11 Clever Responses To “If You Say So”

  • February 26, 2024

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If you feel offended when someone says “If you say so” you better give clever responses to them. 

Because… what you just shared with them, you believe in that. 

You experience it and you want their genuine approval of it.

But, instead of that, you get a rude expression from them.

Like they don’t care about what you say. 

It happens when someone has doubts about what you are saying but they agree with you anyway. 

If you are upset about such a dismissive reaction, know what you can say after that. 


How To Respond To “If You Say So”?

Well, if someone carelessly says “If you say so (Fine, I agree with you)’, you can respond to it in two main ways. 

First, you stop thinking much and just accept that they are convinced of you. 

Because they try to avoid arguments this way. 

Second, you can say something sarcastic like comebacks to tell them that they can’t fool you with such bogus approval. 

You still want them to be honest with you. 

Considering the possible situation, here are clever responses to share to “If you say so” from someone during an argument or discussion.

How To Respond To If You Say So

1. “I never thought you would give up that easily.” 

You believed this person was unbeatable in an argument. 

But this time, they let you accept their defeat quite earlier than expected. 

2. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”  

Such sarcastic comebacks to share annoy this person more. 

You can share this with your annoying cousin who never agrees with you.  

Even this time, they have some doubts about believing in you. 

3. “Come on, say something. I know, you have a lot to say.”

While in argument, you know they have some point to discuss. 

But they are stopping themselves.  

And, with this comeback, you tell them to speak out.  

4. “Finally you believe me. Thank you so much for that.” 

There’s no need to keep the argument going. 

If they want to avoid it, you don’t are not going to start it either. 

It doesn’t matter if they agree with you or not, this discussion ends here. 

5. “Don’t rely on me. You better have your opinion sometimes.” 

There might be someone who always agrees with you on anything you say. 

So, this one is a direct response to telling them to have their own opinion. 

What you said is your suggestion or opinion only. 

6. “But, I don’t feel that you agree with me.” 

It was a sarcastic tone, when they said, If you said so. 

You feel it right. 

So you want them to be honest with you and you directly tell them what they feel. 

When Someone says if you say so

7. “Hey, you don’t have to accept everything that I say, okay?” 

When a guy says ‘If you say so’ most of the time, this means he doesn’t want to sound indifferent to you. 

You don’t want him to agree with you on everything. 

This is a nice response to show that you value his choice, no matter what it is. 

And, you’re okay, if he has some unique suggestion than you. 

8. “Yeah, always do as I say, if you want to go ahead in life.”  

Being an elder sibling, you can say this to your younger brother or sister who says ‘If you say so’. 

A funny comeback to show that what you say is so accurate and helpful. 

9. “Not because I said so, but because if you want to.” 

Some just agree with any suggestion you have. 

Well, you don’t want them to feel pressure around you. 

It’s your suggestion.

And, you’re also ready to listen to their viewpoint as well. 

This one is a clever response to tell them to share what they have to say, instead of agreeing with ‘what you say so’. 

10. “And what do you say, Really?”  

You don’t want to act like you’re the best and others have to accept you. 

You like to discuss some ideas and suggestions, before making any decision. 

So with this reply, you let them open up. 

11. “That’s not how it works, you have to take an interest in it.” 

Saying ‘If you say so’ obviously doesn’t count as a genuine vote. 

When your partner or close friend isn’t ready for something, they just say it instead of agreeing with you anyway. 

In making some plan or strategy, you want their active interest.

And, mainly their honest participation. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “If You Say So”?

When you’re discussing some plan or arguing over something that you’re so sure about, you want others to believe you. 

Because you witnessed that or you actually did that. 

But the phrase ‘If you say so’ shows that this person doesn’t seem to agree with it. 

And, they have doubts but avoid sharing them with you.  

What Does If You Say So Mean

They said ‘If you say so’ sarcastically, it means they don’t want to argue with you over it. 

Here, they act like they agree with you but they have some different opinions, actually. 

In other words, this person calls you ‘a liar’ but they don’t say it directly.

Well, we have shared the clever responses to “If you say so” that you can use as a comeback when it feels rude to your knowledge or an insult to your experience. 

Tell them that, you want to know what they have to say, and there’s no pressure.  


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