12 Best Answers To “Why Are You So Amazing?”

  • February 10, 2024

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When someone calls you amazing there must be some good reason. 

Maybe this person is thanking you for help, they’re amazed at your skills or they see you as a good friend.

Or, maybe more than that.

Even further, some also ask, “Why are you so amazing?” – which is a next-level compliment. 

When a guy says so, he’s so impressed by you.

And, if it’s a girl who asks this, she wants to know what makes you so special. 

In both cases, you’re their favorite person


How To Answer “Why Are You So Amazing?”

Well, you feel hesitant to share the answer directly. 

How could you praise yourself? That’s so uncomfortable. 

And, when you mess things up while taking such compliments, they’ll think that you’re crazy and not amazing anymore. 

So, to fix that, here are some of the best answers you can give to explain what makes you amazing without sounding too proud or awkward.

Best Answers To Why Are You So Amazing

1. “Because you’re amazing and you found me.” 

Compliment this person back saying, she’s amazing.

This is a cute answer to give you a crush who is impressed by you, for doing something. 

This says you had no idea that you’ve superpowers to do something like this.  

2. “Am I? Oh, thank you for your admiration.”

You know or maybe you don’t know that you’re an amazing person. 

Instead of explaining what makes you one, express your thankfulness to someone who calls you amazing. 

3. “All because I have the support from fans like you around the world.”

The followers who are inspired by your content often leave comments on your posts, saying ‘You’re an amazing man!.’

To keep getting their love and support, give them a genuine reply on compliments.

4. “Maybe I am, but not as you are. You’re amazing and awesome.”

Your friend or partner calls you amazing sometimes because you take great care of them. 

Well, you appreciate their presence in your life.

And to make them feel respected, call them an awesome person

5. “I’m glad that my contents help you in many ways.”

The fan or follower who calls you amazing appreciates your talents genuinely.

As a motivational speaker or creative artist, you have no idea, but you’re an inspiration to many. 

To handle such appreciation from a stranger online, make it a good reply.  

6. “Well, I just do what comes naturally to me.”

Someone is there asking ‘Why are you so amazing’ and waiting for your answer. 

Obviously, you have no idea what they are talking about. But, there must be some response. 

So, this is what you can say, instead.  

7. “I wasn’t this amazing. I became what I am just because of you.”

This is the start of your relationship or you met someone on a dating site who tells you how ‘amazing’ you are. 

This is kind of a sweet reply to text, someone, you get along with.

And you also admit that this positive change in you is because of this person.

8. “Because I surround myself with the most amazing people on earth.”

This one is the most appropriate and I think the best answer you can give. 

Amazing people make others feel and live an amazing life, too. 

Here, you appreciate the support from others who help you be such an amazing person.

Well, hearing you, this person may ask to be your friend to become like you.

9. “Well, we all are amazing souls in our ways.” 

Everyone is unique and better in their own way. 

You don’t want this person to feel any less compared to you or others. 

Maybe this person competes with you and calls you amazing. 

But you want to tell them that they’re also amazing at many things. 

10. “Sometimes you amaze me with your different colors.” 

This person’s nature and how fast they change amazes you the most. 

Right now, they trying to please you, they must need something.

So, you’re being sarcastic here and talking facts to the face.

11. “Amazing? I thought I was awful.”

A friend gets amazed by your magic and calls you amazing.

Your funny responses tell them even you’ve no idea how you could do it. 

This is more like a miracle or ‘one-time thing’ that just happens.

Because you know you’re not such talented.

12. “Yeah, Because I hang out with you a lot lately.”

Well, it’s their influence that helps you become so perfect or great at something.

With the right company, you feel free to be yourself.

And, whatever it is a humor or talent, it comes naturally to you.

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When Someone Says “You Are Amazing”

Well, there’s nothing much to think when someone says ‘You’re so amazing’, just thank them and accept it as a compliment. 

If your followers who follow your content and learn a lot may call you amazing for your talents. 

They respect you for the value you provide. 

When someone says you are amazing

While in personal texting, when a guy or girl asks ‘Why are you so amazing?’ they’re so impressed by your personality and presence in their life. 

You could reply ‘thanks’ only, that would work, too.

But as someone curiously asks this to you, you better try such funny and cute answers to show that such nature is what makes you amazing.

And, you actually embrace it.


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