48 (Flirty &) Funny Answers To “Are You Single?”

  • February 20, 2024

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The question ‘Are you single?’ is direct and just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is enough answer. 

But you know, there’s also a hidden ‘Why’ in it. 

No matter if this question comes from your relatives, friends, or your crush, you have to be prepared to handle for it.

To help you out, here are the better ways to say you’re single (or not).


How To Answer When Someone Asks “Are You Single”?

Well, this question is nothing technical but personal. 

That makes it hard to answer. 

Someone may ask you “Are you single?” casually or curiously. 

How To Answer Are You Single

You should say it honestly.

But the way you say it makes the difference. 

Based on who asks so and with which context, you should decide how to respond. 

Overall, you need to sound confident, and here are the best answers for that. 

Further, you will find clever, funny, and flirty ways to tell someone that you are single or not. 


Clever Answers To “Are You Single?”

Whether you’re just single or happily single, people won’t accept it easily. 

So you need some clever ways to tell someone that you’re single and happy with yourself. 

Take a look at these witty answers to share on ‘Are you single?’ question. 

Clever Answer To Are You Single

1. “Why do you ask? Do you want to suggest someone to me?” 

But I think you’re the best choice for me. 

2. “I don’t need someone, I need ice cream to make me happy.”

So, it’s not a ‘one person’ but extra ice cream that is enough to satisfy you.  

3. “Actually, I’m in a serious relationship, With myself.”

So serious that you’re not going to give up on yourself for someone else. 

4. Did you ever see me with someone? Then I’m single.

A smart response to share with a neighbor or relative who asks if you have boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. “I’m just waiting for the right person to ask this.”

So you can tell them how you’ve missed them so long.  

6. “Right now, I am. But not too long.”

That’s the confidence you should show while you’re in a job interview. 

7. “If you have special discounts for singles, I am.”   

Because you want to save some extra money for your wedding ceremonies. 

8. “Me and my dog, we both are single and ready to mingle.”

You can ask them what they have to say about your dog.  

9. “In this life, we are all single either one way or another.”

You came here alone and you’ll leave alone. 

So it doesn’t matter much if you’re single or not.  

10. “I don’t mind being single, do you have any issue with me being like this?”

Every time you meet this neighbor or relative they just have to ask if you found someone.

11. “I just carry high standards that no one can stand against.” 

It is what it is. 

But the good thing here is, you know what’s the problem. 

12. “What do you mean? Then what am I doing here?”

They raise a question on dating sites.

So it’s an obvious question, that needs no answer. 

13. “Actually, I’m happy. You can guess next.” 

They want to discuss something. And, you give a topic for that. 

14. “Yes, but you can still get jealous of me.” 

Because you know they are going to get jealous anyway. 


Funny Answers To “Are You Single?”

When friends or relatives ask if you are single, they ask casually. 

Some may get emotional when they know that you’re still single. 

But as you joke about it, you show that you embrace your singlehood. 

With these funny responses to the ‘Are you single?’ question you show you’re fine with this status. 

Funny Answer To Are You Single

15. “Well, it’s my choice if I’m single or not. What does that matter to you?”

It seems that this person is feeling jealous about how are you still single.  

16. “No, I’m with someone invisible so you can’t see them.”

But tell them that there’s someone in your life, that no one can see.  

17. “All the great people are single, and I’m too.”

They are great because they decide to be single. 

That’s what it means.  

18. “I am single, but my stupid crush doesn’t think so.” 

It’s just hard to explain to her. Her doubt is what prevents you from starting your relationship. 

19. “It’s too hard for someone to change me. So I’m single.”

Also, you didn’t find someone worthwhile to change for.  

20. “Just waiting for my life partner to find me here.” 

Share fun answers like this on a dating site. 

This also shows that you’re not to play a game but serious about it. 

21. “Don’t worry, when this status changes, I will let you know first.”

