29 Great Responses To “You’re Underrated” Comment

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Do you always get comments like ‘You’re so underrated’ on most of your YouTube or Instagram posts?

That means someone genuinely appreciates your content.

They think you deserve more. And, you’re doing great as a content creator.

Want to know how to respond to such comments appropriately?

So, here are some better responses for you to appreciate their support and value your efforts.


When Someone Says ‘You’re An Underrated Artist’…

Well, if you’re an artist or an influencer on social media, you might hear that you’re an underrated artist and you should be more famous. 

It’s quite confusing at first whether to take it as a compliment or what. 

Looking at the bright side, it’s a compliment coming from a concern. 

How do you respond when someone says you're underrated

Your followers who have been following your works, are worried that despite having such amazing work and quality content on your profile, you’re not getting enough attention. 

So, if you take such comments as a compliment, there are some better responses to give.

By the way, if you sense they’re insulting you, you need perfect responses to backhanded compliments from haters. 

But, here we’re sharing polite responses to express your gratitude to those who really express that you deserve more and wish your efforts get noticed enough. 


How To Respond To “You’re Underrated” On Social Media?

When you continually get the same comments saying ‘You’re so underrated’ or ‘This channel is underrated’ and all, you need to know how to respond right. 

Here are some best responses you can leave to thank them and show respect for their concern. 

responses to you're so underrated

1. I don’t think I am. You must be my recent ‘new follower’.

2. Don’t worry, friend. My goal is not to have 1 million followers and all.

3. That’s fine, I have the support of great followers like you.

4. Umm, Nope, I think I’m overrated, hahaha

5. I do what I love to do without expecting anything back.

6. Yeah, I also feel the same sometimes. 

7. That’s fine, I don’t take this number game seriously. 

8. I believe in quality over quantity.

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9. Thank you, friend, for your love and care. 

10. I’ve just started this channel and it will be great later on. 

11. Oh really, thank you so much for your concern. 

12. What do you mean underrated? I didn’t get you, friend.

13. I believe that a few dedicated families are better than a huge following. 

14. This is how the modern world works, I can’t help it. 

15. Do you have any advice to offer? 

16. That’s fine. And, I think you’re awesome and so glad for your support. 

17. Well, what I do I enjoy my work, that’s it. 

18. I’m not taking anything seriously online. 

19. Thanks, I’m taking it as respect. 

20. Keep supportive. I need your support to get ahead!

21. I’m not concentrating much on marketing this page. I just keep posting. 

22. Maybe I need to use more clickbait next time. 

23. I don’t care about popularity; I focus on giving quality.

24. I’m happy that someone said it, finally!

25. Agree, me and my cute dog was also talking about the same.

26. Keep blessing. I hope this will help me make it one day!

27. Glad that this channel has a small but dedicated following like you. 

28. I don’t put much effort into promotions, just content creation. 

29. Yeah, I’m a newbie in the business and I’m learning the system, too. 

When you get hate comments, know how to respond to hate comments on social media in the funniest and cleverest way.



There’s nothing wrong with being underrated… especially when you have dedicated followers who know how valuable you are. 

They have been seeing you for a while and with the quality, you bring online, they are impressed with your work.

Your followers are genuine and love what you do. 

At the same time, they are also concerned that despite your hard work you’re not getting enough attention and recognition like others. 

But, this shouldn’t discourage you from doing your best.


First, thanking them is the right way to respond to a ‘you’re so underrated’ comment on your social media profile.

Show that you’re doing your best to provide quality and not serious about the numbering.

Don’t forget to appreciate your loyal audience who continually supports you. 

Because one day when you finally make it big, you will be grateful for the help and support of the small audiences you’ve right now.


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