14 Reasonable Replies To “I Can’t Live Without You” (Not Romantic!)

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When someone says “I can’t live without you”, you could make your response either romantic or rational. 

Your boyfriend or girlfriend might feel this is romantic. But it’s not. 

Make it clear to them that they can (and should) live without you.

Sometimes, this feels more dramatic than romantic. 

This phrase suits more in movies. Not in reality.

Of course, you appreciate their love for you, but you don’t want them to be so dependent or dominant over you. 

Next time, when your partner tells you that they can’t live with you, with these mindful replies you make them aware of the reality.


When A Guy Says “I Can’t Live Without You”

Whether he’s your boyfriend or someone who has a crush on you, say something like ‘I can’t live without you, I need you.’ forever, it sounds a bit demanding.  

Like he is trying to manipulate you with such an emotional statement.

And, here’s what you can say when a guy says ‘He can’t or doesn’t want to live without you.’ 

When A Guy Says I Can't Live Without You

1. “I think you need more oxygen than me.” 

Tell him what’s more important for us humans to live. 

It’s not love, not you, but fresh air. 

When he says so over text, this funny response will make him realize you’re being reasonable.

2. “Sorry. But, I think you might find someone better than me.” 

The guy who tells you that he can’t live without you, it feels that you’re his everything. 

Well, you aren’t interested in him, so you need to find a clever way to get away. 

You can say to him that ‘You deserve someone better and I’m sure you will get it’. 

3. “Oh seriously? Don’t lie to me.” 

Saying I can’t live without you, is just a childish way to express love. 

When your boyfriend says so even in a fun mood, you surprisingly tell him that he can’t be serious about it. 

4. “Then, I must dare you to live without me.”  

And, you can even bet on it. 

You’re so sure that he can live happily forever without you. 

It’s just a fun response like you teasing your guy for saying it. 

5. “Please stop it. How did you live before I met you?” 

Your boyfriend is just being dramatic here.

He just said it for no reason or much thinking. 

Remind him that you both met just three months ago, so what about his life before that?

This will certainly make him shut up. Because it’s a savage response. 

6. “Of course, you can. And I think you should learn to live without me.” 

Because you’re not going to be with him forever. 

One way or another you’ve to leave each other.

Even though you think you are soulmates, there’s an expiry date for every connection. 

7. “What about your family, your parents?” 

You’re being real with this guy who informs you that you’re his everything and can’t live without you. 

Remind him that your love is fine. 

But his family and parents also need him more. 

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When A Girl Says “I Can’t Live Without You”

If your girlfriend says that she can’t live without you, she is being dramatic to express her feelings for you. 

Possibly, her way of loving comes from those romantic movies she urges to watch. 

At first, it sounds cute, but you clarify there’s no point in comparing real love with a fictional one.  

This is how to reply when your girlfriend says “I can’t live without you, you’re my everything.”

When A Girl Says I Can't Live Without You

8. “I appreciate your love. And, I want to talk more about living together, not dying.  

You love it whenever she says something nice in an expression of her love for you. 

But when she says ‘I can’t live without you’, it hurts you. 

Because you don’t want her to be so dependent on you, you want to spend your life together without mentioning about falling apart anyway. 

9. “Well, at some point, everyone has to live without someone.” 

That’s the fact of life, that even a life partner has to accept it without complaining. 

Your life can never be around ‘the one’ person only. 

Indeed, you can be each other for life, but not forever. 

10. “Life is more important than love, Dear!” 

Your girlfriend tells you she can’t live without you, but you respond more logically here.

Tell her, Honey, I appreciate your love, but love is part of life, not life itself.’

The fact is, someday, you or she has to live without each other. 

11. “Stop it. Actually, you can’t even live without shopping. But me.” 

Suddenly, your partner starts acting romantic to you and tells you that she can’t live without you. 

In a sarcastic mood, you’re making fun of her love. 

You both are joking around, and she will accept it because it’s the reality 

12. “Sorry, but I can’t die with you. I rather wait for the last day as it is destined.” 

This one is a direct response to tell her that you might love her, but it can’t be everything. 

You value your life, and same as you value her presence in it.

But, you’re not going to waste life anyway, because you take it as a gift from god. 

13. “Then, you better start practicing it. Because I’m not immortal.” 

Sooner or later, everyone’s time comes, when they have to leave everything behind. 

So it’s not a good idea to rely so much on anyone. 

And actually believe that you can’t live without them. 

14. “Instead of saying that, it would be better if you said, I want to live with you forever.” 

You’re not looking for great ways to express love. 

But rather you want rational and possible manners.

Eventually, you want to say that you both try to make each other’s life better as long as you live together. 

It feels more positive and romantic response than the other one. 

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How To Respond To “I Can’t Live Without You”?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend says that ‘My life is nothing without you’ or ‘I can’t live without you, please don’t leave me alone’, this shows they’re so reliant on you. 

This doesn’t sound romantic and it shows they always want you for everything. 

No matter how deep love is there.

How to respond to i can't live without you

But life can’t be around just one person or love alone, some people and things also deserve attention. 

Occasionally, when your partner says ‘I can’t live without you’ in a romantic gesture, it’s not a big deal. 

They say that for a moment, to show how much they value you in life. 

But it’s a serious concern when someone acts like they can’t see life without you and actually mean it. 

Maybe, this person tries to manipulate you to accept their love. 

That’s actually a problematic (not romantic) condition. Be mindful of that. 


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