How To Say NO To “Friends With Benefits” Request? (59 Replies)

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Whether a fling isn’t your thing, you’re not in the mood, or don’t want it anymore… when you want to say no to friends with benefits, it has to be a clear ‘NO’.

And, nothing else.

Your choice does matter above everything else.

Respecting that, this article will help you to decline the FWB request with the most clear and clever replies as possible.


When You’re Not Ready For FWB…

It may be called ‘friends with benefits’.

But you simply don’t know what ‘Benefits’ are.

When someone from your friend circle or online dating approaches you for FWB, this may be unexpected.

When You're Not Ready For FWB

Sometimes, you get that in the form of drunk texts.

That, however, leaves you unsure how to respond to that. 

Or when you’re already in a fling relationship but.. you’re not in the mood.

So, it’s NO for now.

Otherwise, you’ll realize this isn’t actually ‘benefits’.

Means, you don’t want it anymore.

No matter what it is, there are some better ways to say no to FWB, and that’s what we’re going to share in this post. 


Best Replies To Friends With Benefits Proposals On Dating Sites

When someone on a dating site or over text asks you for a fling, and you’re not interested, make it clear to them.

Possible that you might know his intention while texting.

In that case, you can also give him savage and sarcastic replies to ‘Babe’ text for the first time.

To shut him down immediately.

Next, here are some best responses you can give to an FWB proposal, as a complete denial.

how to say no to fwb on dating site

1. “I’m not someone you like to have friends with benefits.” 

2. “I’m sure you will end up falling in love with me. So, I’m out.”

3. “Go get a life, have a career. You need to be a man first.”

4. “Sorry, wrong person. Really really the wrong person to ask this.” 

5. “I count to ten to disappear from my sight. One, two, …”

6. “Seriously, this is how you’ve always looked at me.” 

7. “I’m glad you shared this early. But, I’m not ready for this now or ever.” 

8. “Go away, before I screw you here right now. Without any wait.” 

9. “Friends with benefits, what is that thing? Can you explain?” 

10. “Woah, you’ve been taking advantage of me and now you want my ‘benefits’.”

11. “You’re not worthy of being my friend, either. Goodbye!”

12. “Ok, so what are the subscription plans?” 

13. “Are you joking? Is it a kind of prank or something?” 

14. “What are you doing, huh? I wish I could punch you through this text.” 

15. “First, I have to ask for permission from my parents. Hope you also ask yours.”

16. “Just shut up. I don’t want to have any type of connection with you.”

17. “I’m your friend. Did you forget that? If yes, then I forget you, right now.” 

18. “I think I’m ready for FWB. But not with you, but with someone else.” 

19. “So, you have no money to buy it. And, now you want it for free, huh?” 

20. “Think far about the future. This thing will get you nowhere in life.” 

21. “It’s not for me. But I know who is better at this. Let me give you her number. Oh, it’s your sister.”

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Saying No To Friends With Benefits When You’re Not In A Mood

You might be enjoying this causal relationship. But, there are times when you don’t want to do it.

While your FWB is there trying to convince you to say yes. 

Even they call you “Papi” to tease you and come over.

In such a case, you can say no to your fwb, informing them… this isn’t the right time. 

texts to fwb saying no

1. “Last time, it was great. But I don’t think it has to be so early.”

2. “I really need some time to figure out if I need this.”

3. “No, we’re better not doing this often. I don’t think that’s how it works.” 

4. “Seriously, it was just yesterday. Hold your horses. Patience is a good thing.” 

5. “I’m not in a mood. But if you’re. You better do it by yourself. All the best.” 

6. “If you’re pressuring me for this anymore. I’m out, not playing anymore.” 

7. “Here I’m expecting to spend a life with you and you’re after one night.” 

8. “What? Are you for real? How far can you go with this?”

9. “Knock on some other door. You’re not going to get it right now.” 

10. “Trust me, you don’t want to do this. Especially at this time.” 

11. “I think we might fall in love if we do this frequently. Do you want that?” 

12. “Share how your experience was from the last time. To me, it wasn’t that good.” 

13. “It was good but not as great as I expected it would be. We need some change.” 

14. “I don’t think this is the right time. We better wait for ‘the’ time to come.” 

15. “Nope, not today. I’ve decided to binge-watch my favorite show.”

16. “Just to inform you that I’m on a break time. I will update you when I’ll be available again.”

17. “I’m at work. So, we’re going to do that in the office. I’ll be there on the eve.” 

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Breaking Up With Your Friends With Benefits Over Text

Since you’ve been in an FWB, it’s going well.

But at some point, you don’t see any meaning in it or you feel like you’re interested in it anymore. 

To end your friends with benefits relationship over text here’s what you can say to inform them you’re out. 

how to say no to friends with benefits

1. “You might be enjoying this. But I’m not. This is not what I want in life.” 

2. “Sorry, you’ve gone too far. I think we better move on. Bye!”

3. “You’re a nice person. You might get the fwb somewhere. But, this isn’t for me.” 

4. “I’m now at the stage where I can’t see you as a friend or partner anymore.” 

5. “What did you do to our happy friendship? Just look and think about it.” 

6. “Well, the performance was good. But I feel this shouldn’t go any further.” 

7. “I know what you’re up to. So, I’ve already decided to never see you again.” 

8. “Let me tell you straight that I’m done with you. It’s officially over now.”

9. “Well, I don’t want to waste my time or myself anymore. Find someone else.” 

11. “Nope, you don’t deserve me. You serve some cheap ones, down the road.”

12. “My goals are always for the long term, and your plan is simply for the short term.” 

13. “I don’t think I’m the right person for this role. So I’m not your fwb anymore.”

14. “I broke the many rules of FWB. I feel guilty and I want to go out, Bye.” 

15. “It’s like losing myself. And I don’t want to get lost in these ways. Sorry, I’m going.” 

16. “That was a great experience. But I don’t think these could be the right memories.” 

17. “I start to realize that the only one who loves you, deserves such benefits.”

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When it comes to rejecting a proposal, saying no, or breaking up with your FWB, you want to make sure that you are upfront about it. 

Sometimes, the other person won’t understand your feelings, because they’re for benefits only. 

But knowing how to respond to friends with benefits, you give them straight answers. 

Maybe you’re available or out of it, but you’ve every right to do what feels comfortable. 


No one should take ‘benefits’ of you… because you know how to say NO.


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