7 Honest Replies To “Make Yourself At Home”

  • February 28, 2024

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It’s obvious that when you are at someone’s house for the first time, it feels awkward. 

When the house owner senses that, they might say “Make yourself at home”. 

This is to make you feel at ease.  

That’s enough to give you the confidence to behave like your home.

Certainly, no one is going to do that.

But, such a polite phrase offers some unique ways to respond. And, you can joke around. 

In this article, you will find better replies to start funny interactions.  


What To Say When Someone Says “Make Yourself At Home”?

The phrase is nothing more than just feeling comfortable in someone’s place. 

But, it doesn’t mean to start treating it like it’s your own home. 

So, when someone politely welcomes you to their house, letting you sit on their couch and say ‘Make yourself at home’, you just respond with ‘Sure thanks’. 

This is the normal but good response to share. 

What To Say When Someone Says Make Yourself At Home

But if this is your friend’s or cousin’s house, you can try some hilarious reactions to this phrase. 

Possibly, they might take you seriously. 

Later on, they might regret telling you to ‘make yourself at home’. Don’t do that.

But still, one joke harms no one, right? 

So, here are some witty and funny responses to share when someone says ‘Make yourself at home’ as you enter their place. 

1. “But, I don’t want you to have any trouble with that.” 

You’re so sure that if you start to behave like it’s your home, that will be trouble to host. 

This response says even if they tell you, you can’t make yourself at their home. 

2. “Are you sure, Do you really mean it?”

Before you act like it’s your home, you politely ask for the host’s permission. 

You want to check if they are saying it seriously or just sake of it.  

3. “Of course, I am. But what about you?”

This is your friend’s house, you already thought of making it yourself home there.

Even if they didn’t tell you that.  

So, you ask them how they will feel there. 

4. “Don’t worry. If it’s your house then it’s mine, too.” 

Your bestie invited you to his new house for the first time. 

And, they tell you to make yourself at home.

Oops, they shouldn’t have to say that.

But they did already. 

But anyway, in this response you tell them that you will make it like your home.

Funny Response To Make Yourself At Home

5. “Then, where are you guys moving?”

This relative told you to make yourself at home and you’re taking it seriously. 

Here you don’t want to hurt them by any means,

You just want them to find another place, as you’re going to do as they said.

Have a little prank with them, and you can share this lighthearted response. 

Because if you behave like your home, it won’t be their home anymore.  

6. “Well, that could make you uncomfortable then.”  

You are not kidding with them, but sharing the consequences. 

If you will make yourself comfortable like you are at your home, this won’t be comfortable for the house owner. 

And, this means many ways.

But, such hints are enough. 

7. “I don’t think you have enough food or drinks for that.” 

To make yourself feel at home, there must be some resources. 

You hope that their fridge is full. 

Along with ‘make yourself at home’ when the host says ‘help yourself’ that shows they give the freedom to take whatever you want. 

Because they are not going to do any formality to serve you. 

You have to do it yourself. 

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What Does “Make Yourself At Home” Mean?

Especially, when you are at someone’s home for the first time, the house owner says ‘Make yourself at home’. 

This is a polite gesture of welcome. 

It shows that they want you to be comfortable and relaxed like you are at home. 

You get this sweet hospitality from them because they feel that you’re a bit nervous or not looking comfortable. 

And the thing to remember is that the host just wants to feel relaxed. 

So they just say it, and you have to know what they mean by it. 

That certainly doesn’t mean, you have to act like it’s your home. 

What Does Make Yourself At Home Mean

Understand the context of this phrase. 

But if this person is your close one like a friend or relative, you can respond hilariously when they tell you to make yourself home. 

Just to have some light moment. 

Well, the phrase is to make yourself comfortable at someone’s place without making them feel uncomfortable. 

You should remember that. 


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