18 Best Replies To “I Had A Great Time With You” Text

  • February 29, 2024

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After a casual meeting or a first date, when someone texts “I had a great time with you, thanks” that feels special. 

Well, that’s a sweet gesture from your friend or date.

Because they enjoy this time with you. And that, they might want to meet up again. 

If you feel the same, you better show your excitement and interest when responding to this message.

But that’s not always the same. 

Whatever you feel, this article covers the best replies to share when someone tells you that they had a great time with you. 


How To Respond To “I Had A Great Time With You” Message?

The regular response you can share is ‘Thank you’. 

And if you want to say more, you can add ‘Thanks, I’m glad to hear that’. 

That’s enough.

But, considering your connection and how you feel after this meeting or date, you wish to respond meaningfully. 

How To Respond To I Had A Great Time With You

If you had a great time as well, you can express your excitement as well. 

And, if you don’t, you say it honestly or at least joke about it. 

Don’t worry, we are not just suggesting, but also showing you what to say. 

Check out these best examples to share when someone says ‘I had a great time with you’ from your friend, date, girlfriend, or boyfriend. 

1. “So what do you think, should we meet again?”

This one is a clever response to check if your date really had a great time.  

Or they are just saying this casually. 

2. “Thanks. I just wanted to make it a good time for us.” 

Someone has a good time being with you on this date. 

With this response, you express that you want to make it a memorable meetup.

Their reaction expresses that you made it right.

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3. “I had the same experience. See you soon, bye!”

While leaving, when someone tells you that they had a good time with you, you can share this. 

It shows you’re interested in meeting up again. 

4. “But, I can’t say the same for you, Sorry.” 

Well, this is an honest but sarcastic response to share. 

They might have a great time being with you, but it’s not the same for you.

You can share this response with your friend or a guy you don’t want to date again. 

Sarcastic Response To I Had A Great Time With You Text

5. “I had the best time. Thank you, I needed this, too.” 

You met your date or friend after such a long time

This meeting leaves you feeling good about something or someone. 

As they tell you they have a good time, you tell them that you also feel the same. 

6. “I’m glad that you enjoyed our meeting.”

If you don’t want to be sarcastic or honest like the previous response, you can use this. 

It shows that you are happy that they had a good time with you.

Even if you didn’t enjoy it that much. 

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7. “I must say that it was really a great time together.” 

This is the first time you have met with someone. 

And you feel there’s some sort of connection between you two. 

So you share this cute response that says that together you had a great time equally. 

8. “Even I can’t believe that this is our first date.” 

The connection you two developed on the first date was just impressive. 

Eventually, neither of you felt any awkwardness on this first date.

So when you get the exciting gesture from your date in text, you tell them that you almost forgot that it was your first date. 

This response is to give a guy with whom you had a great time. 

When A Guy Says I Had A Great Time With You

9. “After a long time I, too, had such a great time.” 

Share this response with a friend you met after a long time.

You talk about how life is going and also rewind college memories. 

It all gave you a great time being together. 

Eventually, you feel so refreshed reconnecting with old friends.  

10. “I can do it again if you want me to.” 

You ask them if they want you around and have fun again. 

Because you’re ready for it.

This good response is to show that you also enjoy their company. 

And you don’t mind being with them if they want. 

11. “Great means better than your ex(s), Right?”  

During your date, you talked a lot. 

Even about your past relationship and even mentioned your ex. 

To tease your boyfriend or a first date, you can share this fun response if it feels fine.

Otherwise, there are many better responses, you can try that instead.

Funny Response To I Had A Great Time With You Text

12. “What’s great about that?”

Maybe you want to hear something nice about you. 

Or you really have no idea what’s great about this meeting. 

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13. “This is nothing, I’ve more plans for us. Tell me when you’re free.” 

So what she experienced is just the beginning. 

Tell her that you haven’t fully expressed yourself. 

There’s more to do together. 

And you want her to be ready for it, if they want to know what it really means to have a great time. 

14. “It’s not only you, okay? I also had the same experience.”  

When a guy says I had a great time with you, tell him that you feel the same. 

Such is a cute way to tell him that you also had a good time. 

After the date, when he tells how he feels, this is how to respond to his message. 

15. “What do you mean ‘had’? We always have a good time. Are we still together?”  

You feel tense when your girlfriend (or boyfriend) says they had a great time with you. 

It seems like they are leaving you.  

And soon you hear ‘Goodbye’ from them, because they used ‘had’ here. 

When Girl Says I Had A Great Time With You

16. “Yeah It was okay for me. Actually, I had better than this.”  

Feeling sorry for that person. 

But you can’t lie if you haven’t had a great time with someone. 

It’s only them who enjoyed it the most. 

Anyway, this is an honest reaction and you should share when it’s required.

17. “Thanks, let me know when you’re ready for another great time.”

It’s sure that this girl enjoyed the last date with you.

So, it’s no problem if you ask her to go for the second date.

Here you leave it to her availability and comfort.

18. “Happy to hear that. Feel free to contact me for more.”

This is a normal but sweet response to give a girl who tells you that she enjoyed her time.

Being polite you also let her decide to be together when she wishes.

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What Does It Mean “I Had A Great Time With You”?

When someone says It was a great time with you, that means they love being with you. 

This meetup was greater than they had expected. 

So they can’t stop themselves from expressing their feelings

If this was your first date, then congrats you have impressed your potential date there. 

Such a reaction shows their interest in being with you. 

There won’t be any issue if you ask them to catch up again soon

What Does It Mean I Had A Great Time With You

While responding to their text, share the same excitement, to inform them that you’re feeling the same. 

You both had a great time with each other, so there’s a possibility for upcoming meetings. 

In other cases, when you hear the same from your friends, show that this meetup refreshes your mood.

And, you can’t wait to see them again. 

Express your interest to meet again and spend more time together. 

You can try these suggested best replies to “I had a great time with you” based on your meeting experience. 


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