46 Funny Responses To Dry Texts That Annoy You

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“Okay”, “Cool”, “LOL” or any one-word replies confirm that someone is ‘A Dry Texter’. 

No matter how exciting facts you share or questions you ask, their answers barely go beyond one. 

Clearly, this person is either boring or you aren’t interested.

But, how would you respond to dry texts that make them realize, that won’t take your connection anywhere? 

And let’s hope next time, you get them more involved in chatting.

First, you just need to inform them, How it feels.

Here are some good and funny responses to a guy or girl who dry texting you and makes it a dull conversation every time.


Funny Responses To Dry Texts

Well, you certainly don’t want to mess with the dry texter.

It’s not fun at all. We know that.

Anyway, if they call you a best friend or someone you met recently and he/she is the ‘one-word response person’, here are some hilarious responses to their dry text messages. 

These will make them laugh and hopefully push them to open up more in chatting.

funny responses to dry texts

1. “Just ‘LOL’, do you find it funny? I’m not telling you a silly joke, like you.”

2. “Were you always this dry or has someone made your life so dull?”

3. “Compared to the last message, your responses this time are a little more, I’m impressed.” 

4. “Are you trying to avoid me? Because I feel so.” 

5. “If you don’t want to talk, fine. We can never do it again.” 

6. “I seriously don’t understand you, are you texting?”

7. “I know texting multiple girls is hard, but the last joke was a great one.” 

8. “Do you have any words in your dictionary other than ‘Fine’?”

9. “Wow, you’re stuck saying “okay” to whatever I say. I might take advantage of it.” 

10. “Come on, we’re texting here. Don’t be shy, no one is watching you here.”

11. “Would you respond the same if I share ‘Your Mom’ jokes with you?”

12. “Have you spent today’s internet already? Then why are your texts so short?”

13. “If you’re a bad texter, that’s fine. We can try ‘call’, what do you say?”

14. “Inform me when you’re ready to text, and we can bring this convo further.” 

15. “Is this how you respond to everything or you’re just a boring person?”

16. “Awww, that’s cute. You wrote a four-word long message for me, How sweet!”

17. “I’m not going to charge you if you say more than two words.” 

18. “Dude, if you’re with your girlfriend tell me, we’ll discuss it sometime later.”

19. “Just for your information, there are no taxes on ‘texting’, still.” 

20. “Seriously, are you using autocomplete on me?”

21. “Let me know if you face any struggle to understand my message.”

22. “I’m fine if you don’t want to talk to me right now or never.”

23. “Not sure why, but our conversation also start to feel like our connection, ‘DRY’ now.”

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Best Comebacks To Dry Texters

You’re really tired of your friend’s habit to text dry.

So, how would you reply back that a dry texter instantly will realize what you really mean?

And, here are better replies to send next time.

how to respond to a dry text

1. “Even your mom’s responses are more engaging and interesting.”

2. “You can hire someone to text in place of you if you’re not good at it.” 

3. “Even bots are better at replying than you. No, I’m not kidding.” 

4. “I want such responses while asking for money from parents. But, I got lectures instead.”

5. “In your universe people talk to each other with one word, I’m surprised.” 

6. “The previous conversation was in English, can you understand that?”

7. “Read the past text first and see what you gave the right response.”

8. “Do you know? There are also many things you can type other than ‘Okay’.” 

9. “Hahaha, this is the first time, you make me laugh.”

10. “Would you rather prefer to talk in person or keep texting dry?”

11. “I never know that you’re texting with just index fingers, sorry.”

12. “You’re the most interesting person, cause you’ve just one response to everything.”

13. “You may be mute but you can type or reply to a text.” 

14.”Are you always like this or am I making you bored?”

15. “Hey, I’m not forcing you to talk. I can block you if you can’t do it by yourself.”

16. “Oh, long time no see, where’s your momma, Btw?”

17. “I’ve never seen such an introverted person like you, who can’t even text.”

18. “How would you rate yourself as a bad texter?”

19. “Have you taken a texting class? No, then, I think you should.” 

20. “I like you, but I don’t think we can get any out of a one-word convo. Do you?”

21. “Even my grandma knows how to text good morning, via typing.” 

22. “If you continue to be like that I tell you I’m not playing.”

23. “It’s okay if you reply nothing at all, I won’t be waiting for it anymore.”

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When Someone Is Being Dry Over Text

When you meet someone online, develop new connections, or text with just friends, you might come across the one-word texters, the dull ones. 

Indeed, it doesn’t sound very interesting. But in reality, it’s way more irritating, also. 

Even if that person is cute or it’s your bestie, getting dry texts isn’t something that adds any to your conversation. 

When Someone Is Being Dry Over Text

You want engaging responses, but you never get any from dry texters. 

There could be many reasons why their responses are so dull. 

Maybe that person is introverted, not interested in talking with you, actually has a boring personality, or simply doesn’t understand what you’re talking about. 

Before judging them or sending any more messages, you better know why they are doing it. 

Maybe that person is more interested in talking in person over texting. That would be better. 


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