7 Good Answers To “Why You Don’t Use Social Media?”

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If you’re like me who is not on any social media site, you may get this question all the time. 

Like, ‘Why you don’t use social media?’ and ‘What do you do in your life then?’

You aren’t on social media, that’s shocking for them. 

For you, it’s not a big deal. But, like living your life.

You feel so relaxed from the fake and so-called social lifestyle. 

Some people can’t believe it in the first place, while some criticize you for being so shy or whatnot 

No matter what your reasons are, here we have the best answers you can share while explaining why you are not on social media.


How To Respond To “Why You Don’t Use Social Media”?

Even if it’s your personal choice (and you don’t tell them to follow you), some people just can’t accept that you don’t have any social media accounts. 

Those who can’t think about their life without social media, they feel so surprised. 

Wondering how you keep your mood fresh. 

Well, you don’t need to sneak peek into someone’s life to get the entertainment. 

How To Respond To Why You Don't Use Social Media

You value your time and have something to do.

You have many things to learn and real people to talk with. 

Also, for your life goals, you avoid using any social media. 

And, many people do so, and you’re not alone. 

Still, those who ask ‘Why don’t you use social media?’ they might make jokes about you and call you boring

If you want to say something clear and direct, here are some reasons that you can use to explain why you don’t use social media anymore. 

1. “Because I have something to do in my life.” 

It’s your life goals and career that leave you no time to use any social media. 

But this is a sarcastic response that also means that those who use social media have plenty of time and no work to do.

2. “Well, social media is too distracting, I can’t take it anymore.” 

You gave up on social media for good reason. 

There is so much chaos and ongoing drama on these sites. 

So you separate yourself from that lifestyle. 

As, there’s something else important for you. 

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3. “I’ve enough friends in real life, I don’t need any extra.” 

Those online friends keep the connection limited to sharing likes and comments only. 

Further than that, there’s no purpose for this connection. 

You want to be surrounded by real people, rather than begging for attention from online strangers. 

4. “Having a real connection is far better than having thousands of online friends you barely know or talk to.”  

You don’t see why it’s even called social media, when there’s nothing social about it. 

Everyone here is looking so lonely and alone. 

By experiencing that you realize you would rather be with your four or five friends.

Those thousands of followers or friends, none of them ever genuinely ask you how are you today

5. “It was great fun to pass time. But, now I don’t have time to pass.”  

You’re so busy living your life and know where you’re heading to. 

This social media stuff is not for you. 

Because it takes so much of your time and you don’t have time to waste.

6. “That’s not the social life I want.” 

You don’t get any good out of your time being on any social media site. 

This isn’t a social life that can help you in any way of your life or add any value to it. 

Nor does it develop your social skills. 

You want to be among real people and share your experience to someone who actually cares to listen. 

7. “I want to connect with real people and have some nice chat in person.” 

This is the ultimate response to show that you want something real and not fake. 

On social media, everything is just virtual and not personal. 

You want to meet people and have a real connection with them. 

This feels so personal to you and something that is worth your time. 


When Someone Asks You’re Not On Social Media?

Whether you see social media as a complete waste of time or don’t like it at all, what’s good about it is that it lets you connect with people. 

You, of course, can use social media for many good reasons. 

Like, to stay in contact with your old friends, share updates about your experience or knowledge, and get updates from others. 

Even for your business promotion and all. 

When Someone Asks You're not On Social Media

But, it’s your personal choice that you don’t use social media. 

Nor do you want anyone to feel ashamed of using it. 

You respect their choice, too. 

Next time when someone who question ‘Why don’t you use social media?’ respond with your personal reason and experience honestly. 

This doesn’t make your life any boring or antisocial in any way. 

It’s just your choice that you don’t feel comfortable being on social media. 

You don’t mind what others believe of it or approve your opinion or not, but it’s your choice only.


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