

You felt insecure about this relationship. 

But not anymore. 

15. “Look at you, you are so cute when you say it.” 

You share this response just to make your partner forget about the issue. 

Cute Response To You are Stuck With Me

16. “Did I ever say that I want to leave you?” 

They try to show how stuck you are with them. 

But this response shows that you don’t even want or think to leave them. 

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17. “Make sure that you can handle me. Do you think you can do it?” 

When a guy says you’re stuck with me, he has no idea what you’re made of.

You express your doubt and ask him if he thinks he can handle you. 

18. “Give me a promise that you will keep me stuck.”

You want to stick with them forever. 

So you expect a promise from them that they won’t leave you.  

19. “Please don’t say that to me, I’m so scared when I get stuck.” 

Act like you’re really scared to make them believe you.  

But eventually, this doesn’t affect you at all. 

20. “I’ve been dreaming of getting stuck with you forever.” 

And, by saying the same, this someone has someone just made your day

21. “That’s how you think. But not me.” 

This person believes that you’re stuck with them. 

But, the fact is it’s them who are stuck with you, which they have no idea clue about. 

21. “I don’t have a problem with that, do you?” 

There’s no issue being stuck with them. 

You enjoy it more than they ever know. 

If you share this clever comeback, they will realize that it’s them who stuck with you. 

Clever Response to You are Stuck With Me

22. “Oh, no. Am I? For how long?” 

When your friend or crush says you’re stuck with them, you can share this funny response. 

You just want to know how long they are holding you there. 

23. “There won’t be any problem for me. I’m not sure about you.” 

Because they have no idea that being stuck with you, is not a good idea. 

24. “Yeah, please never let me go.” 

Being stuck with them, you don’t see it as a problem. 

You want to make sure that they never leave you and keep holding you close.

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What Does “You Are Stuck With Me” Mean?

Someone who says “You’re stuck with me” wants to feel that you have no choice but to deal with them forever. 

They say it because they want to annoy you. 

It’s not like you’re stuck with them, but they show that they will be with you forever and will control all of you in every way. 

The phrase ‘stuck with me’ is to show that you can’t get rid of this person ever. 

What Does You Are Stuck With Me” Mean

Well, if this phrase comes from your life partner who says it in anger, the shared cute and clever responses are the right choice there. 

Because you choose to stick with them forever. 

And, you don’t see it as a problem or punishment. 

So, when you express your wit and cute gestures, it will cool them off quickly.

Try something different, next time.  

Instead of showing your frustration, you could try these better responses to ‘You are stuck with me’ to show them that you are happy about it. 

And, hopefully, they won’t be mad at you any further.  


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