47 (Sarcastic &) Savage Comebacks To Insults

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What’s the point of the solid comebacks if they aren’t delivered on the spot?

Especially, when someone insults you, having sarcastic to savage comebacks will turn down their every attempt to pull you down.

If you need something powerful to say, we are here to help.

Whether it’s to deal with online bullies or someone who can’t stop insulting you often, always be ready to speak up for yourself.

From using sarcasm, and being savage to having clever things to say, this is how you respond to insults from someone you barely met.


Sarcastic Replies To Insults

If someone attempts to bring you down, why not reverse their verbal attack. 

Indeed, sarcasm works best against someone who wishes you to feel insulted by them. 

And, here are sarcastic comebacks that will turn the situation in your favor instantly, meaning insult them back. 

Sarcastic Replies To Insults

1. “Wow dude, I actually learned more about myself from you than me.” 

2. “If there’s a group for all the biggest jerks, you would be the leader of them.” 

3. “So sad, I can never be like you. The fact is I never even want to be like you.” 

4. “You’re imperfectly perfect but that seems perfect to you.”

5. “Were you always like this or someone malfunctioned you?”

6. “Oh is it? No, I’m not like you, I’m mature, by the way.”

7. “That is a great opinion, but who asked you for it?” 

8. “You’re the reason someone really had a bad day.”

9. “That’s the only thing that you can do. And we’ve no more expectations from you.” 

10. “Please stop, even I am ashamed to see you so dumb.” 

11. “How come you know everything about me, but I never care to know about you?” 

12. Around you I wear a mask, your smell and presence feel so bad.”

13. “Sometimes you should look at yourself in the mirror while saying anything.” 

14. “Never mind, you can say whatever you can, I can’t listen to you.” 

15. “Well, I have no complaints with whoever you are. it’s your parents who did you.” 


Savage Comebacks To Insults

If someone name-calling you or tries to insult you in any possible way they can, your instant solid, and savage replies are the perfect response. 

This is to make them realize that they aren’t going to win over as they think. 

Savage Comebacks To Insults

1. “I don’t want to insult you; you’re doing it all by yourself better.” 

2. “Because everyone likes me but not you, I have sympathy for you.” 

3. “I think I have seen you somewhere, maybe in the toilet.”

4. “You are really doing charity in that you don’t do anything for yourself, but for others.” 

5. “When you don’t have any problem, that means you’re the problem.” 

6. “You could save the world, just by disappearing from the earth.”

7. “Do you hear someone talking behind your back? I guess, you’re not.” 

8. “Thanks for caring for me and spending your time just to correct me all the time.”  

9. “Did you try to say something to me, I do not want to hear you either.” 

10. “I’ve got a lot to say, but I’m not going to waste my words and time on you ever.”

11. “Thanks, you are here. I was thinking about ignoring someone really hard.” 

12. “How come you have two faces and in both, you’re looking so ugly?” 

13. “I wish I could give you suggestions as you do, but I don’t have time like you.” 

14. “To be honest, I don’t understand the words coming out of your mind.” 

15. “How can you live such a shameless and ignorant life? you’re such a strong man.” 

16. “I can clearly see what you’re up to. So, I’m not going to give you anything.”


Smart Responses When Someone Insults You

Most toxic people like your friend or family will try to insult you are idiots who judge you based on their level. 

They believe it’ll be easier for them to insult you.

But you’re more mature and smarter than they can ever be. 

That you can prove that by using such smart things to say insulting words. 

Smart Responses When Someone Insults You

1. “Every time your parents look at you, they feel ashamed of what they did.” 

2. “Sorry, I just laughed at your nonsense. Am I supposed to feel insulted?”

3. “Fine, I have never ever taken you seriously, nor will I ever.”

4. “I wish I had the superpower to completely ignore idiots, like you. Maybe I have it already.”

5. “We don’t consider you as one of us, here the ‘we’ means humans, just you know.”

6. “No no, it’s not your problem, God was on a break while creating you.” 

7. “You try to present me badly, but actually, you’re doing it to yourself.” 

8. “Go somewhere else, someone might give you attention, but not me.” 

9. “How your parents raised you and how mine did, that’s a lot of difference.” 

10. “The day you will shut up I will celebrate your birthday and also will sing for you.”

11. “There are lots of respectful people in my life, and then comes you.”

12. “Sorry, I’m good at Photoshop but I can’t make you look better still.”

13. “Please next time when you open your mouth say in advice, so I loud my music.” 

14. “Stop being jealous of others, that is not going to help you in any way.” 

15. “Whatever you want to do to me, you are actually destroying yourself.” 

16. “All I can say is ‘best luck’ with whatever plan you have against me.” 


What To Say When Someone Insults You?

Dealing with insults never always has to feel frustrating.

It’s time to show off your confidence. 

Before replying to anything, take time to think that their insulting words really have anything to do with you.

Indeed, just think who the hell is this person to judge you? 

It is always you, who made you and no one else, right? 

So, most insulting words from anyone shouldn’t have to affect you a bit. You can just ignore that. 

And when someone attempts to put you down and this gets hard to ignore, have such sarcastic, smart, and savage comebacks for insults to stop them from doing it again. 

That not only shows you’re confident, but also that you’re way bigger than they ever can insult.


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