18 Better Answers To “Why Do You Want To Be With Me?” 

  • February 28, 2024

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Your friend, crush, or lover asks ‘Why do you want to be with me?’ and you’ve no clue what to say. 

Anytime they ask so, they expect thoughtful and respectful responses from you. 

Because they’re the most amazing person in life, don’t miss this chance.  

Possibly, you might not get time to think about any special reason on the spot. 

So, here we’re providing the best ways to respond to this question based on your relationship with them. 


What To Answer To “Why Do You Want To Be With Me”?

When someone as your friend or partner asks for the reason, why you want to be with them, share the most special thing about them.  

Tell them, what makes them unique and why they’re so amazing

This shows that you’re really lucky to have them in your life, as friends, as boyfriend or girlfriend. 

To make your relationship even special, you want your answers to be genuine like you value their presence in your life. 

What To Answer To Why Do You Want To Be With Me

1. “Because without you I’m nothing. With you, I feel like I have everything.” 

Tell them that with their presence you feel perfect in every sense. 

Saying ‘Without you, I’m nothing‘ is dramatic.

But it’s enough to show how much they mean to you.

2. “Because you’re the one I need in my life.” 

You want nothing else in life.

Also, you want to be with no one, but only this person. 

Have a good reason why you need them to be together forever. 

3. “Because I like you. And, I think we are more than just friends.” 

When your crush asks ‘Why do you want to be with me?’, with this cute answer you express your feelings about them.

Telling a crush ‘I like you‘ is not easy but you have to say it one day.

4. “Because you’re a good person among the bad people out there. I’ve to protect you from them.” 

When a friend asks why you always choose to be with me, you tell them it’s because you respect and care for them. 

Maybe because they’re too good for this world.  

5. “Because I love you. And, I always want to be there to take care of you.”

This one is a sweet response to give your girlfriend when she asks curiously why you want to be with her. 

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6. “Who says I just want to be with you? I also want to live with you.”

Sometimes, you want to give flirty answers like this. 

It shows you’re very serious about your relationship and seeing the future together. 

7. “Because every second spent with you is like living the best time of my life.” 

And you can’t wait to make your entire life this perfect. 

This is your favorite person and you want to do anything to create a great life together.

8. “Because you make me feel complete and you’re the only one I can trust.”

You might have lost hope in friendship or relationship, earlier. 

But this person gives you a whole new perspective in life. 

This person is the reason why you start trusting again. 

Good reasons why I want to be with you

9. “Because the last time I met god, he told me that you’re the one. And I should never let you go.” 

When your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you for fun, ‘Why do you want to be with me?’ Or ‘what’s special about me’, say this. 

This flirty response will certainly make them smile and feel admired.

10. “I have waited for you for years just to be with you. Don’t ask, as if you want to go.” 

It may sound demanding but you still have to say ‘I need you and I can’t live without you.’

This person has changed you and made you a better person in every aspect. 

You can’t think of anyone else in their place. 

11. “Because I can see my entire future with you.” 

You proudly tell your girlfriend that she’s the one you want to grow older with. 

12. “I thought you wanted to be with me, that is why.” 

When your lover asks you jokingly ‘Why do you want to be with me?’, this one is a fun response. 

This could be a silly answer but give you some time to think more.

Else, you can also ask them, ‘Now you tell me, why don’t you want to be with me?’.

13. “I met so many people in life, but there’s no one like you.” 

With this response, you tell him or her that ‘you’re the sweetest person in my life’. 

And, you don’t think you’ll ever meet someone perfect like this. 

14. “Because I realize that you’re my only purpose in life.” 

Meeting someone like them, feel as if now your life has some purpose. 

You want to create a better life for both of you together if they also want to be with you. 

15. “Because you’re a lot like me and I don’t think I should be with anyone.”

 You might meet each other as friends, but your relationship developed especially over time. 

How you don’t want to be with someone who is just like you? 

16. “This relationship helps me to see good in everything.”

Tell your lover how being in a relationship with them changes your life.

Mention their good qualities and how positive you feel about their presence.

17. “Because with you, I feel like I am a better person now. Your presence positively changes me.” 

Being with this person, you see yourself as growing well. 

You have never felt so positive and confident before.  

18. “I think together we make the best pair.”

And you feel so comfortable and connected with them, like you did with no one.

So you see them as the right one to be with.

This reply is a perfect response to give in a growing relationship.

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When Someone Asks “Why Do You Want To Be With Me”

Fine, if someone asks you ‘Why do you want to be with me?’ to boost their self-esteem. 

This person really plays a good role in your life and deserves appreciation. 

For everything they do for you, you give them respect and love for their presence. 

While giving reasons, it shouldn’t be around your need like this is why I need you in my life. 

This shows you want them just for your purpose.

When someone asks you Why do you want to be with me

But when you keep your answer around their best qualities and what makes them special among others, it eventually makes them feel respected. 

Your answers must be unique and admiring to that person. 

Say something like you really care for them and truly appreciate who they’re. 

You could have anyone in life, but you want to be with them.

Because, they’re unique and you love them like you won’t to anyone.


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