19 Best Answers To “How Was Your Weekend?”

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After a long weekend, when you show up on Monday at work, someone may ask,  “How was your weekend?”. 

It’s fine if you have nothing great to share.

Possibly, you relaxed this entire weekend, like you needed. 

They just ask how you spend your week off.

You could say as it went.

Most of the time you respond as ‘It was good’ or ‘great’, because they might not be interested in knowing it all.

Whereas, there are some best answers you could share and here we are discussing the same. 


How To Respond To “How Was Your Weekend”?

This is just a normal question from your colleagues after a week off. 

Whether your manager or colleagues ask this, it’s the way to start a conversation on Monday.

Be sure that your response does not picture you as a lazy person who just did nothing or you have no life at all. 

If you enjoyed your weekend the best way or you stayed at home, these answers will make your response more interesting and refreshing. 

How To Respond To How Was Your Weekend

1. “It was such a relaxing weekend; the way I needed it!”

The last week at work was extremely hectic and you all needed a break. 

And this weekend was exactly the same, totally refreshing. 

2. “Oh, I spent some quality time at home with my family.” 

Share this response when your work leaves you with little time for family. 

This one is also a good answer when you don’t want to talk about personal things at work

Because probably they won’t ask further, and what did you do together. 

3. “Supercharged! It makes me ready for next week.”

When your boss or manager asks ‘How was your weekend?’ This answer will save the day. 

It’s clear that they really have no intention to know what you actually did.

But, how did your week off help you on Monday morning, especially at work. 

And this is the perfect answer you can give to your senior that you’re excited about work, too. 

4. “Oh, my weekend was awesome. how about yours?” 

Either you have nothing to say or you don’t want to talk about anything. 

So, instead of giving anything such as ‘good’, ‘fine’ or ‘great’, you can respond in this way.

But, don’t forget to ask about their weekends, just so they keep busy talking about theirs, not you. 

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5. “After such a long time, I finally get time to enjoy it my way.” 

Maybe you wanted to watch your favorite movie or spend some time with yourself.

Whatever the plan was, you enjoyed your week off your way.

And that smile on your face admits that you had an enjoyable weekend. 

6. “I’ve spent the whole weekend doing nothing at all.” 

Well, some coworkers who are more like you just prefer to do nothing and just relax.

If you know them already, you can just answer them clearly. 

7. “How it can’t be great, I visited home after months.” 

You’re working away from home and have been planning to visit your family for a long. 

On asking about your weekend, excitedly share that you have been to a home and spent a great time with your family and loved ones. 

8. “I’ve binge-watched the show you suggested. Thanks for the recommendation.” 

If you want some engaging conversation with your like-minded colleague, share something common within. 

This will certainly give you something to talk about during break time. 

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9. “So amazing. I had a great time with my old buddies.” 

You have had a get-together with your school or college friends and you thoroughly enjoyed this weekend perfectly. 

This is enough, you don’t have to share what you do.

But, if you want you can share. 

10. “That was really good. Thanks for asking.”

On the first day of the week, you already have so many things on the to-do. So, you’ve no time for even small talk. 

In that case, this is a polite reply without being rude. 

11. “I’m glad that I spent some time with myself. It feels so refreshing now.” 

Being in a work, where you constantly have to be surrounded by people, spending some time with yourself on weekends is a healing experience. 

You just needed the me-time urgently and you’ve had it just recently. 

12. “A lot to discuss, why don’t we just talk about it during break time.” 

There are so many things to say about how your weekend was, actually. 

But, this might eat up your important work hours. 

So instead of getting into detail, you want them to wait until the break. 

13. “The beautiful weather makes it a perfect weekend, right?” 

The rainy weather makes you go out, and take a long drive by yourself or with someone else. 

Indeed, a good response to share with coworkers you know personally. 

14. “Don’t ask, we’ve to work on weekends, it was busier than a regular day.” 

So sad to know that you haven’t had a weekend at all.

Your boss or client gets you on urgent work needs and you’ve to work on that urgent work request

15. “Same as usual. By the way, what about you?”

You might have a great weekend like no one, but you don’t want to share it. 

So instead of your colleagues questioning you any further, you just ask about how their weekend was. 

16. “Stayed home and enjoyed doing some hobbies things.”

If that’s what you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

You can say it as it is, or this is also a good answer when you did some side gigs that you can’t talk about at work.

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17. “I spent a great time partying. I will invite you next time.” 

You get to meet new friends and go to an enjoyable party on the weekend. 

Because this coworker is new to the team, to make them feel at ease you inform them to come along if they want to.

18. “I went on a two-day trip, it’s like I have a vacation.”  

This weekend you were on a small trip, but the experience is more like a long vacation. 

After a memorable trip, you never knew how these two days went so fast. 

This answer is to inform your boss or coworkers that you have a life outside work. 

19. “As you ask, I can see your weekend was truly amazing.” 

Sometimes, the coworker who asks everyone on the team about the weekend has something to share about theirs. 

Because they enjoyed it the best. And, they wish to talk about it with others. 

If you feel that they’re more interested in sharing about theirs than hearing about you, just reply to inform them you’re ready to listen to them. 



From sharing ‘happy weekend wishes’ to ‘the weekend experience’, this offers small talk at work. 

Such conversation is the best way to interact with colleagues at a personal level. 

If you feel that based on your answers to ‘How was your weekend?’, your coworkers will judge you, you’re totally right.  

So, when you have some interesting things to do on the weekend, share them if you want to. Only if you feel excited and confident about it. 

But the problem is when you don’t have anything to say.

In that case, your coworkers might judge you as a person with a life around work alone. 

Regular answers such as ‘It was good’ and ‘Great one’ might be your options. 

And, sometimes you just want to give answers that feel refreshing to confirm that you’re ready to work on this new week because your weekend was nice. 


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