48 Best (Roasts And) Comebacks For Bullies To Hold Them Back

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That’s enough running away from bullies. Changing lanes could save you a few days.

But, they will catch you some other day, in another street. 

Well, you should have some good roast, burns, and comebacks ready for bullies before they show up again.

And, mostly when you’ve no choice but to deal with them.

You can’t tolerate their nonsense anymore. 

They will try to break you in any way they can. But, you are sure that it won’t happen again

Whether you want to defend your confidence or want to keep a bully within their limit, in this post, we’re sharing the best things to say to a bully at school, office, or anywhere. 


Clever Comebacks To Say To Bullies

Bullies might be strong physically, but they’re mentally weak people. 

They just say anything in their mind in an attempt to insult you. 

You’ve to be extra smart enough to deal with bullies. 

So, here are some witty comebacks to make bullies feel stupid for what they try to do to you. 

This way you tell them that you’re smarter, better, and stronger than them.  

Clever Comebacks To Say To Bullies

1. “Do your parents know that you’re working here as a bully?”

2. “I’m way ahead of this. So, please don’t ever think that you could hurt me.”

3. “You know everything right? Just you don’t know that I don’t care about you.” 

4. “Change your style, man. Do something new next time.” 

5. “You might be thinking that you’re strong, but you’re actually weak.” 

6. “I know you’ve something to say but I’m not interested to hear that.”

7. “The amount of time you waste on me, if you spend it in your life, you will do great.” 

8. “You’re such a dump person who thinks he’s strong and smart.” 

9. “Thanks for your opinion, but what you said to me actually suits you more.” 

10. “Nope, I’m not going to complain to anyone. Because I don’t feel bullied at all.” 

11. “If you do something, do it right. I must say you have a long way to go.” 

12. “Do you have something new to say? Okay so, I’m not listening to you.”

13. “What would be your family’s reaction when they know that you bully others?”

14. “If you find out what others think of you, you will feel so ashamed of yourself.”

15. “So, what do you do for a living? I doubt if being a bully paid you enough.” 

16. “I’m so sorry to tell you that you’re so alone, friendless, and clueless in life.” 


Good Roasts For Bullies Who Tries To Insult You

Their comments are to make you feel insulted. But, you don’t have to feel that way. 

Never be so weak that anyone bullies you. And, wins over you.

Have something to say that is effective and on-point. 

You could say some of these roasts to bullies who think they can humiliate you. 

Good Roasts For Bullies Who Insults You

1. “Why do you have to be like this? You don’t deserve all the hate.” 

2. “I heard what happened to you recently. By the way, how are you holding up after such an event?”

3. “What are you doing? Do you think this will affect me or anyone? It’s never.” 

4. “You’re wasting your time on the wrong person, I’m not easy to break.”

5. “I appreciate you for doing something for me, but I’m not interested, sorry.” 

6.And here you wasted another day trying to bully me. Good luck next time.”

7. “No one likes you here. Don’t take it as if you’re unique. We all hate you, here.” 

8. “Don’t think that I’m ignoring you, I’m just bored with hearing the same thing.”

9. “I have never seen someone so happy despite being hated by everyone.”

10. “It was the first time I realized how ugly someone could be with their nature.”

11. “What’s wrong with you? How does your family allow you in their house?”

12.I’m feeling sorry for you, I wish I could do something for you, but I can’t.”

13. “I could say mind your business, but you don’t have any.” 

14. “If I fight you, everyone will start to think that I’m a jerk like you, too.” 

15. “Look at you, friend. You look so tired of carrying all such hate. Take a break.”

16. “I’m just so excited to know where all these could lead you in life?”


Best Burns For Bullies Who Is Jealous Of You

They only have a job, and that’s to bully others. And they’re still not good at it. 

If you have to deal with a bully, pretend their action has no impact on you. This will humiliate them more.

You’ve no idea whether they’re being jealous of you or want to damage your confidence, but such burns that you say to a bully will make them feel wasted. 

Best Burns For Bullies

1. “Do you even have at least one person in your life who says good about you?” 

2. “You could be anything, but why are you choosing to become a bully?”

3. “Seriously, do you think being a bully gives you a better future?”

4. “I could suggest some jobs for you. But, you want to build a career in bullying, Right?”  

5. “Even if I want to, I can’t do the same thing you do to us. We’re not the same.” 

6. “Let me share you a psychiatrist’s number because you’re a mental case.” 

7. “Please don’t mind, but I longer pay attention to you. You’re boring, not a bully.”

8. “You’re so great for picking fights literally from anything.” 

9. “Make fun of my looks or whatever, but you can’t be better than me.”

10. “I always learn something from you, like what not to say to others.” 

11. “I just want you to have your own life. So, you could just spare mine.” 

12. “Whatever advice you gave me, you should apply it to yourself.” 

13. “You’re such a natural drama queen. It feels so real like you’re not acting.”

14. “Dear bully, I wait for the day when you’re grown up, fully.” 

15. “No wonder why you’re so loveless in life. Nobody loves you, I know why.”

16. “What a complete waste of brilliant talent! I’m not the right person for your words.” 


What To Say To A Bully?

Well, bullies are doing nothing much. But, they just want you to feel low for yourself. 

You don’t have to worry about what they say or do behind your back. 

It shouldn’t impact your self-confidence and self-worth ever. 

If you ever feel that their words and actions affect you, they will do it more. 

But now, as you have something to say to a bully, you can stand up for yourself and give what they deserve to hear. Just an honest and clever opinion. 

With these good roasts, best burns, and clever comebacks for bullies, you keep them in control. 

So, they never take a step further to humiliate you. 

Next time when they try to break you down, these instant comebacks will save the day. 


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