18 Flirty Responses To “What Are You Doing?” Text From Crush

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While texting with your crush, you wish every chat feels intriguing (and, special).

Even, random questions like ‘What are you doing?’ is your chance to get closure to your crush, if you respond in a flirty way.

Like most cases, you can reply, ‘Nothing, I’m just thinking of you’.

But, there is more to say.

Of course, you want your every interaction unique, so we’ve prepared some flirty responses for you. 

Fine, if this question comes from your crush or new match online, you could make the conversation as special as you want. 

All you need to do is, next time try to answer with these playful text replies. 


Flirty Responses To “What Are You Doing?” Text

With your crush or special someone, every small interaction needs to be extra special. 

Like ‘What are you doing?’ is just a normal question when anyone asks.

But, if a crush asks this, there are many ways to answer that. 

With these flirty responses, you can make the chat sound more playful and personal.  

Flirty Responses To What Are You Doing

1. “Right now, I’m talking to the most beautiful person.” 

A timely complement will get the job done. 

You don’t have to think of anything great. 

And, if she plays hard to get, she might ask ‘And, who’s your crush?’.

2. “I’m picturing you and me together.” 

If you miss your long-distance partner already, this response is perfect to share. 

Tell them you can’t wait for the day you meet again as it’s been a long time.  

4. “Just waiting for you to come here.”

You invite them to your place because you feel alone and bored, actually.

4. “I am planning our future while I’m talking to you.”

This shows your online match that you’re a dependable person.

While if you send this to your fiancé they might respond with ‘awww’, you can try this one.

5. “I’m trying to decide which cafe to bring you to this weekend.”

If you find it difficult to straightly ask for a first date, you could do it this way.

This also shows that you’re up for suggestions if they have any. 

6. “I’m just about to tell my parents about you.”

You want to make a move for your relationship. 

Here you think it’s the right time to tell your parents that you have a GF

After being together for a while, you found that she’s the one and deserves to be part of your family. 

7. “Still hoping for the day when you will ask me for a date, finally.” 

You’ve given enough hints to your crush, but this ‘cute’ fool didn’t catch it. 

So, when the time is right, you can just say it cleverly. 

Because you know he also feels the same about you. 

8. “I’m dreaming about our life after marriage.”

Send this cute response when your girlfriend asks, what are you doing right now.

Based on their further text, show her how excited you’re to welcome her to your family.

9. “Sorry, but I’m looking at your Instagram profile.”

A witty, but honest response to inform your crush that this is what you do right now.

If you admit this, that means you’re not actually stalking them. 

And, they know that you’re just kidding. 


Flirty Responses To “What Are You Doing Tonight?”

In many cases, ‘What are you doing?’ is simply a casual question.

Because when someone asks this, this could be for not any specific reason.

But, yes, but, when someone clearly asks ‘What are you doing tonight?’ they may have some plan for you.

So, first, they check if you’re available for them or not. 

When on a dating site, your match or your crush asks for it, respond in a way that tells, ‘I’m doing nothing but maybe doing something later at night, when you’re with me.’

And these are the sassy responses you can try for that. 

Flirty Responses To What Are You Doing Tonight

1. “I have been thinking of inviting you over tonight.”

You really wanted to ask them for a meet-up, but you couldn’t. 

When you feel comfortable with them, just say it. 

Because they also want to know your plans for tonight.

2. “Well, I’m all available if you want to take me out.”

If a guy is shy and takes time to follow your lead, make a move. 

Help him to take steps further because you both are equally into each other. 

3. “Nothing. Do you want to do something together?”

Enough playing games and trying to cover those crush feelings. 

You are just saying what you’ve been feeling for this person. 

Without them, you’re doing nothing. But, together you can do many things tonight. 

3. “Don’t worry, you can take me on a date, I’m ready for it.”

Finally, he decided to ask if you are available tonight, as he asks you out for a coffee date

Be open and share this welcoming reply with a guy you have a crush on. 

This helps him to feel more comfortable around you. 

4. “Planning to watch some romantic flicks, wanna join?”

Maybe that wasn’t your plan, but if it brings you two on the couch, say it. 

Your crush tries to get to know you and here you’re giving them a chance to spend more time together. 

5. “If I’m alone, nothing to do. If you’re with me, we do many things.”

There’s nothing special about this night, you’re just bored and alone. 

And this is also a signal to them that you’re ready to do something together if that’s what they think of. 

6. “No idea, maybe I’ll cuddle with you the whole night.”

Tell your boyfriend how much you miss him. 

You’re not in the mood to go out with friends, but you need him with you tonight.

7. “I might live all my fantasies if you say just ‘Yes’.”

This one is a flirty and frisky response to someone you’re in a casual relationship with. 

As they’ve been saying no to friends with benefits, you still hope for the day when you finally get the green signal. 

Here, they ask you about your plan for tonight’s plan, so maybe your wait is over.

8. “Oh, I was about to ask you the same.”

Somehow you both know that you carry the same feeling for one another.

Before you ask, they make a move and express to meet in person tonight. 

This means, whatever the plan is there, you’re just ready to be together tonight.

9. “I will try to sleep, but your thoughts never let me again.”

Lately, you’ve had sleepless nights. 

And, that is only because of those thoughts about your new crush. 

You’re sure, this night won’t be different, too.

But, you admit it to your crush. 

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How To Respond To “What Are You Doing?” Text?

Remember that, these sassy and flirty responses to ‘what are you doing?’ works right with someone you closely know. 

If you share this cute and playful text reply with your crush or your partner, this feels special.

But if you send it to your friend or crush who isn’t into you, they might see it as a drunk text to them.

And this might change your connection forever. 

Considering who is asking ‘What are you doing (now or tonight)?’ has its different purposes. 

That’s why you better be mindful before sending these flirty responses while texting. 


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