8 Sarcastic Replies To “I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You”

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We all have those people who first hurt you, then apologize saying ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you’.

First, they let you believe that it was just a mistake. 

So you forgive them, they just forget about what wrong they did. They never learn from their mistakes.

After some time, they will repeat the same mistake. 

It’s clear that they are playing with you and don’t feel sorry anyway.  

So, if you are often being played by such people who hurt you either intentionally or irresponsibly, you better respond to them sarcastically. 


How To Reply To “I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You”?

If it’s for the first time, you can reply ‘It’s okay’ or ‘I accept your apology’. 

But when it happens on repeat, then it’s not okay, at all. 

Who knows, they are already aware that saying something will hurt you, and they still do it. 

They intend to hurt you emotionally. They just enjoy seeing you in pain. 

If you feel that’s the case, we have prepared some sarcastic replies you can give for when you hear ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you’ like always. 

How To Reply To I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You

1. “Yeah, I know that you never intended to hurt me.” 

It’s not the first time, you always hear it. 

But you’re not in the mood to argue about them. 

So you just say it in a sarcastic tone. 

2. “But, you did it, like every damn time.”

Tell them that you don’t know if they do it intentionally or not, but it’s happening. 

They do it and do the same thing that hurts you. 

But still, they don’t care to stop it. 

3. “I don’t think you ever know how I feel when you say that.” 

You wish you could tell them how much it hurts when they do such a thing. 

If they don’t mean to hurt you, they will never say such a thing to you. 

However, it’s not the case. 

4. “Don’t worry about me, check if you are hurt or not.” 

It seems like you still care for them more. 

But this one is a sarcastic thing to say to a narcissistic person

Because all they care about is themselves and not about anyone. 

5. “You know I’m just used to it.” 

You gave them chances already, many times. 

But, there’s nothing you can do about this person. 

They are not going to change ever. 

6. “You better know what you said to me.”

You can also ask them ‘Tell me, what do you say to me?’.

This clearly shows that they said something inappropriate.

Maybe they have no idea but such a thing hurts anyone.

7. “Okay, fine, I believe If you say so.”

Well, indeed you know they are just trying to be nice to you, but their intention was something else.

By saying ‘If you say so’ sarcastically you show that you believe them.

But, you know it’s not worth having any discussion with them.

Overall, you don’t believe them, that’s what you mean with this response.

8. “Well, you can’t even hurt me anymore.”

This will eventually make them stop doing such things to hurt you. 

They might have the intention to make you feel bad or hurt your feelings. 

But you tell them clearly that this no longer affects you. 

As you’re not taking their words any seriously. 

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What Does It Mean?

When someone says ‘I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings’ it generally means the person is apologizing for what they said or did that hurt you.

Right now they feel bad about what they did. 

Earlier, they had no idea that this would hurt you, so they apologized for their action.  

Some people might say something in frustration, but then realize that they shouldn’t have to say it. 

So this phrase shows their genuine care for you. 

What Does I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You Mean

But others, who once said (or texted) you ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, and it won’t happen again’, make it a habit.

They keep doing such things again. 

This shows they really mean to hurt you, even if they don’t say it. 

Indeed, they know well how to make you feel bad and hurt you effectively. 

By saying this, they just try to show that they care. 

But in reality, they don’t care about you. 

When you feel that person genuinely feels sorry for what they said, you can forgive them. 

But when you believe that someone isn’t going to stop but do it more, you could share such sarcastic replies to make it clear that you don’t believe them when they said ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you’, at all. 


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