(9 Clever Answers) When Parents Ask “Where Your Money Went?”

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When you’re in school, or still reliant on pocket money, you might have to answer, “Where your money went?” from your parents. 

Their concern is logical.

As they want to know where you spent their money.

Here you can’t give any random answer. Because you want the money, right? 

You might try some smart requests (excuses) to get money from your parents

But, when this question comes, you better be ready with the clever answers they believe. 


What To Say When Your Parents Ask “Where Your Money Went?”

You might be confused or scared when they ask it. 

Well, ‘lying’ to parents isn’t a good way if you want to keep their trust. 

But you can try some good and funny answers, instead of rude ones.

Like these: 

Answers Where Your Money Went

1. “Believe me, I don’t know.”

Aww… how innocent are you! 

You have no idea what happens and where your money goes. 

2. “As I remember, last time I took my new girlfriend to Starbucks, that’s it.”

If your parents are supportive, then there’s no better way to introduce your girlfriend to parents than this. 

They might be happy that you’re not just alone, anymore.

And they might give you extra money.

3. “I will audit it and send you a report by evening.” 

The reality is even you have no idea where all your money goes.

By replying to this, you show you try to act responsibly with your money from now on.  

4. “50% went to my books, 25% went to my bike, 15% went to my accessories and 10% went to your birthday cake!”

Want to be honest with your parents? You can answer this way.

Depending on the situation, this one can be witty and funny answers about where you spend the pocket money. 

You could change the percentage here based on where your money is spent in your case. 

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5. “This beauty deserves time and quality maintenance.” 

We’re not recommending giving this reply to your parents. 

If you do, you must be ready for the hilarious comeback from your parents. Which they do.

But this one is still a cool answer to show why your expenses are actually high. 

6. “I bought some birthday gifts for my best friend.” 

This is such a normal answer that can make them believe in you. 

After all, due to buying gifts for your bestie, your monthly budget is just ruined. 

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7. “Don’t blame me we are in the inflation era.” 

Further, you can say that like everything’s price gets higher your pocket money stays the same. 

It’s the increasing prices that make you ask for money twice a month. 

8. “Yeah, gas prices are not the same.” 

Some parents will agree on this part.  

But, if your parents are like mine, they might buy you a bike or will drop you at college every day to save money on gas. 

So, you better watch out to answer this. 

Your attempt to look cool could get you in trouble.

9. “I can ask you the same to you, as well.” 

This isn’t the ideal answer, but you can try if you want more drama. 

Your parents, especially your mom won’t tolerate such a reply when you say it. 

But with this answer, you mean to say that your pocket money is minimum. So your monthly budget is. 

And it’s not you, but everyone should keep track of unnecessary expenses. 

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Anytime when your parents ask “Where your money went?” they’re not being suspicious of you. sometimes they just ask it to know it. 

If you share a friendly connection with your parents… You better try some funny answers that we shared in this post. 

But, if they doubt you, you better be honest with them.

And, give them the right answer without hiding anything. 

Because it’s their money and they have to ask where you spend their money.


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