24 (Smart Comebacks &) Savage Roasts For Nerds

  • February 15, 2024

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The idea that you are smarter than them, is hurtful for many people. 

And when they have nothing to say, they call you ‘a nerd’ in the hope of making you feel bad about yourself. 

But nope, that won’t happen.

If you’re a nerd then you should embrace it.

To make them feel dumb in return, you can have some smart comebacks and savage roasts ready for being called a nerd’ again. 

Even if they’re kidding or saying this to bully you, you at least have smart things to say to prove you’re such a real nerd that they don’t want to mess with. 


Smart Comebacks On Being Called A Nerd

Nerds are smart, no denying that. 

If someone often tries to put you down by saying ‘How nerd you’re’, be smart and act like one. 

Indeed, this might feel insulting to you. 

But instead of accepting it as fate, give responses to silence them.  

Here are the smartest comebacks for nerds while dealing with dumb jealous people. 

Smart Comebacks On Being Called A Nerd

1. “I take N.E.R.D. as Nice, Energetic, Romantic, and Dashing.” 

You definitely appear a proud nerd, as you give such a comeback in no time. 

This will certainly make them feel more jealous of your smartness. 

2. “Around people like you, I better be a nerd.” 

Being a nerd, you save the time that such people could waste. 

They might try to point out your lonely life, but you tell them it’s better than dealing with such nosy people

3. “Don’t insult a nerd, in future you might wish to work in their company.” 

And that’s what happens in most cases. 

Give examples of popular celebrities who were nerds but now are multi-billionaires. 

4. “Well, then you don’t know me well.” 

If they know you quite well, they never even think that you’re a nerd.

5. “Yeah, because you don’t deserve to see my other side.”

To this person, you’re such a nerd. 

But, it’s your choice to be like that. 

Just you don’t want to waste your charm or energy on them. 

6. “Thanks for calling me smart, I take it as a compliment.”

Want to make them more frustrated, then this is a perfect roast. 

Tell them that it actually makes you feel good and not bad. 

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7. “Call me a nerd, but you’re not cool though.”

Maybe you’re perfect being a nerd, but this person has no idea what they’re. 

8. “And, you learn a lot from nerds like me.” 

It’s the fact that nerds are the ones who work on something and discover new things. 

9. “Thanks, I always love being called a nerd.”

It was your forever dream, and this person made it happen. 

And this response shows you’re happily taking this title.  

10. “Nerd, but in flirting. You better know that.” 

When a guy or girl, you’ve a crush on calls you ‘a nerd’ in a playful mood, this is a cute comeback to give. 

This is to show that you’re romantic also and not just studious. 

11. “Yes, I’m a nerd but I’m the original.” 

You’ve your own ideas and personality.

Good for you that you’re not a copycat like this person. 

12. “Be careful, buddy. You might need me in the future more than any of these friends.”

Right now they are laughing at you with their friend.

But there are many things you could do better than any of their friend.

This roast will make them think about it.


Savage Roasts For Nerds To Stand Against Comments

You don’t see any wrong with you being a nerd. 

But the way they call you, they try to make you feel ashamed of it. That’s not going to happen. 

Instead, being a nerd, you could roast them savagely.

So, in case your smart mind can’t have something to defend your nerdiness, here are the roasts that we prepared for the nerds to express their wittiness. 

Savage Roasts For Nerds

1. “Actually, your mom likes this nerd.” 

When you’ve nothing to say, the ‘your mom’ joke is the ultimate backup.

Possibly that her mom already gave your example to him, like how smart and focused you’re. 

And this is a good roast for this person who calls you a nerd. 

2. “I would rather be a nerd and have some personality than being you (no personality).”

In other words, you tell them that they have no personality at all. 

You have a nerd personality and you’re happy with it. 

3. “Don’t be jealous of me. The girls like nerds but not you.  

Being a nerd is the new cool and that’s why modern girls like dating a nerd. 

Because nerds are smart, interesting, and have a future. 

4. “So sad that you never experienced my craziness.” 

Your nearest friend knows how crazy you’re, for them, you were just a nerd. 

5. “Being a nerd is the coolest thing ever. But, you won’t know it.” 

They still think that calling someone a nerd will make them weak. 

6. “At least, I have a mind and I use it. Take that, instead.” 

Call them brainless, without using this word. 

7. “Then I guess you’re proud of being a jerk, right?” 

You’re a nerd and that’s why they call you. There’s nothing wrong.

So you can call them jerksbecause that’s who they’re. 

8. “Good to know that, I’m something. But what about you?”

You’ve some identity and people around know that you’re a nerd. 

But nobody knows about this person. 

9. “Being with a nerd is good. But I have to be with a dork like you.” 

Because nerds are still interesting and have something to talk about. 

While you see them as dork as they’re boring in every way. 

10. “Do you think this would even insult me?”

Not at all. 

This person is secretly jealous of your intelligence and wants to make you feel dumb about it.

So this way, you roast them for failed attempts. 

11. “Oh, look what’s calling me a nerd?” 

Maybe she is the biggest nerd in your school. 

And have no idea about it. 

12. “Well, at least this nerd has something to do in his life. And, can do it alone.” 

You’re independent, smart, and fine with your loneliness. 

To someone who always begs for attention, this is a total burn or roast. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You “Nerd”?

When someone calls you ‘Nerd’, the first thing is they are jealous of your intelligence. 

It irritates them that you can still get all the attention even not trying, while they are trying to get attention anyway. 

They try to call you a nerd publicly because they want to insult you in front of others.

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Nerd

Well, because you’re a nerd, (a smart person), you better handle bully behavior cleverly. 

If you act like you hate being called ‘a nerd’ they will do it more often. 

While acting cool and showing that you find it’s cool being a nerd, it will burn them more. 

Next time, when someone calls you ‘Nerd’, give these smart comebacks and savage roasts to show, you don’t feel ashamed of this title.


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