9 Best Answers To “What Will You Do For Me?” To A Girl

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Finally, you propose to your crush and she asks you ‘What will you do for me?’.

Likewise, your girlfriend gets you by asking ‘What can you do for me?’ randomly. 

Of course, it’s a tricky question. 

Like she wants you to prove your love for her.  

And, with something ‘special’ to say, you convince her that you love her the most.

With ‘something’ means, we don’t want you to share anything.

Here we are sharing some genuine as well as reasonable answers you can give to a girl. 


How To Answer “What Can You Do For Me” From Girl?

A girl who wants to see how much you love her, will ask such a question. 

You might get this question from your crush or girlfriend, who is curious about how far you can go to prove your love. 

Indeed, this question can seem silly sometimes.  

How To Answer What Can You Do For Me From Girl

But with some humor and wit, you can turn the situation in your favor. 

Let’s check out some funny and witty answers to ‘What will you do for me? ‘ question from a girl. 

These answers will be a bit different than the usual, romantic answers. 

So, be mindful of that.

1. “I can do anything. You just tell me.” 

You’re ready to serve your queen with any request or order for you.

This response shows your commitment to do anything for her.

You can say this when your crush asks for a favor for the first time.

2. “I have nothing else to do, we’re married already.”

This one is a funny answer to share with your wife, asking what you can do for her. 

Be careful this one might be funny but if she’s not in a fun mood, it’s not good for you.

3. “Anything other than taking the trash out.”

Your girl is smart but you figured out where she might be going. 

So you play smart and make it clear what you won’t do. 

4. “Depends on what you do for me in return.” 

It’s a give-and-take relationship.

So you have to be honest about it. 

This might be hard for her to accept, but it’s a good response still. 

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5. “I will do anything based on what I will get after that.”

A bit of a flirty response to share with your girlfriend. 

Of course, you would do anything for your love, but you also want to know the rewards.  

Flirty Reply To What Will You Do For Me

6. “I could do anything for you that your ex wasn’t able to do.”

You’re not going to make her life miserable or loveless like her ex-lover. 

That’s the best thing you would do for her.

This response shows your confidence that you’re better at everything. 

7. “Anything. But, I just can’t die for you. If I die, how would I love you?”

Whereas most couples express how they can’t live without each other, you’re being reasonable.

If she wants you to die for her, you have some witty reply to impress her. 

8. “I will do anything and at any time, without invading your personal space.”

You value her personal boundaries. 

And, you have no intention of being around her always. 

This response will impress your crush, as it’s a small thing but you care. 

9. “You tell me what you want me to do for you.”

She might have some challenges for you. 

And, as you reply in such a way, you’re ready for it all. 

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When She Asks “What You Can Do For Me?”

Girls always do that to a guy she’s in a relationship with or a guy who proposes to her. 

When she’s in a mood to test your love for her, she asks ‘What will you do for me?’ or ‘What can you do for me?’.   

Sometimes it’s a cute question.

But sometimes, it’s a challenge for guys. 

When Girl Asks What Can You Do For Me

Whether you get this question from your crush or your girlfriend, you have to be very careful while answering that. 

You don’t want any drama like ‘You don’t love me anymore’ or else. 

So, you can use such witty answers to show what you can and you will do anything for her. 

It’s part of being reasonable and not just romantic. 

Your love has no limits, but you have as a human. 


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