14 (Sarcastic &) Funny Answers To “What’s Going On?”

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Next time, when someone asks ‘What’s going on?’ try giving better answers instead. 

Especially to your friend, they want to hear something more other than just ‘Nothing more’ 

Fine, if you don’t want to tell them about what’s happening in your life. 

But still, there are fun ways to respond to have interesting conversation.  

Most of the time, it’s a friend who asks this casually over text or in person. 

So, based on the level of connection, you can choose to share funny or sarcastic responses, whatever feels right to you.


Funny Responses To “What’s Going On?”

You don’t want to bore your friend with another regular talk. 

This time you’re going to have fun chatting with them. 

Else if you’re in a good mood and want to make your response hilarious. 

In that case, here are some funny replies to ‘What’s going on?’ that you can try.

Funny Responses To What’s Going On

1. “Why do you want to know that? Are you investigating me?”

As your friend suddenly cares to ask so, it just makes you extra careful.

They know you’re just kidding with them and playing scared.

2. “Just the same old, nothing new. We’re boring people.” 

The way your life goes on auto-pilot you have nothing new to share. 

So, this is a light-hearted response to a joke about each other’s boring life. 

3. “It’s an affair… between me and your girlfriend.” 

Your friend might not be ready for this response.

It’s truly unexpected but hilarious. 

Just say it playfully, so they realize that it’s just a joke. 

4. “For better I will discuss in our meeting, not over text or call.” 

You might be in a situation that’s hard to explain over text or call. 

Eventually, you also ask them if they’re ready to catch up anytime soon

5. “Well, lots of things are going on. But I’m not going to tell you that.” 

You just keep them secret because they seem quite interested in it. 

Indeed, you will share it all with your bestie, later.

But right now, you enjoy teasing them. 

6. “I’m just too tired to complain about anything now.” 

It shows you’re just exhausted with the way life treats you. 

You might have so many things to complain about, but you’ve no idea where to start. 

Your bestie knows well what’s going on at your job, so it will make them laugh.  

7. “My car is going somewhere and I’m not sure where.” 

Even replying as a joke, this way you show that you have no direction or purpose. 

In this situation, you’ve no idea what’s going on with you. 

8. “You should better ask how am I holding up?” 

If someone asks ‘what’s going on?’ casually they might be unaware of what happened

They are smart enough to understand that you’re in some awkward situation that you want to discuss. 

9. “Everything except my bike.” 

This fun response shows that everything was going well and fine. 

But your bike is stressing you out now.

As it is not turning back on, when you’re going somewhere. 


Sarcastic Replies To “What’s Going On?”

You’re actually mad at this person or friend, for some reason. 

Now, as they ask ‘What’s going on?’ you use your sarcasm to taunt them for asking so. 

Be careful that you respond in such ways with someone who can relate to your situation and won’t take it too far. 

Your best friend however knows how to take it. 

So, just to prank or tease them, you can share such sarcastic answers to ‘What’s going on?’. 

Sarcastic Replies To What’s Going On

1. “It’s life going on. But you won’t understand as you don’t have any.” 

With this response, you tell them that they’re living a boring life. 

If it’s a friend, the same response says ‘Get a life, bro.’

2. “Nothing is going on. We are doing nothing here.” 

You and a bunch of friends are doing something secretive. 

But as someone who doesn’t have to know about it, ask ‘What’s going on?’ you try to keep your entire mission secret from them. 

You just don’t want to tell them or intentionally ignore them.

3. “From the moment you’re with me only bad things are going on around.” 

So, you mean to say that your friend is the cause of all the trouble. 

You’re also hopeless that nothing will ever be going ‘good’ or ‘normal’ in their presence. 

4. “Even if I tell you, you can do nothing about it.” 

So there’s no point in sharing ‘what’s actually going on’ with them. 

That’s what you mean as you share this with someone just curious but not helpful.

5. “Things were going pretty well and you messaged me.”

You were enjoying your free time and doing something just as planned. 

But their text ‘What’s going on?’ disturbs your concentration. 

Or it’s the message tone, that frightens you while you’re meditating or in the middle of something. 

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How To Respond To “What’s Going On”?

In this post, we have discussed some sarcastic and funny answers to ‘What’s going on?’ question from your friend. 

Because they ask so casually with nothing much, you answer it likewise.  

Sometimes even they don’t know what’s going on in your life or refer to some event. 

How To Respond To What’s Going On

They just ask so to have some sort of conversation with you. 

This question is the same as other regular questions like ‘How do you do?’ or ‘How are you doing?’ and so on. 

When it comes to responding to it, you should be mindful of your connection with that person. 

If you feel comfortable to share about something or if they need to be aware of what’s going on actually, decide what to reply with.

Otherwise, you can have some fun conversation anyway. 


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