37 (Witty &) Funny Responses To Personal Questions To Avoid Answering

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That’s your choice, if you don’t want to share any personal information with someone.  

Don’t take any pressure about it. 

You better have your boundaries upfront. 

Because those nosy people often put you in an uncomfortable situation by asking you for personal details.

When you can’t ignore such people, you need to say something to avoid the discussion. 

So, here are the funny and witty comebacks to personal questions that will make it clear that it’s none of their business


Witty Responses To Personal Questions

Even if you give them hints that you don’t want to share your private life details, some people are so stubborn that they don’t get your point.

You tried ignoring them or directing the discussion, but it didn’t work either.

So, now you need some clever comebacks to share when someone dares to ask a personal question that you’ve been trying to avoid.

But they keep asking it. 

Here are clever things to say to avoid answering personal questions: 

Witty Responses To Personal Questions

1. “Give me just one good reason why I should answer this.” 

2. “This is not the right time for such a discussion, can we discuss it never?” 

3. “I’m sure you know exactly what you’re asking me.”  

4. “And, why should I tell you that?” 

5. “I never knew that you were in an investigation department.” 

6. “Who are you again to ask me such questions, huh?”

7. “I could share my income but I don’t want you to feel ashamed of yourself.” 

8. “Do you think it would be just that easy to get the information out of me?” 

9. “Why don’t you do your life and let me live mine peacefully?” 

10. “First, you share the exact details with me and then I will share, maybe.”

11. “Whatever I do, I’m capable of handling it myself. You don’t need to ask anything.”

12. “Tell me, would you answer if I asked you the same thing?” 

13. “I don’t want to discuss it with you, not now or not in the future either.” 

14. “Enough discussing me, now tell me what are you up to lately with your life.” 

15. “I suggest don’t ask such things of me, it’s not worth your time and mine, especially.” 

16. “This is the first and last time you’re asking me this, Okay?”  

17. “I leave it to you. what you believe or think you’re free to do so. I don’t care.” 

18. “Can you please tell me, what will you do with such information?”

19. “This time let me ask you the same question. Can you answer it?”


Funny Comebacks To Personal Questions

Don’t be rude but be hilarious while dealing with the personal questions you want to avoid. 

No matter how sensitive information this is or how uncomfortable you look, some people don’t care but they just have to get such details for time passes.

Humor could be the way to avoid answering and for their sneaky behavior.  

Here are the funny things to say when someone asks you personal questions which are ridiculous and nonsense.

Funny Comebacks To Personal Questions

1. “Did someone hire you to keep tabs on me?” 

2. “Glad you asked this but I don’t know how to answer that.” 

3. “I might have given you answers in other universes, but not in this one.”

4. “Ask me anything but anything about you, not about me.” 

5. “That’s a good try but I’m not going to answer it still.” 

6. “You’re neither my family member nor my dearest friend who needs to know that.”

7. “You’re overqualified for this question. First, be mature enough.” 

8. “Why are you so interested in my life? Don’t you have your life?” 

9. “If you think we are close, it’s just you who are thinking but I’m not feeling it.” 

10. “You don’t want to know this. It could bring bad luck to your life.”

11. “Such a great question, I don’t think I’m capable of answering it.”

12. “That’s a boring topic, let’s discuss how you lost weight, all of a sudden.”

13. “I wish the way you took an interest in my life, you took in your relationship.” 

14. “You’re asking way too many questions than my school teacher.”

15. “What day is it? Tuesday, I don’t share such info on Tuesday.”

16. “The answer may shock you, that’s why I don’t want to share it with you.” 

17. “You’ve been asking me a personal question, does it mean you’re in love with me?” 

18. “Is it your hobby or part-time work to sneak into other people’s life?”

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Why Are These Responses Better To Personal Questions? 

Some people won’t understand until you make it clear that you’ve boundaries. 

And with such witty and funny comebacks, you show them their limit and not to cross that line ever. 

While if you decide to avoid their question or person, they are more likely to make false assumptions about you. 

Later, they could bother you with the same questions again. 

When Someone Asks Personal Questions

So it’s better when they raise a question over again, you make it clear that you don’t want to discuss such things.

Because these are your personal matters and they’re not someone you want to share them with. 

When ignoring them isn’t possible, you always want to have such funny and witty responses to personal questions to show them their level. 

This will embarrass them because you are mocking their habit to ask for personal details. 


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