12 Good Replies To “You Are A Star” Compliment

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When someone says, ‘You are a start’, this praise makes you feel better about yourself. 

After all, someone notices your talent.

And, they are happy with what you achieve. 

Whether they comment on your social media post, or say it in person while you’re celebrating your achievement, there are better ways to reply than just ‘Thanks’. 

In this post, we are sharing some genuine and better replies to make their ‘start’ compliments noticed and greatly appreciated.  


How To Respond To “You Are A Star”?

Of course, that person is happy with your progress or success. 

This is also the way to say that what you do you’re the best or perfect in it. 

You might get such compliments for your skills or the act you just performed. 

What you do is really outstanding and it amazes them in the end. 

Generally, you get such compliments from your followers or friends who are impressed with your recent work. 

How To Respond To You Are A Star

It’s always nice to be with people who compliment you and cheer you up. 

Their compliments indeed make you feel encouraged. 

So if you want them to keep supporting you, here are the best replies to ‘You’re a star’ comments from your friends or followers online. 

Because without a supporter’, the star is nothing. 

1. “You guys are the ones who made me a star!”

This response you can give to your followers to show that you value their support. 

2. “Thank you for always encouraging me.” 

Your friend or someone who always appreciates you for the work you do, here’s how to express your respect for them. 

3. “Not me, you guys are the actual stars.” 

Without their love and support, you don’t think you ever would be a star. 

4. “It’s only you who brings me to the sky.” 

This one is a funny response to a friend who calls you ‘a star’. 

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5. “Love you all, thank you for always being there to cheer me up.” 

No matter whether it’s your great performance or not, your followers and friends online are always there to support you. 

6. “I’m so lucky to have you.” 

Having such a loyal follower or friend in life is truly a blessing and you show them that you’re a lucky start with a dedicated following. 

7. “If I’m a start, then you’re a star-maker.”  

Reply with this sweet response to someone who genuinely helped you in your field. 

When they call you a star, you tell them you haven’t forgotten their efforts and prayers for you. 

This is the way to thank them for their wishes and prayers

Response To You're A Star

8. “I dedicate this achievement to you. You helped me to get this.”

If you win some competition or take part in a talent show, you genuinely appreciate your people’s support. 

This comment, you can leave, when you hear ‘You’re a start’ for the first time. 

9. “Oh stop it! I’m just doing the best work I can do.” 

Your close friend commented on your post, calling you a star. 

This response shows that you might be a star now, but you haven’t changed a bit for them. 

10. “Glad to be a small star in this whole galaxy.” 

Share this humble response to show that you know there’s a lot to achieve further. 

You don’t want to sound like a narcissist at all. 

And, this response shows you’re kind and not having an ego. 

11. “Well, It’s not me. But, you’re the real star, my friend!” 

For the whole world, you’re such a superstar. 

But you know your people, your well-wishers are always there and supporting you to do your best. 

With this reply, you give credit to someone who made you a star. 

12. “This star is nothing without such amazing people like you.” 

This respectful response you can share with all your followers. 

They are the ones who deserve the same appreciation and credit for who you’re right now.

On social media, if you want to express your kind words to your follower’s support, this is the best reply to give. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You “A Star”?

If someone says ‘You are a start’, take it as a compliment. 

This person is so much impressed with your ability, talent, and skills of doing amazing things. And, maybe they see you as their inspiration.

You get such compliments mostly online in the form of comments on your social media posts. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Star

Your followers might appreciate your efforts to bring some content and show that you’re simply amazing at what you do.

Same, your friend expresses their happiness for your success being a star. 

So, thanking them is the first thing that comes to your mind. 

But as they give you a great title like ‘a star’, you want to reply quite engaging and more uniquely. 

This way you show your followers that you appreciate them, and value their support. 

Because overall, they are the ones who made you ‘The star’. 


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