9 Great Responses To “You’re Awesome”

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You post something online and your friend or followers comment ‘You’re awesome’. 

You did an amazing job at work and the boss says “That’s awesome”.

In many cases, you get the same comment.

Although you can, share the same reply like ‘thank you’ to each. But, you aren’t comfortable with it. 

So, How to properly respond when someone calls you ‘Awesome’?

Don’t worry, you have better options for you.

Check out here are some of the best responses you can give on the ‘awesome’ comments. 


When Someone Says “You Are Awesome”

Whether your friend or follower says ‘Awesome’ to you, take it as a compliment. 

Maybe this is why someone wants to be your friend.

Everyone feels great about what you do, say, or share with them.  

The most regular response could be ‘Thanks’, that’s it. 

But, if you still feel the urge to reply with something engaging, here’s what to say.

When Someone Says You Are Awesome

1. “Thank you, Bro. I appreciate that.” 

You do a favor to your friend or solve the problem they faced. 

When your friends say ‘That’s awesome’ means, they’re more than thankful and impressed.

And, here is your best response.

2. “Who, me? Nope, I think you’re more awesome than me.

You can give someone this response if you want them to feel appreciated. 

It might be for your crush. 

And you know how great she is.

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3. “That’s all because of you, I have to tell you.”

You know whatever makes the difference, that’s because of their support. 

When they praise you calling you ‘awesome’, reply as to compliment them back. 

This response fits better at the workplace, to your teammates or boss. 

4. “I know that, Thanks, though.” 

Apparently, that’s a bragging response, but that’s fine. 

Your close friends might know that you’re just kidding here and not being arrogant.

This is all part of the inside jokes.

5. “I‘m more than happy to hear that.”

Some people have nothing to say. 

So, they just prefer ‘it’s awesome’ to anything. 

Instead of being like them, you can give this response to everyone who says the same. 

6. “Not only me. We all are awesome in some way.”

When someone says ‘awesome’ they mean they found you different or unique. 

And your response is to tell them every one is ‘different’ and so ‘awesome’.

7. “Awww…. Thank you for reminding me!’”

Your social media friends or followers appreciate your story and tell you that ‘you’re awesome’.  

Next, you can reply to their comment or message this way.

And, that Aww, thank you is for the guy you trust or have a crush on. 

8. “It’s all your influence. I wasn’t like this.”

Give credit to a friend who let you be yourself.

Being in their company you feel comfortable and embrace your craziness.

So this one is a better response to appreciate a friend.

Right now they might tell ‘It’s awesome’, but they help you do it.

9. “I know that you’ll love this one. So I shared it with you.”

You share some relatable meme or trip plan with someone. 

And you get ‘That’s awesome’ as feedback.

Let that guy or girl know that you know exactly what interests them.

You help them cheer up. 

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What To Reply To “Awesome” Compliment?

Well, every ‘awesome’ you get has a different meaning. 

Some people say so because they found something different.

While some are just habitually commenting the same. 

What To Reply To Awesome Compliment

So, it’s a good idea to check if that person finds it awesome or just ‘meh’. 

Along with the best responses to ‘you’re awesome’, sometimes, you better just share any smiley emojis or ‘Thanx’. 

Because some use ‘Awesome’ also to end a conversation.


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