A bit of a sarcastic response to share with nosy people like neighbors or relatives.  

22. “The answer may surprise you.”

And it leaves them in confusion whether you’re single or in a relationship. 

23. “I’m the one may army, Bitc..h!”

You like to fight alone in your life. And never feel that you need anyone beside you.  

24. “My ex sent you to keep tabs on me, Right?”

Tell her that I’m single and even more happy than I ever was with her.  

25. “Does dating someone in dreams count?”

Because you have a long list of celebrity crushes.  

26. “Yeah, happily.”

If you’re so single and happy, this is a great way to say it. 

27. “You just missed it. Sorry, better luck next time.” 

To a guy or girl, you’re not interested, share this fun response. 

28. “I never felt so lonely this before.”

That right now, you want someone to be with you so hard.  

29. “Honestly, I wish I was single.”

A fun response to express that you are thinking of the relaxed time, you had before.

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Flirty Responses To “Are You Single?”

When a guy or girl asks if you’re single, maybe they are looking for a chance with you.

And, if you’re interested in them, you can respond playfully. 

With your crush or on a dating site, you can share these flirty responses on asked ‘Are you single?’.

Flirty Response To Are You Single

30. “If I know, you’re single, too. Right?”

And, you both feel something is going on within.   

31. “I like the way you ask.”

And, you’re so glad to hear that they ask you.  

32. “There’s no one you have to worry about, you can flirt with me.”

If you are also interested in them, this response gives them a green signal. 

33. “I’m so ready to mingle, just like yourself.” 

You know they are also looking for someone like yourself.

34. “If you looking for a place in my heart, I have a spare room.”

And, you’re happy to give them a tour of it.  

35. “Don’t worry I made myself available to you.”

Before they make a move, they want to ask. And you want them to just relax at it. 

36. “I have a crush but she always asks me if I’m single or not.”

A enough response to give a clue to your crush.  

37. “I’m looking for something committed, but this is getting complicated.”

 Enough playing mind games with your crush, you just want to admit it. 

38. “What do you think about me?”

 When a crush asks if you’re single or not, you can share this cute response.

39. “We both are the same.”

And, it’s a clue that you should think about your connection.  

It shows you’re stuck together in such a complicated situation.

40. “I just met someone special and I’m about to propose to her.” 

If they are smart enough they know that you’re talking about whom. 

41. “I’m married but in other universes, not in this one.”

So, you are ready to mingle, just with the perfect person.  

42. “Let’s discuss that more in date. Are you coming?”

Because you feel more comfortable discussing it over date than in text. 

43. “Don’t worry, nobody is going to come after us.”

You’re single, available, and not taken, that’s what you want to tell them.  

44. “Yes, are you hiring for this post in your life?”

Because you’re so interested in applying for it. 

45. “Yeah, but only you can change that.”

This shows you have been thinking of them when they will ask you this. 

46. “Wait a minute, are you trying to flirt with me?”

Tell them not to be scared, if that’s what they mean, you’re ready for it.   

47. “No, but I’m looking for someone like you.”

It is a direct response to tell your crush that you’re looking for him or her. 

48. “I’m not single. I have you with me, Aren’t you?”

This one is a sweet and flirty reply to give your crush when she asks if you’re single.


When Someone Asks “Are You Single”, What Does It Mean?

Someone who asks if you’re single, they just want to know. 

There might be no intention but some ask this out of curiosity. If they judge or don’t, that shouldn’t have to be your concern. 

So just say it is what it is. 

But some also ask this to check if you’re looking for someone or are in a relationship. 

When Someone Asks Are You Single What Does That Mean

When a guy or girl asks you if you’re single, (not every time but) sometimes they are interested in you. 

You just feel it the way they ask you to. 

Based on your interest, you can respond to them and further explain why you’re still single. 

If you want to make your response sound more confident and interesting, you can try these better answers to “Are you single?” that we just shared here in this post. 


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