12 Best Answers To “What Are You Doing After Work?”

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So, finally, it’s time to leave, you’re clearing your desk, and your boss or coworker comes to you, asking, “What are you doing after work?”.

It’s an easy question.

But they have different reasons to ask it. So, your answers. 

Maybe you’re scared what if your boss gives you extra work if he knows that you’re free later that day. 

Or maybe this coworker wants to take you on a dinner (date) tonight.

With all things going on in mind, it’s hard to decide what to answer next. 

Here, we have some best suggestions for you.


How To Answer To “What Are You Doing After Work”?

In case you’re not sure what to say, these are your responses.

According to who is asking it, whether a boss, coworker, or teammate, and their intentions, here are the best ways to reply to this question. 

How To Answer To What Are You Doing After Work

1. “Nothing, what is your plan after work?”

This has to be the most common answer when a coworker asks it casually. 

You ask them the same question back. Not curious to know, but for a casual convo. 

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2. “I’ve not decided yet, let’s see what to do.”

You are being honest or you just don’t want to talk about your plans. 

But, this response means that there’s something that you’re going to do. 

3. “Tonight, I’m going on a date with my boyfriend.”

 When your coworkers ask what you’re doing after work, tell them honestly. 

Otherwise, you can just say it to get rid of the coworker who has been trying to impress you. And, now he’s about to ask you out. 

But this answer will let him know that you have a boyfriend already. 

4. “After work, I work on myself to advance my skills and learning.”

Sometimes, even the interviewer may ask ‘what do you do after work, every day?’ to check how you spend your free time. 

To keep your good impression, this is a safe answer to provide. 

5. “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m having a job interview to attend.”

If this response is for your best friend from work, that’s good. 

If it’s for that nagging coworker, this is a perfect answer. 

This might give them a topic to keep thinking about for the rest of the day after work.

6. “Please don’t tell me that you’ve extra work for me to take home.”

When your boss asks about your plans after work, he is not just asking but making sure that you have time to do important projects.  

Your boss is frank with you, so you can give this answer. 

Else, you should have a better excuse to prevent the additional work. 

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7. “I’m visiting my parents, so I’m going there from here.”

Or you’re attending a family function. And here you get an excuse to give your boss. 

Also, with this answer, you show that you, too, have personal responsibility after work. 

You spare time for your parents and family. Balancing work and life.

8. “Already have some personal work to do.”

If you’re not sure or don’t want to answer, this is the way to respond to ‘What do you do after work?’. 

This is because the coworker asks many personal questions to most and later gossip about it with someone. 

With just one short answer, you can stop them.

When Someone Asks What Are You Doing After Work

9. “After work, I pursue my hobbies and be creative.”

It is such a long work day and you need time for relaxation. 

With this answer, you show your life isn’t just about work.

You know how to cheer yourself up and do something in your free time after work.  

10. “I’m actually going to my second job. I work at two.” 

This proves you have no time enough, as your almost day goes to work. 

You’re a hardworking partner or responsible person who has to take care of his family. 

Moreover, this answer shows you’re not replying to just one job, you’ve something to do also.

11. “I might be taking a nap. Because I feel so tired after working long hours.”

You could use this response as an excuse to be not involved in their plan.

Or this is something that you need the most.

12. “Why? Do you want to talk about something over coffee? ”

There’s a coworker you secretly like and wish to meet outside work. 

On your way out of work, in a parking lot, when he asks about your plans after work, you can give this direct (and flirty) answer in such a way.

Maybe he also recognizes your feelings and gets a chance to approach you now. 

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Whichever way you choose to answer the ‘What are you doing after work?’ question, be sure your responses sound natural.

If you don’t want to make your connection any personal, try to give dull answers, or just say that you’re so busy with something.

It’s fine, if you don’t want to meet anyone from your job after work. 

Sometimes it’s a good move to keep things private in professional settings. And your answers are a hint to them. 


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