14 Best Replies To “You’re My Favorite Person”

  • February 16, 2024

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Your easy-going personality and ability to bring fun out of any situation make you someone’s favorite. 

It can’t be just because you’re funny. But, you make them feel better about themselves.

And so someone can’t resist saying ‘You’re my favorite person’.

Well, when they say so, they mean it. 

If you also have interest in him and her, don’t keep it limited to ‘Thank you’.

But there are great ways to respond to make them feel special as well. 

Based on who is saying this to you, here are the best replies you can share. 


(Nice Replies) When A Guy Says You’re His Favorite Person

As your friend or boyfriend says ‘You are my favorite’, which means he genuinely prefers you above anyone and anything in his life. 

Maybe, because he likes you (secretly).

This guy might have some best friends and even girls in his group.

But you have that special space no other person can take in his heart. 

To appreciate this sweet gesture, try to respond with such ‘Nice’ replies. 

How To Reply When A Guy Says You’re His Favorite

1. “Thank you, I’m very happy to know that.”

You’re really happy to be his favorite person.

And you’ve no problem with that.

Further, you can say ‘you’re the best, too’ in making you special.

2. “I never knew that. And, I truly appreciate you saying it now.”

You like to remain his favorite friend, and you accept his compliment happily.

3. “Yeah, I’m also my personal favorite.” 

This one is quite a funny response you can give to a guy.

When you’re just friends and he knows that when you’re joking. 

Maybe it’s your humor that makes you his favorite girl. 

4. “And, you’re the most favorite person in my life.”

You already have a lot of friends in life. 

But you also enjoy this guy’s company, the same as he likes to be with you. 

With this reply, you want to assure him that you’re also seeing your connection the same way.

5. “I know, I’m everyone’s favorite here.”

Use this one to show off how proud you feel of yourself. 

Don’t worry about looking arrogant, only those who are jealous of you feel this way. 

Here you’re his favorite person, so you’re fine.

6. “So sweet. But, I’m not sure why?”

Because you don’t know what you do to make him say that.

Or you just want to hear more special things from him. 

7. “And, what about your favorite soccer match?”

This one is a perfect response to give a boyfriend when he is trying to flirt with you and calling you his favorite.

You’re just testing him, is he appreciating you or trying to be nice? 

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(Cute Replies) When A Girl Says You’re Her Favorite Person

If your girlfriend, best friend or office colleague says you’re my favorite person, it means she enjoys being with you. 

Because you’re funny, helpful and respect her. 

She trusts you and has no problem talking with you on anything, at anytime 

With such special expressions from a girl in life, you better respond with such cutest gestures.

How To Respond When A Girl Says You’re Her Favorite

1. “You’re such a sweet person in my life.”

She calls you your favorite because you make her laugh. 

Now you can call her sweet because she is nice to you and cares about you. 

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2. “I also enjoy being with you. Can we go out sometime?”

When a girl says you’re her favorite, she might have no issue going out as she trusts you. 

If this is from your crush, you could ask her out to spend more time with. 

3. “It’s always exciting to be with you.”

Let her know it’s not only her, but you also enjoy every second when you two are together. 

Well, if you say this, she may feel tempted to ask ‘Are you flirting with me?‘.

So, be prepared for that.

4. “And, I promise to do anything to keep that title.” 

Such a sweet response that shows you’re happy to be her favorite. 

You let her know that you are ready to do anything to entertain her, protect her, or make her laugh.

5. “Well, hearing this from you made my day, thanks.”

Of course, hearing ‘You’re my favorite’ from a girl you secretly like, is a special feeling. 

Respond in a way that shows your excitement.

You can tell her that she made your day with such a cute reaction.

6. “And, spending time with you is my favorite activity.”

You wait for the weekend to be with her or the night-time texting is not boring to you at all. 

Of course, you both are each other’s favorite.

7. “Then, what about your (name of her celebrity crush)?”

To confirm how favorite person you are to her, give her this witty reply to challenge her. 

This also proves if she is really serious about you or if there’s still a long road to impress her. 

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How To Reply To “You’re My Favorite Person”?

Anytime someone says you’re their favorite person either in person or over text, you normally just respond with ‘Thanks’.

While, if you care for them, try to respond with special replies that we provided here.

How To Reply To You're My Favorite Person

This person appreciates your presence in their life and feels happy (or lucky) that you’re with them. 

It’s also a good idea to make them feel good about themselves, too. 

To make your connection even more memorable you can just say back, “Hey honey, you’re my favorite, too.”.

Let them know that you are also happy to see them every day.


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