21 (Witty &) Funny Responses To “Fancy Seeing You Here”

  • February 19, 2024

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Well, when someone says ‘Fancy seeing you here’ it’s either their exciting or shocking reaction. 

If you don’t know how to respond, we have prepared witty, sarcastic, and funny responses to share on the same.

Watch their tone and you’ll know if they’re happy with your presence or not. 

Especially when you meet someone accidentally somewhere, it is indeed surprising to both of you.

Some people are so excited to see you.

Because they didn’t expect this meeting to happen. 

While some are shocked, it’s like- ‘I don’t want you to be there’.  

Based on what you feel and their tone of greeting, you better choose your responses among these. 


Witty Responses To “Fancy Seeing You Here”

It’s not them but you’re also feeling shocked or happy to see them at the same place. 

Sometimes, ‘fancy seeing you hear’ could hurt your confidence to be there. 

As if you made some mistakes. 

But you don’t have to feel that anyway because this person is also in the same place. 

So, to respond confidently or smartly, here are some witty ways to respond to ‘Fancy seeing you here’ without much wait.

Witty Responses To Fancy Seeing You Here

1. “There’s nothing fancy about it. I come here often.”

This person was indeed shocked to see you there. 

But with such a clever response you tell them that you’re a frequent visitor. 

Maybe they came here for the first time. 

2. “Well, that’s what I’m going to say.” 

You also don’t like their presence in the same place, as well. 

So you can give this response to how you both feel the same about each other. 

3. “What are you even doing here?”  

Before they question your presence, better if you ask first. 

This could protect your confidence. 

Because as they began questioning, you might have no chance but to answer them all nervously. 

Just, make sure that this isn’t an obvious question like what are you doing here (at the movie theatre). 

4. “That’s totally shocking to me, as well. But look you’re also here.” 

The way they call you ‘fancy meeting you here’ shows you shouldn’t be here. 

But, the point is they’re also at the same place and at the same time. 

This will catch them off guard instead. 

5. “Don’t judge me, we both are on the same platform.”

Not only to a place, but even on online platforms like Tinder or Bumble, you might get a text like ‘Fancy seeing you here’. 

This person is surprised by your surprise meeting on such sites. 

But you also tell them that you both are on the same platform and there’s nothing to hide about. 

6. “Oh, now I get why they forced me to be here. Where are they now?”

Your mutual friends actually tried to fix your friendship with your ex-friend

So, you tell your ex-friend that you didn’t even want to be here.

7. “We live in such a small city, right?” 

Whether this is your old friend or acquaintance you met again at a random place. 

So this response makes sense as you’re going to meet too often. 

8. “I’m equally surprised and shocked to see you.” 

You’ve nothing much to say but to show how you feel. 

But you want to let them know that you don’t feel any different from them. 


Sarcastic Responses To “Fancy Meeting You Here”

It already seems that they What’t happy to see you there. 

As they try to put you down with some insults by saying ‘fancy seeing you here’ in a sarcastic tone.

Well, you have to be confident and quick enough to respond even more sarcastically. 

If you don’t know what to say, here are some sarcastic replies that work greatly. 

Sarcastic Responses To Fancy Meeting You Here

9. “I’ve been here for a long time. Now, it’s my time to leave. Bye.”  

Maybe you’re leaving early, as this person is here, too.

And, you don’t want to be around this person anymore. 

You know what will happen when you stay long, so you’re wise enough to leave now. 

10. “You might be surprised more when you know that this is my place. So, fancy meeting you here.” 

Till now, they might be surprised to meet you there and attempt to make you feel bad. 

But with this response, you will shock them for sure. 

11. “You really are? But, I’m not at all.” 

You meet people like them at such a place, and it doesn’t shock you.

Act like you don’t bother what they think of you. 

12. “I didn’t come here uninvited. Are you?” 

Literally, this friend is questioning your presence there at such an event.

You don’t want to affect it anyway, but you know how to deal with sarcasm

So, you return with such an even sarcastic reply to show that you have an official invitation to be there. 

13. “I know you’re going to meet me here only.” 

You’re very much sure that if you want to meet them, you know the right place to find them. 

Indeed, it is a sarcastic reply to make them feel ashamed like they are trying to do to you.

14. “If I knew you were here, I wouldn’t be here at all.” 

Your presence there shocked them, and they’re taunting you with ‘fancy seeing you here’. 

So, you give them such a sarcastic response to make it clear that you wish you knew it before.

15. “I don’t think I have invited you to this event. But, fine, you can be here.” 

If this is your event and you’re the host, you can say that. 

You already know whom you invited, and this person isn’t the one. 

A response to show that you didn’t invite them, as you don’t want them to be there. 

But as they are here, you allow them to be there for a while.

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Funny Responses To “Fancy Seeing You Here”

When a friend asks you ‘fancy seeing you here’ they seem excited to meet you. 

This unexpected meeting makes you both feel equally overjoyed. 

So, to have some lighthearted conversation and joke around, you can share these funny replies to ‘fancy meeting you here’ with friends you met randomly. 

Funny Responses To Fancy Seeing You Here

16. “Good to see you after such a long time, my friend.” 

It’s a chance to talk about the old times and memories you shared along. 

This response is to show that you’re happy to meet them after a long time.

Maybe, you have been thinking of them lately. 

17. “I thought maybe I will find you here, and see you’re here.”  

You’ve been looking for them and trying to get in touch.

Somehow you realized that you could find them and you met them. 

So, your goal to be there is achieved. 

18. “So, finally this universe set our reunion, huh!”

This one is a funny response to share with your ex-friend or ex-lover. 

It’s been a long time since your separation, and this meeting could be a chance to reunite. 

You can say it in a playful tone.

19. “Where have you been, I’m always around but I never met you.” 

You have been here at this place many times before. 

With this response, you show that you’re happy to meet them now. 

Also, you express your excitement to catch up with them again. 

20. “Sorry, but I didn’t recognize you. Who are you?” 

You’re just playing with an old friend like you don’t recognize them. 

This one is a fun response as you met them after such a long time.

21. “Let’s never talk to anyone about our meeting here.” 

You and your friend both caught each other at the same place. 

So, you don’t want your other friends or anyone to know that you met here. 

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What Does “Fancy Seeing/Meeting You Here” Mean? 

Your connection with that person and the image they carry about you, the meaning of ‘fancy seeing you here’ changes. 

Indeed, when someone says “Fancy meeting you here’ they are either happy or shocked to see you here. 

First, it’s a friendly greeting to share on meeting someone unexpectedly at some place or some time.

And the tone of sharing this greeting is what makes the difference.

What Does Fancy Seeing Or Meeting You Here Mean

The positive tone says ‘I’m happy to see you here’. While the negative tone says ‘I don’t want you to be here at all’.

Also, check if your friend or former friend/partner says so. 

Some use ‘fancy seeing you here’ to express their excitement for such a random meeting. 

While someone says so in a sarcastic manner to make you feel bad for being there. 

When it comes to replying, we have shared the funny, sarcastic, and witty responses to ‘Fancy meeting you here’ and you can respond based on which seems perfect to you.

You can choose that based on how you feel and what they mean with such a greeting. 


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