14 Funny Comebacks To “You’re Boring”

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Just because someone says ‘You’re boring’, that doesn’t make you one.

Or maybe, you just don’t care and embrace this label with pride.

Whatever it is, when someone calls you ‘boring’, you wish you had some good comebacks ready to deliver at the moment. 

That has to be so well-timed that it reverses the insult’s impact. 


How To Reply To “You’re So Boring”?

First of all, you don’t need to take anything personally. 

Because it’s just their personal opinion. 

They judge you based on your reaction or interest in something that they like or are passionate about.  

Fine, if some topic or subject doesn’t tickle you. 

But when they call you ‘boring’ that can be rude. 

Whether it’s your friend, follower, or anyone you just met, who says ‘you’re boring’, you can give such witty and funny comebacks right away.

How to Reply To You’re So Boring

1. “I feel the same. (PAUSE)… About you.” 

It’s not that you’re boring, just what they talk about is nonsense or dull to you.

So you have to be honest about it. 

2. “I can’t deny. You’re so right on this.” 

When they call you bored, they hope you will take it personally. 

But this calm comeback surprised them. 

3. “Agree, being around intelligent people is not fun, I know.”

Most intellectual people are boring to normal people. 

So, you take it as you’re a smart person

4. “Still, I make more money than you do.” 

That would hurt them emotionally. 

5. “I’m not bored, I’m just tired of your same stories.” 

To a friend who just complains that ‘You’re boring’, let him know why you feel the same.

Because they have nothing new to talk about. 

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6. “That’s the honest reaction and I appreciate you for that.” 

When someone comments on your post saying, ‘You’re boring’, this is how to respond to it. 

7. “Some get entertained, some get bored. But it’s part of my job.” 

No matter what others say about you, you gotta do your work. 

8. “I’m not here to entertain you, nor do you pay me to share jokes.” 

When a friend asks to share a joke and you can’t, they might call you ‘boring’. 

In that case, this is a good comeback to give. 

funny comebacks when someone calls you boring

9. “My jokes are not for your level, it’s high-level.” 

To understand such high-level jokes they have to improve or mature enough. 

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10. “Is there anything that even interests you?” 

You are asking them surprisingly if they have any interesting things in life. 

Because they always complain about boring things and people. 

11. “I’m proud that I’m a boring person. What’s the matter with you?” 

You have no concerns about being a boring person. 

It’s your quality or you consider it as your superpower

12. “That’s why your girlfriend chats with me more than with you.” 

Being called bored is hurtful, but this savage response will hurt them more. 

13. “If I don’t like what you do, that makes me boring. Then, believe me, everyone here is boring.

Because nobody understands what they are trying to say. 

Even more, nobody has an interest in what they talk about. 

14. “Yeah, but at least I’m something, right?” 

A sarcastic response to show that that person is just nothing. 

You can say this to inform them that they have no personality.

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What To Say When Someone Calls You “Boring”?

Actually, you don’t need to take it personally first of all. 

To avoid useless arguments, you could just act too lazy to respond. 

Yeah, they already call you a ‘boring’ person, then be ‘lazy’, too to correct them. It won’t make any difference.

Let them think that way, it’s their opinion.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Boring

But for some insulting situations, you better have something to say.

When someone who doesn’t know much about you, says ‘You’re so boring’ because you can’t relate to their passion or interest, the shared comebacks are a good choice.

They are funny and sarcastic, to prove you might be boring but are interesting in your responses.


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