22 (Sweet &) Sassy Responses To Compliments On Tinder

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Not all Tinder compliments deserve the same reaction. 

Some are good and make your day.

While some are so cheesy and it feels not genuine. 

Whatever kinds of praise you get from your Tinder match, if you want to treat it right, here we are discussing the best ways to respond to Tinder compliments. 

That involves sweet and sassy replies.

Well, considering how you feel about that compliment and the connection you expect from your match, you could decide which response suits the best. 

Because in this article, we have some perfect suggestions to give.


Sweet Responses To Compliments On Tinder

If you’re impressed with their compliments, make your response nicer in return.  

When a guy compliments you uniquely. like it’s just for you, here are some sweet things to say after getting a compliment from your Tinder match. 

Such are good ways to acknowledge their praises for you. 

Sweet Responses To Compliments On Tinder

1. “I like your attempt to make me feel special. I’m impressed.” 

This might not be the perfect compliment for you. 

But you’re happy that this person said something unique

2. “You’re going good, huh!”

It was a short but sweet compliment from a guy on Tinder. 

He could go too far in the name of praise. 

But he said the right thing, considering your developing connection. 

3. “Thanks. I’m feeling the same about you, as well.” 

When a guy calls you cute on Tinder, you could reply like this. 

If you also like him back, be honest about it and let him know. 

4. “Aww, you’re so sweet as you say that.” 

If you want to share some cute responses back, this is the one. 

His compliment touches your heart, so it’s your genuine expression. 

5. “Oh please stop it, you make me blush hard.” 

Let him know that his compliment leaves a desired impact on you. 

6. “I’m really happy that we are matched. You’re funny and also caring.” 

Your match compliments your personality and admits what they think about you. 

In response to that, you tell them what you think about them, simple as that. 

7. “I truly appreciate your compliments.”

This could be a sincere expression to show that you love his compliments. 

8. “That’s a bold compliment, but I like that you say it upfront.” 

When a girl compliments your look or personality based on your Tinder profile, you can reply this way. 

You’re happy because this girl doesn’t feel hesitant but shares what she has to say about you. 

9. “You’re not any less, let me tell you that.” 

If you have nothing specific to say in complementing back, this is what you can say. 

This is still a short and sweet response to your match’s praises on you. 

10. “Thank you for the unique compliment, I like it.”

So, this guy doesn’t try any usual compliment that you might heard many times.

But he said something meaningful and unique to you.

And that’s why you have to tell him that you acknowledge his remarks genuinely.

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Sassy Responses To Compliments On Tinder

Sometimes, you may get Tinder compliments like ‘You’re very hot’ or ‘I like your pictures’ and all. 

Which indeed, feels either too regular or overwhelming.  

So, whether you want to playfully tease your match or want to respond sarcastically, here’s how to respond to Tinder compliments being sassy. 

Sassy Responses To Compliments On Tinder

1. “But, I don’t think so. What made you believe that?” 

You don’t approve of their compliment, because you don’t think that way. 

Either this is too much or not even close to what you believe in yourself. 

2. “And, you say this to every girl here. Am I right?”  

When you get a compliment from a player on Tinder, this response will make him nervous. 

Also, a smart response to show that you’re not like every other girl. 

3. “So, that’s the best thing you can come up with?”

You’re teasing a guy for complimenting something that’s too standard. 

4. “That’s fine. So tell me, What else can you do for me?” 

As your match often attempts to make you feel special, you ask them to prove their feeling. 

By asking ‘What can you do for me?’ you just want to know how they take it.

5. “Not a usual compliment, but still not good enough.” 

This is something new you hear this time. 

And, you also express that you don’t care much about it. 

6. “I must say you got a great taste.” 

Show off your pride and sass in style. 

This response is a clever way to compliment your match’s choice. 

But eventually, you’re complimenting yourself. 

7. “But I was hoping for something special, something more.”

You make it clear what you were expecting to hear from your Tinder match.  

8. “Oh, come on! I hear this at least a hundred times.” 

Because you get such compliments too often, you just get tired of hearing the same thing. 

All you want is someone saying something unique and creative. 

9. “Will you just stop flattering me? We barely just matched here.” 

They seem impatient and start complimenting you like they want to date you the next day. 

So you tell them to relax and give compliments one at a time. 

You can also ask them clearly, ‘Do you flirt with me?’ and then ‘Don’t dare to’.

10. “Not good. That’s not how you get a girl on Tinder.” 

You just have to be honest with a guy who crossed the limits. 

11. “Sorry but I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Of course, what they said to you feels like some sort of compliment, but it’s not. 

So you have to ask them what they’re talking about. 

12. “Okay, that’s enough. It’s good to meet you. Bye, I’m leaving now.” 

You could give him a second chance, but their compliments discomfort you. 

Also, you don’t feel good to be with them, so you unmatch with them and move away. 

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How To Reply To Compliments On Tinder?

Compliments on Tinder are the right way to start a new connection and get each others’ attention. 

But, there’s always the right time to do so. 

When someone compliments you on Tinder, and you like it, you can respond with ‘Thank you’ or more. 

Appreciate their praises as well as show you’ve some interest in them, as well. 

Especially when you’re interested in them, you could compliment them back. That’s how it works.

How To Respond To Compliments On Tinder

But, when you don’t like your Tinder match’s compliments, make them aware of it. 

What they say to you makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable. 

In that case, you can respond to compliments in an honest and sarcastic tone. 

With their compliments, your Tinder match shows what they think about you, and in your response, you genuinely express how you feel about that. 

Based on how you take their praises, you could use these sweet or sassy responses to Tinder compliments. 

This will make sure you like them back or not. 


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