14 Professional Ways To Say “Good Afternoon” In An Email

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While writing a mail to your formal connection, you could start your mail with ‘Good Afternoon’.

But for some reason, this feels not right. 

It sounds too regular as if you do so just as a formality.  

Somewhat that’s true.

Then, you need some professional ways to say ‘Good afternoon’ in an email or over a call, which sounds formal and appropriate as per the situation and connection.  

Here, in this post, we’re sharing some formal ‘Afternoon’ greetings to share at work. 


How To Say “Good Afternoon” In An Email?

Some professionals avoid using ‘Good afternoon’ in formal correspondence. 

While others use it to show respect to the formal acquaintance. 

Whether you’re sending an approach email to your prospects, interacting with your client, or asking for help from your boss or coworker, it’s your choice to add an ‘Afternoon’ greeting.

But because you’re sending this mail in the middle of the day, saying ‘Good afternoon’ is a polite approach. 

How To Say Good Afternoon In An Email

They might be too busy or have been waiting to leave work. 

So, as you start your mail with ‘Good Afternoon’ you present your message on a fresh note.  

To avoid making your greeting sound too standard, have other polite and professional ways to wish ‘Good Afternoon’ to whom you’re contacting. 

Here are some suggestions you can follow based on your connection with them. 

1. “It’s nice to e-meet with you this afternoon.” 

If you’re meeting your client or customer for the first time over the mail, say ‘Nice to e-meet with you’. 

But as it’s afternoon, it’s a good idea to use this greeting. 

2. “I hope you’re having a productive afternoon.” 

Because you’re sending this mail during the afternoon, the productive time, this greeting makes sense. 

3. “Thanks for taking your time out of your busy afternoon.”

You appreciate their time and show respect for giving you time during the busy time. 

When you share something more than just ‘Good morning’ in an email, it sounds much more genuine. 

4. “So, How’s work going this afternoon?” 

As a boss, you could send this to your coworker when asking for some update from them. 

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5. “Hello there, How are you doing this afternoon?” 

If you want to have your email sound more conversational, you could add some regular questions. 

Along with afternoon wishes, such questions help build connections. 

Professional ways to say good afternoon over email

6. “Glad to have you with us this afternoon.” 

It’s an expression to show you’re happy to have your clients in the online meeting with you. 

7. “What a busy afternoon this is! Can I have your attention for a moment?”

Maybe, you approach your coworker for some help or ask for an update from a client. 

Before that, you need to ask if it’s the right time to talk or converse. 

8. “Wish you a great afternoon.”

You’re excited about your meeting. 

That you also want to make your prospect feel the same. 

So this ‘Afternoon’ greeting leaves a positive image. 

9. “Hope you’re wonderful this afternoon.”

You are about to mail your coworker regarding some help or to your other company department.

If you want to greet them with ‘Good Afternoon’, this one is the better one.

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10. “I hope I didn’t disturb you in the middle of something. I know it’s afternoon after all.”

You have something urgent to discuss and that’s why you contact them in the afternoon. 

This is a polite and respectful way to approach someone and better use of a ‘Good Afternoon’ greeting.

11. “Good afternoon, Sir/Madam. How can I help you?” 

When you’re replying to your customer’s inquiries or quarry in the afternoon, you can share this. 

another way to say good afternoon in mail

12. “May you have a pleasant afternoon.”

 While working along with a coworker on some project, if you want to share a ‘Good Afternoon’ greeting in an email, say this. 

13. “Sorry to interrupt you on this busy afternoon.”

Here you are being polite and apologizing for approaching them in the mid-afternoon.  

14. “How’s all this afternoon? Is everyone Doing great?” 

This greeting you share with your team players in the afternoon as a boss or manager. 

It could be the start of an important announcement or your online team meeting.

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Well, if you are comfortable using just ‘Good Afternoon’, you can share it.

A plain and simple as it is. 

But if you want to make your greeting sound formal, you better check your connection as well as the type of conversation you’re about to have. 

With clients, when you approach them in the mid-afternoon, show along with your greeting that you value their time and appreciate it if you get their responses promptly. 

Same while interacting with your coworkers or employees make your ‘Good Afternoon’ greetings positive and exciting. 

They might feel tired on a busy day or it’s already almost afternoon, but with a genuine greeting, you could have their attention.  

All here shared are the polite and professional ways to say ‘Good Afternoon’ in an email are enough ideas to decide what to say based on the context of your correspondence. 


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