12 Best Answers To “Do You Trust Me?” (Flirty & Funny)

  • February 23, 2024

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When someone close to your heart asks, ‘Do you trust me?’, the question shocks you. 

If this question comes from anyone else, you can just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on whether you trust them or not. 

So, there’s nothing more to think about

But, here your partner is asking if you trust her or him. 

Well, you don’t stress much.  

In this post, you’ll find better answers that will save you, when your husband/wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend questions your ‘trust’ on them. 


Flirty Answers To “Do You Trust Me?” (When She Asks)

Most of the time, when your wife has nothing to discuss, she may ask how much you trust her. 

Or your girlfriend asks the same over text, for no reason. 

Well, you already know that she’s just checking on you.

So, here are some flirty replies to tell her you trust her in a much special manner. 

That makes her feel respected and more importantly relaxed. 

Flirty Answers To Do You Trust Me

1. “Babe, you’re the one in this entire world that I trust the most.”  

She’s the one. You believed it.

And, there’s nothing further to say 

Tell her it’s her who regained your trust back in love. 

2. “Absolutely. I trust you more than I trust myself.” 

Make her feel respected for her presence in your life. 

That you changed as a person since you met her. 

In many cases, you lose faith in yourself, but your wife doesn’t. 

And this response is a tribute to her trust in you. 

3. “Yes, but you break my heart asking me this.” 

You trust here more than anyone. 

And, this is a stupid question to ask. 

But, you don’t tell her. You can’t. 

So, you make it somewhat dramatic that she hurts your feelings by asking this.

4. “Well, you are in my life forever, that means I still trust you.”

If this question is from your wife, this one is a respectful answer. 

You won’t marry her if you don’t trust her. 

5. “Of course, I trust you. There can’t be any better person than you.” 

She’s simply perfect for you. 

And the one, you ever prayed for. 

With this flirty response, you tell her that she’s a special and truly dependable woman. 

6. “Well, I had a trust issue, but you made me trust again.”

Your partner is the one who regains your confidence and trust in love.

This is a special response to make them feel respected.

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Funny Answers To “Do You Trust Me?” (When He Asks)

He’s crazy but you can proudly say ‘he’s mine’ while the world watching. 

There’s no way you ever doubt this gentleman. 

And, sometimes, a man has to ask if you trust him. 

So, in that case, here are some funny replies to show how much you trust him when a guy like your husband or boyfriend asks so casually. 

Funny Answers To Do You Trust Me

1. “If I don’t trust you, you won’t have my number. 

You have nothing to prove to him. 

When your boyfriend asks if you trust him, give him a clever answer to convince him. 

2. “Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you that I have a trust issue.” 

You’re just messing with him, and taking it nothing seriously. 

If he looks sad after this response, you can later add, ‘But you make me believe in trust again’. 

3. “I trust you, but the way you ask it seems you do not trust me.” 

You’re just scolding your husband for asking this stupid question. 

This is unacceptable. 

How can he ever doubt that you don’t trust him?

You already agreed to share your life with him, what else to prove? 

4. “Nope, not at all. I never trust myself either.”

If this is regarding his faithfulness to your relationship, you trust him.

No question is needed. 

But, to make firm decisions or do some house chores, you do not trust him. 

Because you have a bunch of experiences to support it. 

5. “In some cases I trust you, In others, I don’t.”

This is nothing hilarious but just honest.

You admit that you have a trustworthy partner, no doubt.

But in some case, you don’t trust them, as they do play pranks on you.

6. “What do you think?”

Like they want to know if you trust them or not, you also want to check what makes them ask so.

Whether they replies with ‘I think you trust me (or not)’, you can further reply with ‘then, why asking?’.

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What To Reply When Someone Asks If You Trust Them?

Well, the question ‘Do you trust me?’ is a direct ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question. 

But it’s not simple to answer. 

Especially when it’s from your life partner or lover, be careful with what you reply. 

Indeed, you trust them, but as they ask, they have some doubts or just confirm it with you. 

You both have been together for many years.

So, there’s no need to ask if you trust or not. 

You both have trust in each other. 

But it’s also important that when someone asks ‘Do you trust me?’, you know the context before you answer it. 

Share your answer based on your connection and the experience you’ve had with them. 

And if this question is from your partner, choose to say ‘Yes, I trust you’ in either a flirty or funny tone. 

Because you trust that they will understand what you mean. 


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