41 Good Comebacks For Jerks To Annoy Them Back

  • February 24, 2024

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Nobody wants to deal with a jerk.

They’re so annoying, and it’s hard to ignore them. 

And, those jerks won’t stop bothering you until you give some sarcastic or good comebacks to their nonsense comment about you.

Whether you want to shut them down or insult back, a prompt response is a must. 

They could be present in your friend list or following you on social media. 

For you, that’s better if you get rid of them as early as possible. 

If you often run into them or they come to you somehow, in this post you will find the best things to say while dealing with the jerks again. 


Good Comebacks For Jerks

When you meet the jerks for the first time online, or your acquaintance being the one lately, as a first warning these comebacks you should keep handy.

Good Comebacks For Jerks

1. “Sorry, Were you trying to say something? I didn’t hear you.”

2. “Let me talk to your father. What, has your dad left you? I can see why.”

3. “Thanks, brother, for your suggestion, I appreciate that.” 

4. “No, no please don’t repeat yourself. I won’t pay attention a second time, either.” 

5. “So sad that you’re made this way. No one can fix you, bro.”

6. “You know, we all have stopped expecting any good things from you.” 

7. “Do you think this affects me? No way, it will never.” 

8. “I feel sorry for you. Because no one cares about you and everyone just laughs at you.”

9. “I’ve sympathy for you, how can you live like that?” 

10. “Who lets you out, go back to your cage. The dogcatchers are nearby!”

11. “Sorry, there is nothing wrong with you. But, it’s with those who are with you.”

12. “What happened to you lately, have you lost your mind somewhere?”


Clean Comebacks For Jerks

As you meet like-minded people on social media, you also get to meet empty-headed jerks who are good for nothing. 

These people are online bullies who talk nonsense and leave meaningless comments

But, these clean responses will make them think before saying anything to you next time.

Clean Comebacks For Jerks

1. “Go get a life, and do something that helps you and your family.”

2. “Nope, you didn’t make any mistakes, it’s your parents who did.”

3. “Here I’m officially announcing that you are the jerkiest follower of the month.” 

4. “I think you never were a jerk. No way, you’ve been like this forever.”

5. “Wow, you have a big body but your mind is so small.” 

6. “People like you are the reason I don’t trust anyone either I met in real life.” 

7. “You’ve proved that ‘once a jerk is always a jerk’.” 

8. “I can’t stop thinking about your family who must be so ashamed of you.” 

9. “All because of you, I realized that the more you talk the jerk you look.” 

10. “Can’t you see that I’m trying to ignore you?”

11. “Does your mom know that you’re doing these online?”

12. “Never mind, you won’t understand this. Because you never had a mind.”

13. “I really have no idea what you are saying to me, not I have any interest to know that.”

14. “Do you have any friends? I highly doubt you can have even one, with nature like this.”


Sarcastic Comebacks For Jerks

No matter if you meet them in person or online, the jerks will bring you down to their level. 

They will waste your time and spoil your mood.

If you’re not careful around them. 

But, sarcasm is the best way to limit jerks from crossing any limits.  

Sarcastic Comebacks For Jerks

1. “I wish I could punch through the internet, but I won’t even waste my data on you.”

2. “I don’t have time for jerks like you, actually no one does.” 

3. “Sorry I never met you before. Who are you again?”

4. “Well, I’m not mad at you. I’m surprised that anyone can be so jerky.” 

5. “It’s the first time I realize that not just a person, but personality also can be smelly.” 

6. “Even these women act more manly than you in your entire life.” 

7. “Damn, man you’re getting worse, I’m worrying about your family.”

8. “Let me tell you that whether you do it on purpose or not, but it has no impact on me.”

9. “You should go to hell where you might find people just like you.”

10. “Do whatever you want. But, please somewhere else and not around us.”

11. “Jerk ALERT! Jerk found nearby, please stay at a distance!”  

12. “Now I hate myself more than I hate you. Because I’ve not blocked you yet.”  

13. “Your mental condition is not right, people like you should not be in public.”

14. “Let me tell you that you talk too much, but no one wants to listen to anything from you.”

15. “Do you have an idea why everyone feels so annoyed with you?”

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What To Say To Someone Being ‘A Jerk’?

Being with a jerk is so annoying that for the rest of the day, you also behave like them. 

Well, that means you let the jerk win over your mood. 

Instead of letting them affect you negatively and make your day worse, too, distance yourself from them. 

When you can’t easily get rid of them, give them such clean and good comebacks to jerks on anything they say or do to you. 

Comebacks To Say To A Jerk

Certainly, you don’t want to insult or annoy anyone. 

But, the jerk won’t leave you until you respond powerfully and sarcastically.

This will make them not mess with you again.

And, they know it’s better to keep a distance from you.


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