17 (Funny &) Savage Replies To “Go To Hell”

  • February 22, 2024

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Ever think of having the best reply for ‘Go to hell’ comments? 

Yes, you want to deal with that friend who mentions ‘Hell’ too frequently in their reaction. 

No matter what it is they’ve to say it.

Whether your friend says so in frustration or to joke about it, these savage and funny comebacks are perfect for their timing. 

And, possibly your prompt response might stop this friend from saying it again. 


What To Reply When Someone Says “Go To Hell”?

If you believe in the afterlife or not, hearing ‘Go to hell’ or ‘What the hell’ isn’t easy to respond to anyway. 

In most cases, you get to hear from someone you’re arguing with. 

They tell you to go to hell because they hate you and wish you would get punished there. 

Then, while having fun with friends, some mention ‘hell’ in response to whatever you do or say something extreme or crazy.

Generally, you’ve nothing to say in response to ‘Go to hell’ but you can choose savage, sarcastic, and funny replies depending on the situation. 

When Someone Says Go To Hell

1. “I think you’ve been there, right mate?”

If they want to take you to hell, it must be a good place as they know. 

You taunt them that they might have an experience of it. 

2. “That’s right, you and I better meet there.”

The best way to deal with insults is like you don’t care at all about whatever they say to you.

You admit that you’re going to hell, but they will meet you there, too. 

3. “You go. I’ve got a reservation in heaven already.”  

Tell them not to care much about you.

You’re clever and have every plan fixed about your afterlife. 

This is just a funny reply, to tell you that you’re not interested in taking their recommendation.

4. “Nope, if I go, you will come with me.” 

What’s the purpose of going to hell when someone worse than them doesn’t join you? 

Being clever, you tell them that they deserve to be in hell, too. 

And to keep it short, you can just say ‘same to you’, that’s it.

5. “Yes, I’ll, but after you.”

What they did to this world, this person is more eligible to go to hell even before you. 

You’re just nothing in comparison to them, that’s what you mean. 

6. “Wherever you’re, hell is there already.”

You believe that heaven and hell are on earth.

And, not anywhere else. 

It’s all based on the person you’ve in life, you feel like likewise.

7. “That place isn’t for me, but for people like you.” 

This friend very well knows what the hell is all about. 

But they’re being unfair and punishing you hard just for making others laugh. 

8. “Better not. Because we might come across there again.” 

The someone who tells you to go to hell actually doesn’t want to see you again anymore. 

But this sarcastic reply will remind them how the hell they think they’re any better. 

Tell them, same as you, they also belong to hell.

9. “That’s even better than being with you, one more second.”

Such a savage comeback to get rid of jerks who have been torturing you with annoying remarks. 

10. “And, who the hell are you to say this to me?”

Nobody. They are just no one to decide that. 

It’s all your karma and the almighty god will decide where to send you after life.

11. “You go to hell. I’ve got a ticket to heaven.” 

This person is a complete joke and you don’t want to see them again. 

To get rid of them you decide to go to heaven because you know the only one who is going to hell. And, that’s him.

12. “I’ve been there, they told me I’m overqualified.” 

You’re a devil and this is proven by this response. 

But, you’re not ashamed of it, you’re saying it out loud as if saying ‘And, I’m proud of it.’ 

13. “Nope I’ll never come to your place again.”

With a witty response like this, you say that their place is just like hell. 

14. “Okay, so give me two tickets for that. For me and your mom.” 

If your friend often tells you to go to hell for no reason, give him some reply to make them never say it again. 

Yes, sometimes sharing a timely roast with close friends will work fine. 

15. “If I will go to hell, it will no longer remain the same.” 

To annoy someone who is trying to put you down, say something positive about you. 

This will make them even more jealous of your confidence. 

16. “Don’t tell me to go there, I’m already in hell.” 

Because this person in your life already gave you the experience of what the hell is. 

So you don’t need to experience this again. 

17. “They throw me out of the hell.”

This is a savage response to give your friend who wants you to go to hell.

You show them that you’ve visited there.

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When Someone Tells You To Go To Hell

All the responses that we discussed here are mainly for a friendly conversation.

And, nothing is serious about it.

It’s up to you to decide how to reply when someone says ‘Go to hell’. 

This person might have some strong reason to say it or not, but your response to that needs to be timely. 

When your friend is saying it jokingly, handle it as a joke and make it even more humorous. 

But if someone wishes to send you to hell, give them a savage and sarcastic comeback.

Mostly, because they also deserve hell for telling you that. 


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