26 (Funny But) Best Replies To “Good Luck” Wishes

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Whether you find the ‘Good luck’ wishes uplifting or discouraging, you need to know how to respond to them appropriately.  

If you start on something new, going to an exam or for an interview, you get wishes like ‘Best of luck’ or ‘All the best’. 

This someone, your family member, parents, friends, or boss, wishes for your success with what you’re about to do. 

Whether you believe in luck or not, you can give genuine to funny responses.  

That’s mainly depending on your connection with them.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss some ways you can respond to ‘Good luck’ wishes from someone. 


Good Replies To “Good Luck” Wishes From Family

Family, your parents are the ones to cheer you up in every situation. 

When you’re going for an exam or starting a new business, they wish you ‘good luck’.

Because they want to succeed at it.  

So, you need to respond to their good luck wishes respectfully, in these ways.

Good Replies To Good Luck Wishes From Family

1. “Love you mom-dad, thank you for always being there to support me.” 

When you feel tense about something, your parents’ support is what makes you feel relaxed. 

Tell them how much you love and respect their presence in life.

2. “Believe me, I’m going to make you proud.” 

Your parents already believe in you and wish the best for you. 

If you reply like this, you confidently say that whatever you’re about to do, you will make your family feel proud

3. “Everything will be alright, don’t worry.”

It seems like your parents are more concerned about your exam results than you. 

But you want to comfort them that there’s no need to worry, you know it will be all good. 

4. “Your blessings are everything, I need the most.”

It’s the first time you’re doing something, or have made an important decision.

While taking their blessing, when your parents say ‘good luck’, tell them that their wishes mean a lot to you.


Flirty Replies To “Good Luck” Text From Partner

Normally, when someone says ‘Good luck’ to you, you respond with ‘Thank you’ and nothing special. 

But when replying to your partner’s ‘Good luck’ wishes, these flirty responses will make them feel loved. 

Yeah, this is your chance to tell them that you are truly lucky to have them in life. 

Flirty Replies To Good Luck Text From Partner

1. “I have been a lucky person from the day you are in my life.”

Saying such a sweet response like this certainly makes them feel admired and respected in a relationship with you. 

2. “Thank you dear for always believing in me.” 

When having a bad work day or your mood isn’t right, a simple text from your boyfriend makes it a good day

He’s your supporter and true friend, who gives you hope every time. 

3. “With you, I am already feeling like I’m the luckiest person.”

It’s surprising how you both met each other. It was pure luck. 

And you don’t miss a chance to be flirty with them, so you say this. 

4. “Stay with me, babe. My actual good luck charm is you.” 

You need them with you, especially when you do something new in life. 

Because you see your partner as your luck.  

5. “Not sure if I would be as lucky without you.”

You never believed in luck, until you met them. 


Funny Replies To “Good Luck” From Friends

You know when friends wish you good luck, there’s some problem coming at you.

It’s not their wishes but a taunt at your bad luck. 

So, you can respond hilariously to ‘good luck’ wishes from friends to make it a fun situation. 

Funny Replies To Good Luck From Friends

1. “Sorry, but I do not believe in luck.”

That shows your confidence. 

You believe in yourself more than any destiny or luck factor. 

2. “No not luck, please. It always works against me.”

You know you have bad luck that always messes up your life somehow. 

This one is a funny response.

Because your friends have witnessed some hilarious experiences with you. 

3. “Let’s hope as you say this my luck starts working.” 

In a rough situation, luck is the only factor that could save you. 

Your friend understands that so says ‘Good luck’, and you hope their wish comes true. 

4. “Luck? What’s that, I never had it before.” 

Even they know that the problems always find you anyway.

But, your timely response like this makes the situation hilarious. 

5. “If you really wish me good luck, you get out first.” 

Because you see this person as bad luck to you. 

You do not mean to insult this friend. 

But you could say this to roast your friend who always says something negative or spoil your mood. 

6. “Haha, Luck?? What the F…?”

The way they say good luck makes you laugh at them.

You don’t believe in it, you just hate your luck.

But saying words rhyme with the word ‘luck’ says what you really mean. 


Best Responses To “Good Luck” Wishes At Work

If you got a promotion or are about to start a new project, your boss or coworker wishes you good luck. 

And when they say it they wish that you would make it in the end.  

Whether their wishes work or not, if this makes you feel confident or supportive, you can respond to ‘good luck’ wishes professionally here. 

Best responses To Good Luck Wishes At Work

1. “Thank you, sir, I will do my best on this project.” 

Your boss is really worried about the new project you’re handling and wishes you good luck. 

But your confidence in saying ‘I will give my best’ shows you’re ready for it. 

2. “Thank you for your wishes, I’m here all because of you.” 

This coworker or your manager has helped you to achieve something. 

So, you also express your gratitude to them for your support throughout. 

3. “Right now, we both need good luck really.”

Your teammate and you are about to give a very important presentation. 

This is a crucial moment.

So when they tell you ‘Good luck’ you can say you wish the best for them, as well. 

4. “Thanks, I’m feeling lucky to be part of your company.” 

On your first day your colleagues and manager share ‘welcome on board’ wishes

Also, some might say ‘Good luck’ to you as this is the starting point of your career.  

Tell them you’re happy to be around them and already lucky to get such a warm welcome on the very first day.

5. “I really feel confident as you’ve helped me with that.” 

Some colleagues are very helpful, they support you to do the job. 

And wishes you the best, as you are about to do it yourself. 

Never forget to inform them that you genuinely appreciate their support and wishes. 


Sarcastic Responses To “Good Luck” From Haters

Not all ‘good luck’ wishes are genuine ones. 

And are actually wishes for you.  Some just feel like a taunt to you. 

Yeah, that smirk while saying, says it all. 

These people try to push you down and eventually hurt your confidence.

To such people who really want to see you fail, you can handle ‘good luck’ with sarcasm. 

Sarcastic Responses To Good Luck From Haters

1. “You better rely on luck, I’ll create my luck by my own hands.” 

Whatever you do, they think it’s just luck. 

They never say anything nice to you. 

So, this response is to shut their unlucky mouth forever. 

2. “Do you think this body is built with just luck?”

Nothing happens overnight or just with pure luck. 

When you work out on yourself and feel better about yourself, just clearly ask what else they think luck can do. 

3. “I really had good luck, but now I have your bad luck.” 

It was such a good day and everything was going as perfectly as planned.

But this person comes from nowhere and tells you good luck, which is actually bad luck to you. 

4. “Right now, I only need money and not luck.” 

When your friend says ‘good luck’ to you jokingly, you make it clear what you really want. 

Here, you just try asking for money from a friend, because you want them to leave you alone for good.

5. “Keep your luck with you, I do not need it.” 

Because every time they say good luck to you only the worst thing happens to you. 

6. “I wish I could make you understand that there’s more than just luck.” 

You’re not going to explain to them that luck is not everything. 

Because this person isn’t going to understand that. 

And, they always complain about how unlucky they’re.  

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How To Respond To “Good Luck” Wishes?

Based on whether you believe in luck or not, you treat the ‘good luck’ wishes differently.

Also, people also wish you ‘Best of luck’ might have different meanings and moods. 

Which you already know when you get to hear it. 

How To Respond To Good Luck Wishes

But when it comes to responding to ‘Good luck’ wishes you want to treat it in the same tone someone says it to you. 

Some cheer you for success while some say so to support you. 

While friends wish it jokingly because they are aware of your hard luck.  

And when your hater or jealous person says it they ignore your hard work and make you doubt yourself. 

Whatever way the ‘good luck’ wishes come to you, you should know how to respond to them like you believe their wishes.


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