(16 Flirty Replies) When Crush Says “Hey You”

  • February 14, 2024

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No matter how others say it but when your crush says ‘Hey you’, it sounds flirty. 

Agreed, sometimes it’s just friendly, though. 

But it feels so special.

When it’s from a guy or girl that you began dating lately, the ‘Hey you’ text needs to be replied to uniquely, for sure. 

So now, let’s take a look at ways to make it sweeter or flirtier.  


Cute Replies To “Hey, You” From A Girl Crush

If a girl texts you ‘Hey you’, you feel something personal and that’s normal. 

Indeed, it seems like she is more connected to you.

As if she’s trying to make you feel special.

But, you are still just friends (for now), so respond to her ‘Hey you’ text in a friendly and sweater tone like these. 

Cute Replies To Hey You From A Girl

1. “Hi, do you need me?” 

You’re being a good friend here while hiding your crush’s feelings for her. 

This is a sweeter reply to let her know that you’re available if she approaches you for some help or a talk. 

Because she often contacts you when she needs you for something.

2. “Who me? Oh, Hi, Hey.” 

This is a more appropriate response when given in person. 

It could be the casual approach but you’re trying to hide your feelings for her. 

So you have to act normal in front of your crush. 

3. “It would be even sweeter if you called me ‘Hey, (name)’!”

You sense that this guy is trying to flirt with you and he’s trying to be cute around you often.

To tease him and make him blush you can use this playful response. 

4. “Hi, How’s your day going?”

You’re being polite here and asking about the first day at work or something

This is certainly not a mood killer. 

Asking questions is a nice approach to keep the conversation going. 

Especially helpful when you’ve nothing to say when your crush texts ‘Hey you’ and goes offline immediately. 

5. “Well, Hello, finally you here, huh!”

Maybe you are also waiting for your crush to approach you and you get his message. 

You are doing great at hiding your feelings for him. 

And, you’re giving him a friendly reply to a ‘Hey you’ text from him either on social media. 

6. “Glad as you text now, this has been a rough day really.”

You’re lying on the couch, so tired after the long work day.

And then you get a text from your crush ‘Hey, you’. 

If you thinking of planning something, you can further text, ‘what are you doing?’ to check what you can do together. 

This shows you’re ready to do something together, if they, too have the same day. 

7. “What a coincidence, I’m about to text the same.” 

You were thinking about approaching her with the same message. 

Indeed, you two might be connected emotionally.

That, you caught each other doing the same thing together. 

8. “Heya, I was thinking about you for some reason.” 

You don’t want to make it any awkward, so you keep it casual.

When your girl crush says ‘Hey’, this response is to show that you were thinking of her.

Maybe you need some help in assignment or have something to ask.

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Flirty Replies To “Hey You” From A Guy Crush

If it’s someone from a dating site or crush who texts you, time to be flirty.

Because you both are interested in each other and know when you’re connection is going

To make your response even flirtier, here are some responses for you. 

Flirty Replies To Hey You From A Guy

1. “Oh, Hi. I was also thinking about you.”

You and your crush often chat at a particular time. 

This time she texts you late than ever. 

And, as she texted, you let her know that she was on your mind already. 

2. “Yes, I have already booked a table for us, don’t worry.” 

It’s your crush, -a match from the dating site you’re going on a dream date with

Being playful, you’re telling her not to worry. 

Let her know that you’ve planned everything perfectly. 

3. “Do you have something to say?”

You already sense that something is going on in his mind. 

Most likely he, too, has a crush on you. 

But as a girl, you’re waiting for him to make a move first. 

And with this flirty reply, you’re actually giving him a hint or trying to make him feel comfortable. 

4. “Hey, are you missing me already?”

He texted ‘Hey you’, five hours before your scheduled date. 

Maybe he can’t wait to meet you and you’re telling him to be patient.

Even perfect when you’re texting with your friend with benefits

5. “Hey, you, too.” 

If just one message can turn you on, why not show the same expression? 

Maybe this one is cute, but flirty more when you text the right person. 

6. “You have my attention already, please go on.” 

You’re waiting for your crush to say something. 

They have no idea that they’re always on your mind and you are always excited to talk to her about anything.

7. “Why don’t you always approach me like this?”

You really liked it when your crush accidentally says ‘Hey you’.

And it feels cute, you want him or her to say it more from then on.

8. “Hey… I Love you, too.”

Your online date already knows you’re flirty and cute at the same time. 

While texting, you often tease each other and play sweet games. 

You both are just fine with such conversation; it makes your chat engaging.

And, if your crush asks, ‘Dude, Are you trying to flirt with me?‘., means she got your feelings.

You should be prepared with further answers, too.


How To Reply When Your Crush Says “Hey You”?

Well, how you respond to ‘hey you’ from a guy or girl, is your decision. 

Consider how you feel about him or make sure she has no boyfriend.

Also, they are kind of interested in you back. 

When Crush Says Hey You Over Text

You don’t want to be hard and take any risk that could hurt your connection. 

Try some regular replies when you don’t know each other enough.

If you’re well aware of each other, it’s fine to give cute and flirty replies to ‘Hey you’ text, which we suggested for you above. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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