18 Savage Replies To “None Of Your Business”

  • February 21, 2024

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You want to help someone, but they tell you ‘It’s none of your business’.

That’s embarrassing. For sure! 

It could be a friend who always asks everything about you. 

But when you ask them the same thing, they shut you down immediately.   

When someone says ‘Mind your own business’ or ‘It’s none of your business’ in frustration, this shows they don’t care about you.

Maybe they’re angry because you stopped them from doing something wrong.

When they ignore your ‘right’ advice, there are some savage and sarcastic ways to respond.

And, that we will discuss in this post.  


How To Reply When Someone Says “None Of Your Business”?

You feel offended when someone says ‘It’s none of your business’. 

Firstly, check if you are being a nosy person and invading their personal space. 

If so, then you should apologize and mind your own business.

That’s the best thing you can do. 

But sometimes, you’re asking something not because you’re curious but because you care for them. 

How To Reply When Someone Says None Of Your Business

What you ask or advise them, it’s for the good reason.

You intended to help them out. 

In this case, when they tell you ‘Mind your own business’ could surprise and upset you.  

Possible that, this person is stressed. But they should know you were just helping.  

But anyway, when someone rudely says ‘It’s none of your business’ to you, you can give these savage and sarcastic replies to them. 

1. “What do you mean by None of my business? I’ve invested in it.”

Remind them how you’re invested in this business or connection. 

Indeed, it’s your matter though. 

2. “FYI, let me tell you that I do the job and not a business.” 

So they better say ‘none of your job’ or ‘it’s not your job’. 

This one is a clever reply to correct them again.

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3. “I respect your boundaries, but it’s my space. Sorry, my place.” 

And, if they’re doing any business in your place, that’s your business already.

4. “Okay, so don’t come to me when your business goes wrong.” 

Because you’re no longer a partner in their business. 

You, also don’t expect any involvement afterward. 

5. “Yeah, but you’re doing your business in my room.” 

When your sibling tries to hide something from you, inform them it’s your territory. 

Being an older brother, you have to be aware of what’s going on there. 

6. “You don’t tell me what to do. I always mind my own business.”

Well here, you were just trying to be like them. 

Like how they ask you all the time, you want to know the same about them.  

7. “Not unless you give my money back. So, I can invest that in my businesses. 

How come they could borrow money from you, but not going to share what they’re doing with it? 

This response you can share this with a friend who takes your money, but shares nothing.

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8. “I will. But, you also don’t forget what you just told me.”

Right now they might be saying so in frustration. 

But, they have no idea what they’re saying. 

So you want them to remember it.

9. “Agree, it’s not my business. But it’s my house.” 

If it’s your house and what type of business they’re doing is there, it’s definitely your business. 

This is a sarcastic response for your teenage kid. 

Sarcastic response to mind your own business

10. “That would be better for me, thanks.” 

You’re happy that they told you so. 

This way you no longer have to worry about them.  

11. “Don’t worry, I no longer want to do any business with you.” 

Because whatever they’re doing is just so boring, useless, or risky. 

You said so because you accept that it’s none of your business anymore. 

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12. “I just tried to be like you. I could say this to you many times.” 

But, you never told them ‘none of your business’ even when they asked you anything. 

13. “It’s my job to mind your business. I get paid for it.” 

The”s is a funny response as if someone has hired you to keep track of their activities. 

14. “That’s not how we do business.” 

To make something work, you should be aware of some information. 

But as they’re trying to hide something and be rude to you, this business isn’t going to work.

15. “I just want to know what you know about me.” 

You want to make this connection equal.

That you must have equal knowledge about each other. 

16. “But. you mind your language first.” 

This person is younger than you and you asked something just to help them out. 

But you get ‘Mind your business’ in return, so you tell them to mind their tongue.

17. “I will tell you the same when you come to me for any help.” 

You’re just making it clear so they won’t even think to ask for help.

18. “Good to hear that. So, please don’t drag me in.”

It is their business and you don’t want to be part of it anyway.

So you make it clear that you will stay out of it from then on.

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When Someone Tells You To Mind Your Business 

The phrase ‘It’s none of your business’ is mostly to stop nosy people. 

But, you’re not being nosy to them. 

What you just ask, advise or say to them, it’s part of your responsibility towards them.

But they have no respect or care about that. 

Anyway, instead of feeling offended, you better share such a savage reply to ‘None of your business’ with someone you cared for the last time. 

Because, from now on, you’re not going to deal with them anyway. 


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