17 Funny Responses When Someone Calls You Smart (Or, Genius)

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You impressed someone with your smartness. 

And, this person can’t stop complimenting how genius you are. 

Well, you wish to say something more than just ‘Thanks’, when someone calls you smart. 

You actually want to look smart and witty as you come up with such a perfect response. 

This shows you’re ready for anything. 

So, in this post, we are sharing some funny responses to prove that you’re really smart enough to respond promptly as well. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You Smart?

First, you must be smart enough to catch their tone of calling you smart. 

You check if it’s a compliment or if they use it as sarcasm on you.

Same, you better know why they praise you.

When they compliment your intelligence, you can thank them. 

But, if they make jokes about your intelligence or question it, you better have some comebacks ready for the same. 

Based on compliments or criticism you get, here are some ways you can respond to ‘You’re so smart’:

What To Say When Someone Calls You Smart

1. “Fine, don’t try to butter me up. Next time, you will do it yourself.”

Indeed, you’re so smart enough to understand that they just want to make you feel good. 

So that they can get some favor from you. 

2. “I know that, friend. But thanks though.” 

With this response, you would come off as rude. 

But when you’re replying this way to a friend, this is a funny response. 

3. “No, I’m not smart. You can call me a genius, instead.” 

For such a level of intelligence, you have, you want to be called a genius. 

Because your plan and strategy are above what a smart person can do. 

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4. “It’s the first time someone called me smart.”

You’re surprised to know when someone calls you smart. 

Maybe this person found something that you could do the best. 

5. “Only one smart person can find the other.”

Your friend, crush, or someone who says you’re smart, they are impressed with your intelligence. 

So, you compliment them back.

This is a better response to share to show that you both are smart together. 

6. “Thanks, I don’t know what to say, even though I’m smart.” 

When someone approaches you for any help, call you ‘That you’re so smart, you can handle it better’.

But you’re not sure what to do there, so you tell them so clearly.

Or if you want an excuse for not helping them, this one is a funny response.

7. “You’re kind enough to say that.”

Hearing a compliment on your smartness makes your day. 

To express your thankfulness, you can show that you appreciate their praises. 

8. “Well, it’s just a general question, nothing new.” 

You just gave a genuine answer to an obvious question from someone. 

It surprises you as there’s nothing too hard to think about. 

So you reply to show them that it’s just common sense. 

Maybe it will make them feel dumb, so be careful with that. 

Funny Response To You Are So Smart

9. “I would rather say I’m blessed with good memory power.” 

You share what you actually believe. 

Because you have a great memory you know the track of all and can figure the way out. 

10. “It’s good to be smart. Follow me and you will learn a lot.”

So indirectly you call them dumb, for being so clueless in such cases. 

11. “Am I really? I don’t think so.” 

If you want to know why they call you smart, this response is to share. 

They further say what makes them compliment your intelligence. 

12. “What a joke! Give me another one.” 

You don’t want to look arrogant while handling this compliment. 

So you just play it cool. 

13. “I know that I’m smart, but you’re even more than me.” 

Because they know how to get things done well from others.

You are very well aware of where they’re going with such compliments.  

Maybe, you get played by them before.

14. “I might be smart. But, not a good friend to do your homework.” 

Here they praise you so you can do something for them. 

You know what’s coming. 

This is a sarcastic response to give to a friend who thinks they can play you.

You can use it as an excuse to avoid doing homework for them.

Sarcastic Response To You Are Very Smart

15. “If I’m so smart, then you’re so kind.” 

They are kind enough to give you such a great compliment. 

Because no one is so kind that they freely call you that you’re smart. 

And to a friend, this could be a sarcastic response, as you both know that none of you is smart and kind. 

16. “Stay with me and you will be smart, too.”

A friend who is impressed with your smartness, you could give this response.

It’s fun to share, but it also means that they’re not smart enough.

So you want them to stay with you if they wish to be just like you.

17. “Well, I’m smart enough to walk away from you.” 

Share this savage response with a cunning friend.

They know how to take advantage of others. 

Earlier they applied the same strategy, but not anymore. 

So, this time you’re actually smart enough to do the right thing when this person is on another game.

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How To Respond To When Someone Calls You Smart?

Well, as you have such clever responses to share you can prove again that ‘You’re so smart’ to come up with this so fast. 

It doesn’t matter if you do something for them or give them the best idea, when someone appreciates your intelligence, take it as a compliment. 

And, handle it confidently. 

How To Respond To When Someone Calls You Smart

But, when someone calls you smart, not necessarily they always genuinely compliment you. 

Sometimes, they just want to make you feel good. So they can get favors from you.

You better watch their tone, and you will know what they actually mean. 

Tell them that, if they think they are smart, you’re smarter, though. 


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