19 Savage Comebacks For “I Don’t Care (IDC)”

  • February 20, 2024

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It hurts every time, when someone says, ‘I don’t care’ for anything.

Well, such carelessness leaves you with no words about what to say. 

But don’t worry, there’s a right way to deal with careless gestures from someone.  

If it’s your friend who jokingly texts you ‘IDC’ or someone who has no interest in anything you say, have a savage comeback to handle them.

So here, we’ve got something for you to say.


Sarcastic Comebacks For “I Don’t Care”

You completely feel hopeless, when someone ignores your texts or your feelings. 

But, don’t think you’ve nothing else to do there.

With these comebacks you take care of that friend sarcastically.

Sarcastic Comebacks For I Don't Care

1. “Do you think I didn’t realize that?”

Everyone knows how ignorant this friend is. 

Of course, they don’t care about anything or anyone that is right or pure. 

2. “Name something you cared about last time.”

There are always dry responses or careless ones from this friend. 

This makes you curious to know if they have ever cared for anything. 

3. “Neither do we care about you.”

You all know this one friend, quite well. 

They might still be part of your group, but no one cares about him, either.  

4. “And, I don’t even expect you to do it.”

This is not the first time they didn’t care about you. 

They do it many times. Over and over again. 

And, you’re so sure that they never going to do anything new ever. 

5. “Well, I’ve stopped caring about you, too.”

You can’t be there waiting for something nice from this person. 

Their ultimate response is ‘IDC’ no matter what. 

Finally, you give up on them, or you should. 

6. “I’m not surprised at all, I’ve been ready for it long ago.”

You just did your formalities to ask for them to join in something. 

They tell you ‘I Don’t care’ with the hope that you try to convince them. 

But nope. You’re not from now on. 

7. “So, is there anyone you really care for?”

Obviously, you’ll ask this in a sarcastic manner. 

At least to know if there’s a single person. 

Or they treat everyone the same way like nothing. 

8. “I wish your parents took good care of you.”

When someone jokingly tells you that he doesn’t care about you, say it’s not your problem. 

It’s actually his, because his parents didn’t care enough to raise him well. 

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Good Comebacks For “I Don’t Care”

You feel that this person is sad. Actually, they do care but act like they don’t. 

To convince this friend or to make them feel involved, you could try this reply as your ultimate comeback. 

Good Comebacks For I Don’t Care

1. “Stop fooling us, we know only you care the most.”

Sometimes your girlfriend is so mad that you might say I hate you jokingly or tell you whatever you plan for her, she doesn’t care. 

Well, you don’t care about your ego but this person. 

You’re trying to make them be normal again. 

2. “We can see that. And, just by looking at you.” 

There must be some reason why they suddenly act as if they’re not caring. 

You try to understand what’s happening there. 

3. “Fine, do you have anything to say?”

You’re not forcing this person to care for something which they don’t. 

It’s okay to accept their choice but to know the reason is essential. 

4. “But we do care, Okay?”

This is how to reply when your close friend or partner tells you that they don’t care for anything you said or do for them. 

Such is a nice approach to resolve a conflict if there are between. 

5. “What? Then, I think this is something you should care about.”

Try to convince them, hopefully, they will start to care about it. 

Being a caring friend or supportive partner, let them know that you do care for them. 

Eventually, you’re doing the right thing for them.


Savage Comebacks For “I Don’t Care”

That’s enough dealing with such a person with no care for you. 

If they don’t value your feelings or show no respect, fine. Accept their choice.

You can’t always be there to handle such carelessness. 

Instead respond savagely, because you’ve stopped caring for them, too. 

Savage Comebacks For I Don’t Care

1. “It doesn’t matter if you care or not.”

Because you’re awesome with or without them. 

And you don’t care about their opinion about you, either. 

2. “Okay, your choice, we don’t mind.”

It’s better to accept such choices without entering into much discussion. 

Because it’s apparent this person is in no way going to change. 

3. “And, I’m sure you don’t even have a reason for that.”

‘How can anyone be so disrespectful and care for no one’s feelings?’

You’re thinking the same here, when you look at this person. 

4. “You know? Sometimes I want to be like you, totally careless.”

Well, you can just wish that. But no one can ever be like them. 

Because everyone has a heart and this person doesn’t. 

5. “Then, you shouldn’t be here, with us.”

There’s no place for careless people in your life and in your connection. 

You just don’t want to deal with someone who cares about no one’s feelings. 

Before they leave, don’t forget to say ‘It was nice meeting you‘.

6. “Soon, you will realize that you should care about it.”

Anyway, it’s their choice and you’re not forcing anyone. 

You tried everything to convince them, but they’re still not caring about your suggestion. 

So, leave it to them to get the lesson by experiencing the consequences. 

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What To Say When Someone Says ‘I Don’t Care’?

There’s a friend who just never cares for something that most people are excited about. 

Or someone is habitually saying ‘IDC’ to anything or actually acting that way. 

But, should you care about that? 

Well, of course, not. As, it’s their choice and accept that as it is.

And if your friend or someone says so to insult your feelings or suggestion, you could just use these sarcastic comebacks next time when they say ‘I don’t care’ to you. 

This means that you don’t care about their opinion or presence, either. 


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