25 Funny Responses To A Bad Joke That Stinks!

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When the joke isn’t funny or you find nothing to laugh about, respond with something hilarious comment. 

There’s no harm in roasting a best friend with bad humor.

In fact, it’s amusing, when your response time is perfect.

Do you want some hilarious comebacks to jokes that make no one laugh? 

Well, you can make others laugh by saying some things that are funnier than the joke itself. 

So, take a look at the smart & sarcastic ways to reply to unfunny jokes from your buddy. 


How To Respond To A Joke That’s Not Funny?

Your friend told you a joke, it was awesome, so much that you even forgot what part to laugh at.

It’s not like you’re not a fun lover. 

But some jokes are so bad, that they should be taken out of the joke dictionary.

Because no one is laughing at that anymore. 

how to respond to a joke that's not funny

And, we have that friend who can’t stop sharing such bad jokes day after day. 

You could try to laugh or give him a death stare if the joke is offensive. 

Better yet, it would be better to make the situation sarcastic and hysterical with such responses.

1. “I’d rather look at your face and laugh hard, but this joke.”

It’s a little sarcastic, but it will surely make the other laugh because it’s true.

2. “Tell me one more joke like this and it will be the last time you tell someone a joke.”

You’re serious this time. And warn your friend who used to tell such lame jokes.

This is an early warning to someone who often says ‘I’m just joking’ as an excuse

3. “Share this joke with your mama and tell me how she reacts.”

This is a response to jokes that aren’t just bad but the worst. 

That’s why you want your friend to tell her mother the same joke.

It’s just to know if she remains proud of his son for doing this.

4. “I wish I didn’t hear this joke, it’s so bad.”

You get constipated after hearing this joke, just like you would after having unhealthy food.

5. “Next time you share a joke like this, I’ll make my dog poop in your backyard.”

It would be the perfect revenge for a friend who made you lose your brain cells, just because of his stupid joke. 

Funny Responses To A Bad Jokes

6. “I like this joke, but I prefer not to laugh at this.”

You know this person is offended when you don’t laugh at their jokes. 

So this response tells them that the joke isn’t bad, just you’re not in the mood to laugh.

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7. “Sorry dude, I can’t fake laughter at this joke.”

You’re being honest with your responses to a bad joke.

Because you’re a loyal friend, not a fake one. 

8. “When you want to punish someone, tell this joke.”

This is the worst possible punishment you can give someone you hate.

It will make your friend realize how bad this joke is. 

9. “Oh, man, this joke, you almost make me laugh with it!”

You were close to laughing, but you didn’t. Since it didn’t make sense to you, even as a joke.

10. “I  laughed already, just you haven’t seen that.”

Your laughter is hidden here, just like the humor from the joke. 

11. “I wish even my enemies wouldn’t get to hear this joke.”

‘Is it really that bad a joke? ’ ‘Yes, it was.

12. “Do you think it’s funny? But I don’t.”

Occasionally, the person who shares the jokes alone laughs after sharing them, while others are trying to find where’s the humor in it. 

And, this is the appropriate response for such a situation. 

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13. “Question, Have you shared this joke with anyone else?” Replied, “No”. “Please, never share it.”

Because you don’t want anyone to suffer such lame jokes or get irritated for no reason. 

14. “You’re a good person, don’t embarrass yourself doing silly things.”

You care about your friend, who is actually a nice guy. 

However, his comic sense hasn’t evolved much since his school days.

Sarcastic Responses To A Bad Jokes

15. “If you can’t make someone laugh, don’t try it at all.” 

Instead of boring other people with silly jokes, you have to suggest them to do nothing.

That would be even better. 

You might get such unwanted texts from someone who has nothing new to share.

16. “I’m happy you want to make us laugh, but you need more practice.”

This is such a nice response to lame jokes, that are not funny anymore. 

But you appreciate the person’s efforts, though.

17. “Please do us a favor and never share a joke ever. Okay?” 

Because this friend’s jokes are so bad and it’s getting worse with each new one. 

A reply to tell them you have heard enough sarcastically.

18. “I’m not serious. But, your jokes aren’t enough to make me smile.” 

Before your friend calls you ‘a poker face’ for not laughing at his joke, give this comeback already. 

Because this joke is terrible.

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19. “I’m worried, day by day, your jokes are getting mean.” 

And that’s true, that every time you hear a joke, you feel sick for the next two days.

20. “And who else is lucky to hear this joke?”

A bit of sarcasm to roast a friend with a lame joke is all fine, after all. 

21. “For us, the biggest joke is ‘you’.”

This friend is your easy target in your friend circle. 

You can roast him as nobody takes him seriously, and also not the jokes from him.

Else you can simply reply ‘same to you’ if that joke is on you.

22. “Avoid this type of joke, it makes someone bald early.” 

Rather than making people laugh, this joke leaves them scratching their heads.

They are wondering where they are supposed to laugh.

23. “Do anything, but please don’t share jokes like these.”

You’re enough of such lame jokes but this friend won’t stop. 

In such a case, it’s better if you respond with a clever response like this.

24. “Wish I hadn’t heard it at all.”

The joke was so bad that now you regret that why you hear it.

A sarcastic response to show the level of the bad joke.

25. “I’m still hoping for the day when your joke will be so funny that it will make us laugh!”

You’re here just being an encouraging friend who is not insulting a friend with lame jokes.

However, you share your faith humorously.

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Whenever you hear mean, lame, or corny humor that makes no one laugh, you can make everyone laugh with these funny responses to bad jokes, that we just shared here. 

Overall, when someone fails to make the situation hilarious, don’t miss a chance to roast and react hilariously. 

Especially when such jokes are on you, you can use sarcasm to make that person a joke itself.


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