16 Cute Replies To “You’re My Everything”

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When a guy or girl says ‘You’re my everything’ it seems like a fancy romantic gesture. 

Here they might be very serious about it. 

Or, they say this out of emotion.    

Value their special expressions. You can’t ridicule their feelings. 

Show your genuine reaction and appreciate them back.  

In this post, we are suggesting such witty and cute replies when you hear ‘You’re my everything’ from your partner, lover, or a fresh date. 


How To Respond To “You’re My Everything”?

When it comes to replying to ‘You’re my everything’ or ‘You mean everything to me’, you should be sure that this person genuinely makes you feel what they said. 

Hearing this is, of course, a special and most romantic thing. 

But the fact is, no one can be everything to anyone. 

How To Respond To You're My Everything

It’s all about priority at the time. 

If you two have a good connection within and sharing jokes or being romantic is your routine, you can respond depending on your mood. 

Always look for ways to make your conversation and connection even more romantic.

So, here are some cute ways to respond when someone says ‘You’re my everything’ anytime. 

1. “Oh, Really?”

It might seem like you doubt what they just said. 

But you just want to hear some reasons for saying this to you. 

You can use this response to your boyfriend when he says you’re his everything.

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2. “I’m happy to be your everything.”

You already know that they’re being romantic and say this to you.

So, you decide to sound sweeter in your reply.

You tell her that you feel lucky to be her everything. 

3. “And, you mean everything to me.” 

You could say this means a lot to you. 

Or, how you also feel the same about them.

But, this is a perfect response to complete their statement. 

4. “I know that babe. Tell me something more.”

You heard him saying so many times. 

Well, you could say ‘I’m bored to hear the same’.

But you don’t want to spoil his mood so you want him to try something new.  

5. “And, you say that to every girl you text, right?” 

Share this fun reply, to your online match you started to chat with lately. 

You clearly doubt them, they might do so. 

Because you just started dating and you think it’s too early. 

When Guy Says You're Everything To Me

6. “I don’t think so. Can you prove it?” 

You’re just kidding with him for saying something that’s too much.

At first, it indeed surprised you. 

But you know that he can do anything to prove that you’re his everything. 

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7. “We don’t even know each other yet.” 

You just make it clear what you think to a guy who tells you ‘You’re my everything.’

Maybe he’s just saying it without thinking much. 

So you actually tell him that it’s just a short time. 

8. “When I am with you, I forget about everything.” 

What she feels about you, you are feeling the same. 

Like a girl said you’re her everything, you tell her that being with her you care about nothing else anymore.

She has your all attention. Because she’s a world to you. 

9. “I just love the way you always make me feel special.” 

You don’t have to tell them to make me, they just do it, however. 

For such a loving partner, you’re happy that they always do and say little things. 

This all makes you feel loved and respected. 

10. “My life is just nothing without you.”

This is the same way as telling ‘You’re my everything, too’. 

But you make your response even more meaningful.

Because you can’t imagine your life without him or her. 

When Girl Says You Mean Everything To Me

11. “How so?”

Well, you just want to know why they make such big statements. 

It’s like you ask them to give some proof of how you could be everything in his or her life. 

12. “Please don’t make me do everything.” 

You act like you’re scared but actually just being sarcastic here. 

As they said that you’re their everything, you might be thinking what if they want to do everything later on in life? 

13. “Sorry I didn’t mean to take over everything.” 

Well, this is a witty reply to share with your lover when you’re in a fun mood. 

They are happy to make you everything. 

But you tell them innocently that it’s not what you planned. 

14. “I rather say, you mean the entire world to me.” 

You both often argue over who loves more

So you take it as competition and say something more special to your partner. 

They tell you ‘everything’, but you clearly define them as your ‘world’.  

15. “What a joke? Hahaha.”

After fighting, your partner tries to convince you and tells you that you’re his everything. 

You’re still annoyed at him and so you respond this way. 

It shows you’re just making fun of their feelings. 

16. “As you’re with me, I also feel like I’ve everything now.” 

When you’re with them you feel at home. 

That’s what this sweet reply means. 

Their presence and love for you is everything that you ever prayed for. 

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What Does “You’re My Everything” Mean?

When someone says ‘You’re my everything’ they show that your presence in their life means everything to them. 

They can’t think of life without you.

Plus, for them, you’re the top priority and they mean it. 

Whether you get to hear this from your partner or lover, take it as a genuine expression of their feelings for you.

What Does You're My Everything Mean

In response to that, you can thank them for being so romantic and saying this. 

While you can also use the above funny and cute responses to ‘You’re my everything’ as a romantic expression from someone. 

Choose your way to respond based on your mood and how you feel about them, genuinely.


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