(24 Ways) How To Ask Your Parents For TikTok Account?

  • February 20, 2024

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Whether you want your parents to allow you to have a TikTok account or to convince them to be on a video with you, there’s a way to ask for it.

Instead of arguing with them, there is a ‘better option’. 

Because your parents might have something to say, be mindful at it.

Indeed, you may have dozens of ideas for becoming the next TikTok star.

But, when your parents don’t allow you to use TikTok, you have left no choice but to convince them.

Or, you want them to appear in your video, but they don’t feel comfortable doing so.

So, how do you get your parents to agree in either situation?

Next, we’ll discuss how to ask your parents for TikTok in such a nice way.


Getting Parents’ Permission To Have A TikTok Account…

First of all, If you have already downloaded or are still waiting for approval before you create your TikTok profile, do not lie to your parents. 

When you ask so, they might deny it at first. 

But, if you behave responsibly and inform them, they’ll see you as mature.

In most cases, due to being honest, parents will allow you to use TikTok on certain conditions. 

And, if they still don’t permit you still, you’ve some nice things to tell them.

Give these options a try:

How to make your parents say yes to tiktok

1. “I’m the only one who isn’t on TikTok, everyone already has it.” 

2. “Why not? You already know I have no friends any much friends around.”

3. “You should be proud of me, at least I ask before downloading TikTok.”

4. “Don’t worry, I’m a grown-up and not a kid, and know what is right and wrong for me.”

5. “My whole class will laugh at me if I share this reason with them.” 

6. “I should have downloaded it already and kept it hidden. But, I can’t do it.” 

7. “Promise, I will connect with those I already know. No stranger at all.”

8. “Please Mom, I  won’t make it my habit. But it will be just for relaxation.”

9. “Seriously, you don’t want me to be a star and get famous.” 

10. “Okay, fine. Let the others make fun of me for living in the 80s.”

11. “If you think that you kid would do some cringe, you’re so wrong at this.”

12. “I promise that there will be no negative impact on my studies.”

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Encouraging Your Parents To Be On Your TikTok Video With You…

So, you already have a TikTok account. Now, you’d like to have your parents on the video.

Well, if your parents had never been on any social media or in front of the camera, they might feel hesitant at first. 

But, you’re very clear about our TikTok page and the family content you’re going to post.

Here are the ways you can convince your parents to be on TikTok with you. 

These are all the inspiring and funny reasons to convince parents to be on TikTok videos.

how to convince your parents to get you tiktok

1. “You know we could be next D’Amelio. You don’t know them… I’ll tell you later.” 

2. “I want you in the video with a few good roasts to say to brother. That’ll be fun.”

3. “This at least gives us a chance to do something together.”

4. “Let’s go, it’ll be great fun. And most make money from just doing this.”

5. “Why not, we would be the next TikTok celebrities.”

6. “Let’s give it a shot. You taught me, ‘One try is worth it.’ Follow it.”

7. “You’ve no idea most families do the same.”

8. “Come on, I want to show the world that I have the coolest parents.”

9. “Yes, this is the one way to quit your job, if you ask me.” 

10. “Don’t worry I will show you how to make a TikTok video.” 

11. “See your friends are also following me on TikTok. These are their videos.”

12. “In the end, we’re going to make a lot of money.” 

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When You Can’t Convince Your Parents To Be On TikTok, Ask Why.

Of course, you can secretly download the TikTok app and can use it while no one in your family knows. 

But, later on, when somehow your parents are going to know that, they will feel hurt.

Doing so, you break their trust, which might make them doubt you from then on.

You certainly don’t want to do that. 

If you ask their permission and try to convince them with some good reason to have a TikTok, that’s the right move. 

Plus, you also need to know why your parents say no to it. 

Maybe parents are just worried about you, your education. Next, they are aware of the negative effects of social media.

And, reasons could be other. 

Whatever it could be, sit with your parents, and discuss it. They have valid points. 

Also, prove to them that you’re mature and know how to use technology correctly.

In this process, you also need some valid comebacks to give your parents, when it’s simply hard to ask your parents for TikTok, anyway.


Don’t argue with them… Take your decision your way, and that by getting their trust.


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