29 (Savage &) Funny Answers To “Who Are You?”

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It seems that your long-lost friend can’t recognize you, as they have to ask “Who are you?”.

How can they forget about you?

You feel insulted or confused about it.

Now, you’re thinking about how to describe yourself to someone who used to be your ‘best friend’ or ‘lover’. 

Sometimes, your ex also acts as if they don’t know you

But, Instead of introducing yourself to them, you better try clever or funny replies to someone who dares to ask ‘Who are you?’ (especially when they are just pretending).

The tone could go from savage to sarcastic. So, be mindful of it. 

But, when they act like they don’t recognize you, these responses are the better choice. 


Funny Answers To “Who Are You?”

You have your standard, Right? Then keep it high.  

Don’t follow them with your cold reply like ‘I’m Peter, by the way..’ and all. 

After a long time, your long-lost school or college friend won’t recognize you by your looks.

But, you can try your comic sense. 

Funny Answers To Who Are You

1. “I’ve been trying to find the same for ages.” 

Look at the sky, sigh, and say it in a serious tone. 

Tell them, you’ve changed a lot as a person.

You’re no longer the one, they know.

Maybe that is what makes them ask, ‘Who are you?’ in the first place. 

2. “I’m the one you can never be, ‘the awesome one’!”

Your friend trying to guess your name or they know you already. 

And this is the friend who trying to outrank you in school exams.

3. “I’m still your worst nightmare, ha-ha!”

Maybe there was a rivalry between you and this person. 

The evil laugh, in the end, makes the moment even more laughable. 

4. “I’m the one who locked you in the girl’s bathroom in school. Recognized me now?” 

When they can’t recognize your face in person or voice over the phone, share what you did to them. 

This reply works great when you call friends after a long time and they ask who are you. 

5. “I am inevitable.” (And then, snap on the person’s face).

Tell them you’re Thanos, without actually telling them that you’re Thanos. 

Act as if you’ve a superpower that can turn them into dust whenever you can. 

But, we know you’re not going to do that. 

6. “Ever wondered where’s your dad? Then, here I am, son.”

Tell this poor kid that you’re his dad.

It’s a joke obviously, hope they don’t take you seriously, too.  

7. “Who am I? What I’m doing here?”

Act as if you lost your memory. 

This is for your bestie who asks you ‘Who are you?’ jokingly and you give a better answer. 


Creative Ways To Answer “Who Are You?

If you want to introduce yourself quite interestingly, take a pause and think of something new.

And, here are some creative answers to leave a lasting impression. 

Creative Ways To Answer Who Are You

1. “I’m someone you can only dream, but never have in reality.”

Either because this person doesn’t deserve you or you’ve come way ahead in life.  

Tell them it’s better if they don’t know you. 

2. “Perfect. Now, you’re alright.”

‘What did you just use neuralyzer (A memory wipe gadget from MIB) on this person?’

‘Please don’t use it on me.’

To double-check, you can ask, ‘Do you know me, now’ before you leave.

3. “You won’t recognize me. But, I’m your secret well-wisher.”

‘Oh, so hello Mr. Well-wisher, you came so late.’ 

‘But, thanks, I no longer need your wishes, they don’t work though.’ 

4. “What, you can see me? I thought I was a ghost.” 

You’ve been ghosted by that someone, they act as if they don’t know you.

Give such mean people such clever replies that you don’t care about them more. 

5. “I’m just you, from a different universe. But, a handsome one.”

Your old bestie doesn’t seem to recognize you. 

It’s time to roast this friend to let him know, who else can do it better.

6. “I think you’ve lost your all-best memories in life.”

This guy is taking time to recall you, asking ‘Who are you?’.

And, still can’t remember you. 

Your reply says as if he never got any good things in life after you left him.

7. “I am what you do think I am.”

You could explain who you are as you exactly know that.

But the fact is everyone judges others, based on their perceptions. 

So there’s no point in explaining yourself to someone or anyone.  

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Sarcastic Answers To “Who Are You?”

The person who asked this already knows who you are and what you do. 

But they ask so to make you feel embarrassed, they try to prove they have the upper hand.

Well, this person doesn’t deserve an answer, but comeback sarcastically. 

Sarcastic Answer To Who Are You

1. “I’m the last person who cared for you.” 

‘Or genuinely loved you’ also fits perfectly when this person has broken your heart.  

2. “Once I was your everything, now I’m no one for you.” 

This is the person who promised to never let you go or spend the rest life together. 

Fine, now he has no right to call you mine

And, you’re moved on, too.

3. “Well, I’m… just nobody, Do you forget?”

You don’t want to introduce yourself to someone. 

Else, you can say before someone tells you that you’re just nobody. 

4. “I’m someone you don’t deserve, a good friend.”

This is to taunt your bestie who never respected you enough.

Your point is they should be grateful that they at least have friends, but here they treat you like nobody. 

5. “I’m the woman who waited for you, but you never came.” 

The further story, ‘So, she gets married to a handsome guy, they have two kids… 

And, living in a beautiful house, that you even could afford.’

6. “Someone from the past, you don’t want to know again.” 

Maybe it’s regarding the one-time experience that you both had.

You both recognized each other but tried to be unknown. 

7. “I’m someone you better not forget, but you did, so regret now.” 

This person might be playing with you or trying hard to find your name. 

But you’re not going to tell anything. 

8. “Well, I’m the one you know better than anyone else in this world.”

Maybe this is your ex-lover or former best friend.

But now they act like they don’t know you.

This one is the sarcastic but honest response to give.


Witty Replies To “Who Are You?”

You have no idea why this person asking this.

They might say ‘I’ve seen you somewhere‘ and try to find it exactly.

In that case, you could give some hints or reply cleverly, to check if they can recognize you still. 

Witty Answers To Who Are You

1. “Not going to tell you, you will have to guess.”

You’re just trying to test their memory or how this person recognizes you. 

Else, you say this, because you want to hide from them.

2. “What will you do if you know?”

You’re just being sure what’s this person’s intent isn’t anything against you.

3. “I was working in your company, and now I’m your top competitor.”

This is the ultimate way to get revenge on your boss.

All the best, and may you get this level of success that you no longer have to introduce yourself. 

4. “Why are you asking that? I won’t tell you.”

Maybe you’re suspicious of this person. 

What if they create your ID after having your name and information? 

You play scared but try to be funny.  

5. “I am whatever I am, you better check on yourself.” 

Indeed, it’s better if we keep our focus on ourselves than seeing who is ahead of us. 

6. “Do you want to know that? It’s better if that remains secret.”

Some things are better kept a mystery, as it is good for any reason.

7. “I’m the one you always borrow money from.”

And, when it’s time to pay the money back, they never return.

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How To Answer “Who Are You”?

The immediate response you can give is to share your name.

To make it formal, add what you do, your job, or your profession. 

What To Say When Someone Asks Who Are You

In other cases, this person might have seen you somewhere and tried to remember you it. 

But you know them well, this is your long-lost friend, ex, or high school crush.

If you want them to know you or not, when someone asks, ‘Who are you?’, you have the option to make your answer creative, funny, or sarcastic.  

First, better know if this person doesn’t know you or acts like that.


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