24 Witty Comebacks For A Nosy Person To Shut Them Down

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You already told nosy people to ‘Mind your own business’, but they don’t get it still.  

These people, they’re just everywhere.

In your neighborhood, in your family, or at your workplace. 

So, here we are sharing the best comebacks for a nosy person you have to deal with every day.

That could be your neighbor, relative, or colleague at work.

With such clever things to say, you stop them from getting personal and shut them down immediately.


Good Comebacks To Stop Nosy Person From Getting Personal

Of course, you’re not comfortable with their questions like, are you dating someone to what your salary is

Why can’t they just understand that you don’t want to talk about your personal life?

Maybe because you haven’t made it clear to them.  

Indeed, if you deal with nosy people every day, who invade your personal space, you’ve to make them aware of your boundaries. 

If you don’t know how to say it, such are good comebacks to say to nosy people. 

Good Comebacks To Nosy Person To Stop Them

1. “You like to have a nose in other people’s business, Don’t you?” 

They asked so many useless questions that have no meaning.  

But you are asking for the legit one. 

2. “I don’t think I need your advice, suggestions, or anything from you.” 

So there’s no point in discussing anything with them. 

3. “Do you have anything else to do other than being nosy to others?” 

Because it makes you curious about what they do for a living. 

You’ve not seen them doing anything other than being nosy. 

4. “Hey, I’m minding my own business and maybe you should mind yours.”

It’s a good comeback to nosy people, hopefully, they will get a hint. 

When saying ‘It’s none of your business‘ is hard, you can say this instead.

5. “Thanks for asking, but I’m not interested in sharing anything.” 

The more they’re being curious, the more you’re suspicious of them. 

So you have to make it clear that you don’t want to talk about it. 

6. “You make me feel like I’m being interrogated.’ 

Because of the way their question comes to you, you feel like so. 

7. “Why, just why do you always have to know about everything?”

They always have some questions about your life and personal matters. 

But your question will make them change the way they approach you. 

8. “To whoever knows about it, later they get bad luck. Do you still want it?”

This a witty response to stop a nosy question that is quite personal.  

9. “You already know more about me than I do about myself.” 

So much they know about you that you’ve to ask them about yourself, actually.

10. “Let me ask you, Are you doing a Ph.D. On me?” 

Indeed, this a valid question because what else can they do with knowing about all? 

11. “I appreciate your interest, but you don’t have to know it all.”

You make your boundaries clear. 

That, you know what to share and what not to. 

So, they also should be aware of what to ask and what not to do. 

12. “It seems like you’re writing my autobiography or making a biopic on my life.”

Tell them don’t do that, you don’t want to be that famous. 

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Witty Comebacks To Shut Nosy People Down

If nosy people get lessons from the above comebacks, that’s good for them. 

But if they still haven’t changed, or are being more personal, you need these next level of sarcastic replies to share with a nosy person. 

Such comebacks are to shut those nosy people down once and for all. 

Witty Comebacks To Shut Nosy People Down

1. “Why should I tell you who I am and what I do in my life?”

This question has been wondering for so long, that you’ve to ask it now.

2. “Where were you when I needed some actual help?” 

If they aren’t available when you need help, they have no right to question anything later on.

Either you win or lose, they need nothing to know. 

3. “I could tell you everything, but will you share the same about you?”

You want to make them feel how you actually feel when they ask such a question. 

When a coworker asks a personal question, this is how to deal with their nosy nature.

4. “You’re simply perfect. Perfect in everything, even without doing anything. 

To a nosy person who always has something to advise and talk about, you can share such a clever response. 

5. “If you give more attention to your life than mine, your life will be even better.” 

Also, what they advise they give to you, they better apply it to their life.

6.  “I want you to take your nose away from my territory.”

You’re annoyed with their constant interference in your personal space. 

This one is a funny comeback to share with your nosy friend. 

7. “Why are you so interested in my life? I’m very surprised to know that.” 

Maybe they’re your fan, want to be like you, or might have a crush on you. 

8. “Only ask about it, when you truly care about it.”

Ask them, ‘Can I trust you’ or also know what their intention is to know such a thing. 

9. “I’m not in the mood to gossip, see you tomorrow.” 

When someone is in a gossipy mood but not you, this is the way to save you time. 

10. “Sorry, I know you’re just asking. But, I don’t feel comfortable talking about it.”

Keep your boundaries clear, you want them to stay as away as possible.

11. “On average, How many hours do you spend gossipping a day?”

Such nosy people always have to discuss something either with you or someone else. 

This is to make them feel ashamed of themselves. 

12. “I know that you’ve all the time to discuss me, but I don’t have much time.” 

Nor do you have any interest in talking about anything with them.

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What Do You Say To Nosy People? 

Most nosy people have no idea how annoying they are.  

It’s hard to talk with them. And, being around them is a challenge. 

They constantly ask questions and give you no time to think whether you should share it or not.

But when you realize you shouldn’t have to share such things, it’s’ too late. 

What Do You Say To Nosy People

To prevent this, it’s better if you set your boundaries clearly as you spot a nosy person. 

At first, you could politely tell them that you’re not comfortable with such discussions. 

But if they still don’t understand but ignore your boundaries, with such good comebacks to nosy people you can deal with them effectively. 

It would be hard for nosy people to accept such an honest response. 

But you set your boundaries clear so that they won’t bother you anymore. 

You don’t have to feel sorry for them.

They should better value someone’s personal space at first. 


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