16 Better Replies To “Have A Good Day” Greetings

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We all know that saying “Have a good day”, won’t make it any better. 

But, when someone says it to you, and how you reply can surely make their day.

Whether you want to acknowledge their ‘Good day’ wishes sincerely or are feeling you should say something nice to this person in return, we are providing you the better replies for the same.

In this article, we share the genuine and positive ways to respond to this normal greeting at work.


How To Respond To “Have A Good Day”?

At first, this is just a wish, more like a ‘Good morning’ and all. 

But, as this person cares to share it, better if you return them a favor. 

The most obvious response you can give to “Have a great day” is “same to you”.

Fine, you can share it, if you want your response to be nothing extra or enough.

But, when you want to say something meaningful while accepting their greeting or wish to say something unique, these replies are for you. 

How To Respond To Have A Good Day

1. “Let’s flip a coin if it’s going to be a good or bad day!”

With this interesting response, you try your luck to decide how your day will go. 

Indeed, no one knows about the future.

But you should be hopeful and find a way to make a good day anyway. 

2. “I just wish this day just went anyhow.”

You received good day wishes from your friend or partner over text. 

They know your situation at work. This is going to be a hard day, for some reason.

Whether it’s good or bad, you just want this day to pass faster than ever.

3. “Yes, I hope this time your wish comes true.”

The last few days have been rough work. 

When your coworker or some teammate wishes you a ‘good day’, you tell them that this is your dream more than just a wish. 

4. “It’s already going well. Thanks though.”

This is the time of the afternoon and someone says ‘Have a nice day’.

Here, you’re not annoyed but want to tell them that these wishes work better at the start of the day, not in the afternoon. 

Anyway, but you accept it. 

5. “But, I want to have a great day.”

Tell them if is it possible to raise the standard of their wishes.

Because you want this day to go ‘great’ and not just ‘good’ like them. 

This one is a fun response to give your coworker on saying ‘Have a good day’. 

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6. “While I hope you have a good day every day.”

Not just one day, you honestly wish that they have a good day for every single day. 

A response like this shows that you’re not doing it as a formality. 

7. “Why day? Let’s say we have an entire week, a good one.” 

This is the start of the new week at work.

And, you’re in a very good mood.

So, you wish that your entire team has a great week.

This means, more productive and profitable.

8. “Thanks, what’s your plan for the day?”

Sometimes, it’s nice to thank someone for wishing you a good day. 

And if you want to engage them in conversation, you can ask ‘What do you do after work?’. 

Maybe you also want to discuss how your day went for you at the end of the day. 

9. “Thanks, can you do anything to make it a good day or just wish?”

If you want to be a little honest, try such a clever reply. 

You really want to have a nice day.

But someone or something always comes up that spoils the entire mood of the day. 

You wish this person to do something if they can. 

10. “It all depends on our boss’s mood.” 

It’s an elevator talk with your coworkers, when you two gossip about your mean boss.

You both wish each other ‘a good day’ every day. 

But your boss is the one whose mood decides if you have a ‘nice day’ or not. 

11. “And, I hope you have a great day.”

This person just wishes you to have a ‘good day’. 

But, you’re even generous enough to share your wishes and really wish that they have a ‘great day’, which is even further.

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12. “But how? Don’t give me false hope.”

You’re kidding with someone or just getting your frustration out? 

With friends or someone with whom you can joke about your life situation, this one is a perfect response to a ‘good day’ wish. 

13. “I hope things will be easier like you said.”

But alas, not everything will always be in your control. 

You wish your day would go great, but something always stops you from having it. 

14. “Certainly, I really had a great weekend, how about you?”

A situation is- Monday morning at work when your teammate wishes you a good day.

Because you just have a great weekend already, you’re feeling refreshed to start work on this another week. 

Also, you’re excited to have a good chat in the morning. 

15. “Can you make it a perfect day?”

Here you’re bargaining for the wishes to make it a ‘good day’ to a ‘perfect day’.

It’s not like you’re being too greedy. 

Sometimes, however, being ambitious is good for your profession.

16. “Let’s pray for it then.” 

Just saying ‘Have a good day’ won’t make it. 

You have to try to make a good day by yourself, but that did not happen. 

So, your last hope is to pray to God to make it the day you always wanted at work. 

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Whatever way someone says ‘have a good day’, ‘great day’ or ‘nice day’, make sure they feel noticed. 

You can’t just ignore their wishes like a regular one. 

If you’ve been replying like ‘same to you’, it’s time to say something new next time. 

The above replies are all good and better options to respond to ‘have a good day’ wishes to you either over mail, text or in person. 

And, when your response is something new that they never hear, it eventually refreshes your mood and may make their day good, too. 


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